Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Good evening, where are you all? Hope you all are having a good mother’s day.

    Evening All…
    A lovely lunch at Jacqui’s and with Philip’s mum too. She did afternoon tea all very lovely. Very stuffed coming home.

    I had my outside drains/sewer blocked on Saturday, our drains have a run of four houses. Water board came at 8.10 this morning and it’s now all sorted can’t believe it was free!

    Having a fast day Monday.. it’s well needed.

    Jean x

    I’ll be with you Jean.

    I’ll be with you Jean.

    Good morning going bowling soon, weather dry but cold. A fast day today, need one after all the roast potatoes over the weekend.Roll on summer need some warmth. Speedway first meeting a week today😁. Can’t wait.

    Busy weekend – supposed to have been going to my sister’s yesterday all together for a buffet, so did lots of cooking to help her out on Saturday & saw mum in the afternoon for a game as usual, but my poor BIL has covid so we couldn’t go! So invited mum here instead, had to go & get extra food, plus have a good tidy up! Had a nice day yesterday, got flowers from both boys, mum enjoyed the afternoon & evening with us…
    Not a FD either as we have some leftovers for tonight & we’d kept today free to do something together, weather not nice again so we went out to a cafe for breakfast – hubby’s choice.
    Jean- glad the drains are sorted & that you had a good day yesterday 🥰
    Dave- nice to have the speedway to look forward to; I might go & watch the Witches, never watched it before…maybe March 21st?!
    Nana- happy birthday 🎂
    Hemmy- hope you’ve had a nice weekend with Kristy!

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its been s a mix of lovely days and very wet ones here .. very dark today.

    A lovely long weekend with Kristy.. went shopping in our favourite place Stratford upon Avon had lunch.. Its such a lovely atmosphere.

    We never had any rubbish to eat and a couple of gin and tonics each we never had wine.

    Dave.. hope your fast is going well.

    Nana… Happy birthday Xx

    H H ..A shame your sisters household has got Covid..sounds like you had a nice day at home though.

    Sym.. When my drain was blocked had a company out to unblock it cost £150 then I realised if it is a shared drain with other properties the waterboard do it free.
    I was annoyed.

    Hope everyone is having a good day “Whoever is happy will make others happy.” Xxxx

    Nice to have you back hemmy. The mud is drying out here so not that it matters but will be better for some dog walkers. I keep clear of the mud anyway.My airfrier oven is proving very useful but difficult to clean. Ordered some foam to clean it. If that doesn’t work I’ll use bicarb and vinegar or water.

    Evening All…
    A drizzly day again, can’t wait for better weather…

    A few garage jobs done, a planter for Steve sorted to take to cemetery. Washing line needed adjusting after cutting my tree / bush back.

    A good fast day I must watch what I eat the NFD’s..

    Lovely to get out for breakfast I miss those sort of things.. not quite the same on my own.

    Have a lovely Birthday..

    Stratford is so lovely, a long time since I have been. Katie used to stay there overnight when she was flying.. The Swan Hotel, if I remember right.
    I think we paid £150 about 10 years ago for the drains to be unblocked, very surprised it was free.. well done my next door neighbour who sorted it out. ( his house blocked too)

    The air fryers are a bit tricky to clean..especially a deep clean.

    Jean x

    Afternoon All..
    The weather was awful this morning but a break with a bit of sun out now…

    A bit of a lazy day but seem to have been busy 🤷‍♀️ I popped to pick a tray of eggs up, I buy them every three weeks. Charlie likes scrambled eggs.. looks like an egg and chip night 😋 I have just decided…
    Just remembered I made a dozen Yorkshire puds for the freezer, turned out well.

    Hope everyone is ok..

    Jean x

    Hemmy- glad you had a nice weekend with Kristy, I’ve never been to Stratford on Avon, it looks beautiful though…
    Dave- hope you get the air fryer clean…
    Jean- Xena loves scrambled eggs too, always have to do extra for her! Egg & chips sound good…
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good day!
    Wet here again, so had a muddy walk. Rang my new HomeStart family, not quite sure how much help I can be, will have to see! A long time online moderating as well. Did cooking, made a schwarma dish for dinner with flat bread, I’m getting good at them now! The day’s disappeared…

    Not tried Chloe on scrambled eggs, will give it a go tomorrow maybe.Busy day tomorrow going bowling then got to sort out all the cables for TV, sound bar and routers.Clear away them all, move the sofa and my table so they can fit smart meters on Thursday morning. Also going bowling in the afternoon.

    Evening All…
    Walk with Natalie at 8 am feels very early.. but makes a long morning..

    I cleaned my car inside the hairs were horrendous took me a couple of hours.. MOT on Friday thought I better make an effort. I shall take Charlie and walk him while it’s being done.. Friday at 3 pm what a stupid time, the only time.. I have to go to Scunthorpe…traffic will be bad.

    Did you make the flat bread, I have made them, turned out well. I think Katie eats schwarma..

    Did you make Chloe some scrambled egg, I throw the broken shell in too and some cooked veggies.

    Fasting tomorrow.

    Jean x

    Jean- yes, I make the flatbread, it’s much better than shop bought…I make my own schwarma marinade too. I hoovered my car last week, Xena’s moulting so badly it won’t be nice for long! A shame you have to take your car at that time on a Friday!
    Dave- a busy day for you tomorrow, hope it all gets sorted…
    Nana & Hemmy- hope you’re both okay…
    Took Xena for a quick early walk & then met my friend with Juno later. Did washing & ironing in between walks. Then shopping afterwards. Youngest son’s best friend & partner have had a little baby girl, so spent a happy hour choosing a couple of toys for him to give her, I don’t mind helping with that 🥰 Taught eldest son how to make a roux for macaroni cheese tonight, we made extra for mum as well.
    Have a good evening everyone!

    I couldn’t put egg shells in the scrambled eggs, I know they are very good.Got to sort out all the cables and move the telly and soundbar. Not looking forward to it. The octopus engineer called me this afternoon to make sure all is ok. Sick of getting wet today.

    Good morning everyone a dull day here. Waiting for the engineer to put smart meters in.Im going to make some Portuguese custard tarts for Denise, she always wants to try them. Don’t think they are for me but will see if and when I make them.

    Hi FB Brits .. hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A couple of busy outside days… today I just managed to get back from walking and mow the grass.. I was so surprised as its the first cut and still wettish yet never clogged at all.
    Just on the last bit and it started raining.. so pleased to get that done.

    Weight good .. not bothering about sweet things at all eating lots of fruit.. this happened before after giving up wine.. No wine for nearly 2 month s now.. just an odd G&T which I can take or leave. Really makes s difference to my weight. When I drink wine I could eat for England lolol all rich things too.

    Brads … oh Portuguese custard tarts are lovely .. Lidl does nice ones. I have always imagined that pastry would be hard to do.

    H H .. Its amazing how much dogs hair gets everywhere I have a new Vac and I am shocked how much hair is still coming out of my carpets daily. The old one obviously wasn’t picking up much.

    Sym… I have never heard of egg shells in food ..is it good for animals . MOT time is always something to get out of the way..

    Nana .. hope all is good with you.

    Take care everyone.. Its a wonderful feeling when you reach your goal. Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A brighter day.. I collected another dog walker en route on this mornings walk, a change to have a different chat..

    I am fasting but a bit hungry at the moment, need to push 45 mins through it then can take Charlie out.. then eat when back.. egg, tomatoes and bacon.

    I have done a bit of ironing, popped to take my planter to cemetery and collected some milk.. nothing exciting..

    My lovely vet had left the surgery, going to do more training on hospital surgery. So we will have our yearly checkup with a new Canadian vet next week. He’s suppose to be nice.

    Nice buying baby things… I froze my flat breads they were nice with soup. I have just bought some strong bread flour for bread… it’s working it away from fasting day.

    Interesting on the tarts.. let us know how they go.. I do like
    them from Lidl.

    We crossed..
    I read it was good for the dogs, egg shells, maybe on the raw food site.. he munches through them, he doesn’t eat raw.
    Think I might take his dinner with me when I go for the MOT tomorrow , he’s a fellow he likes his food on time.

    Jean x

    I’m disappointed 😫 had my smart meters put in but they won’t connect so at the moment they are dumb meters. I’ll give it a few months then contact them and see if they can come round and connect them. Wet here on our second walk, so hopefully the last one later tonight will be dry.

    Hemmy- I have a better hoover now too, picks up so much, it’s frightening how much is in the carpet! Well done keeping off the wine!
    Dave- shame about your smart meter, & getting wet today…
    Jean- hope your car passes okay tomorrow! Perhaps I should try Xena will the shells, she wolf’s it down so quickly she wouldn’t notice!
    We went to Beccles today, never been before although it’s not that far away. Had a lovely lunch out. Took youngest son’s washing over & the baby presents for him. I think he’s looking forward to seeing the baby, his best friend is his ex’s brother so it’s sad for him that he’s not part of the family now, but his friend & partner are still close. So it wasn’t a FD today again! Hopefully can get back to it next week!

    Hi all!
    Had a nice long walk with Xena, I’m enjoying our walks now I don’t have to think about walking Enoch straight after…We went into town, got some book tokens for my birthday waiting to be spent, so ordered one book. Had a hot chocolate out but no cake- having a takeaway tonight 😃

    Evening All..
    A lovely dry walk this morning… I could do with my thermals off again.

    Car passed its MOT, I expected it too.. an advisory on back tyres, treads ok the sides are perishing I have to change before winter. I might go to tyre shop and let them give me their views.

    Haddock and chips for tonight lovely as usual..

    I stayed the same weight this week.

    Glad you are more relaxed and enjoying your walks again. Enjoy your takeaway.

    Have a good weekend ..

    Jean x

    I lost 2lbs so into the 19 stone division now. My car got badly scratched so got to get that sorted and it won’t be cheap. My ex manager at work used to do it but he retired.He as given me a number of one of his mates who does bodywork so I’ll give him a call. Sick about the smart meters not working maybe they will work in the future.

    Good afternoon Spring is here,flowers in bloom and it’s getting a little warmer. Roll on summer. Chloe was on my sofa so I said to her move, so she walked to the other end of the sofa and flopped down. Just about managed to sit down, she’s too long😁. She’s fast asleep now just for a change. You would think greyhounds would be hypa active but it’s the complete opposite.

    Evening All…
    A lovely Spring walk, we did 5 miles. Chatting to a few people en route.

    Three loads of washing done and I made some bread, it wasn’t too bad. I am not a good bread maker.

    I have been looking at podcasts on mindfulness, found a good one 30 mins length. I think there’s about 240 to go through. The only thing is I nearly go off to sleep, I don’t know if thats normal!

    I got Steves earphones out and managed to Bluetooth them to my phone.

    You are doing so well with your weight getting down to 19 stone..big well done. A pain about your car, hope you can get it sorted.

    Jean x

    Guess what it’s raining☔☔☔. Just for a change. The car is annoying but nothing I can do about it. Having roast beef and Yorkshire pudding plus the lovely roasted potatoes done in the airfrier. What are you all up to?

    Afternoon All…
    We got totally drenched this morning, Charlie had his head dried with the hairdryer… dallys get a dally rash on their heads when they get very wet, it’s seems to help with it not coming.

    Popped to the shops for a small shop, cooked Charlie’s veg.
    Having a cuppa and then a read.

    My bread turned out well just not a full lift, very tasty. On line it says too much water, so cut back next time.

    Enjoy your roast dinner, it’s not worth doing for one.. I do miss it. .. if I make it I can’t eat it…

    Jean x

    I was talking to the mechanic when I took my car in for its MOT,I had Chloe with me and he as got a whippet called Aurora.He said it says it’s name of loud like years ago when that dog said sausages 😁 he said it sits at the dinner table with him and is wife and eats it’s meal.Chloeis that tall she could almost have her meal of the dinner table without climbing up on a chair.

    Good morning everyone a nice sunny day today. Going bowling in an hour and speedway tonight so lots to look forward to. Nice to take Chloe out and not get soaked. Might do a fast day today see how I go.

    Afternoon All…
    A good muddy walk with Andrea (Natalie’s mum).. meeting up again tomorrow..

    Busy day washing and a full clean .. coffee now.

    I am fasting .. anyone else….?

    I have just said the sun is coming out… Charlie is looking for it… stupid boy!!

    Dave ..
    Enjoy your bowls… weather here is lovely….

    Jean x

    It’s been a lovely day here and speedway to come tonight. Only had 2 cups of tea today so could well be a fast day.

    Hello everyone, I’m back after of over a week celebrating my birthday.
    I’ve now started back on to having a fd today and like Dave I’ve only had two cups of tea today so far, plus a few glasses of water and am really looking forward to my favourite meal of salmon and pasta.
    Not been on here for over a week so a bit to much to catch up on , so hopefully everyone is keeping alright.
    Nana x

    Hope you had a good week Nana?! Well done with your first FD!
    Dave- really well done with your weight loss! What a shame about your car, crazy how much scratches cost to get repaired…
    Jean- I’m not too bothered about a roast, it’s alot of work! Did you use a bread maker for your bread?
    Hemmy- where have you gone to? Hope you’re okay?
    A liquid FD here, been busy catching up on some jobs, rang my new HS family as well. Made burritos for son, resisted them, I’ll have mine tomorrow…

    Had 2 snackajacks,3 cups of tea and an orange150 calories so a good day. Will try not to eat too much on Tuesday.

    Morning All..
    A lovely day again.. hoping to get the grass cut and chairs out….
    Meeting up with Andea again, she with have her grand daughter strapped to her, thought I would walk and help if needed. She is a tiny lady and Oreo is very strong.

    Hygienist at noon…

    Great you had a great birthday week and you are soon back to fasting… I couldn’t do liquid fasts…

    Liquid fast too…hard going I wouldn’t sleep.
    Made bread by hand, it tastes nice and more filling.. I sliced it and it’s in the freezer.. being in the village I have to freeze bread. Your HS new families seem to come around quick.

    How are you doing? A few days in the garden, pot painting time soon!

    Liquid fast too.. I am definitely out of that.. well done to the three of you.

    Clocks go forward next week.. summer will be here soon..

    Jean x

    The sooner the better Jean. Speedway was good last night an Aces rider came first and second do a good result plus we got to see all the other riders who will be riding for the Aces this season and also picked up our season tickets. Just kicked Chloe off my sofa so she walked across to Denise’s and got on hers😁.

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    I have been busy in the garden.. its been much milder and no rain the last few days thank goodness. Hopefully it will continue now.

    Nana Sounds like it was a lovely B Day celebration week.

    Brads .. Its busy for you now..with the sports.

    H H … I agree about the roast being a lot of work.. I thought that when Kristy was here. Trouble is she loves it lol. I don’t bother for just me though.

    Sym… Hope hygienist went well ..Its lovely walking with peeps chatting along the way. Grass growing quickly now..

    .Off to Banbury tomorrow …shopping and some lunch at the pub with Pam

    Enjoy your evening everyone… Time you enjoy wasting …..is not wasted time.. Xxxx

    What a lovely day again, I got my grass cut and three bare patches dug over, popped some compost in, get some grass seed in next month.
    Made a quiche for tonight an easy meal and a few jam tarts with left over pasty…
    I think out for lunch Thursday that will mess my fasting up..

    Have a good night
    Jean x

    Good morning,after all the sun is a bit dull today. Going bowling at 12:30.I don’t seem to be having much luck lately with the car and smart meters, now my hearing aid as packed up and the TV streamer that connects to the hearing aids won’t connect 😜🤬. These things are sent to test us. Had to much to eat yesterday so will have to be careful today and tomorrow before the weigh in.

    Jean- you’ve been busy, with the cooking & the gardening! Have a nice lunch out tomorrow…
    Dave- hope you get everything mended, nice to be starting the speedway season…
    Hemmy- nice to be able to get out in the garden…did you enjoy your lunch?
    Nana- were you out as usual today? Is your Auntie doing okay?
    Was up early & cut son’s hair before he went to work, we had breakfast out, we booked a few days away next week, taking Xena as well. Been shopping today, then made a pasta dish for mum & youngest son, cooked a really good butter paneer with eldest son for dinner tonight. Should’ve seen the hygienist today, but they cancelled it, going tomorrow instead.

    Good morning raining again here, roll on summer and sunshine.I start the weight loss program in April, it lasts for 12 months.12 weeks when I attend every Wednesday then 9 monthly visits. Don’t know what will happen there. Hope it’s ok.

    Afternoon All..
    A dark gloomy day just got back this morning before the rain..

    I have had a lovely lunch and catch up, we must do it more often…with Penny from the village….

    No weigh in this week.. only done one FD.

    Hope the hygienist was kind today, I have made mine do it by hand the water blast is too much for me.

    I hope the new weight plan will help.. nice to try something different…

    Hope your day at Banbury went well…. and lunch with Pam was good.

    Looking dark and nearly walk time…

    Jean x

    It’s all a mystery to me at the moment,I have no idea what they will say or do. Think I’ll have a big bar of chocolate before I go to see them 😁. Lots of rain still😫 Chloe’s happy in her raincoat and loves being rubbed dry.

    Dave- the program seems long, a good chance to change habits…didn’t you try the diet & lose alot for a couple of weeks, or is this different?
    Jean- nice you had a good lunch out!
    Hemmy- & Nana- have you both had a good day?
    Hygienist appt was fine, but felt bad as I’d had so much garlic last night 😂
    Took son’s washing over, went into town & got 3 new books with birthday tokens- will keep me busy when we go away next week. Not a FD, but didn’t eat until 1pm. Won’t be one tomorrow either, if it’s dry we might go out…

    Good afternoon F B Brits hope all is good in your world.

    It funny weather here today .. started wet then sunny and warm now dark .
    A lovely walk and catch up with MaryAnn and Wesley a small king Charles .. 12 yrs old like Pip.

    Weight good .. not drinking makes such a difference to my appetite .. not hungry at all…Its amazing.

    A quiet weekend then Monday going to Moreton in the Marsh just in the Cotswolds .. its so pretty and old world .. I haven’t been for about 15yrs. it was one of Andrew and my favourite places for lunch and a look around So it will be either joyful or sad. Will have to see.

    Enjoy the weekend everyone..

    It doesnt matter how long you take to get to your goal … as long as you don’t stop. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone, it’s a lovely spring day here.
    Was pleased to see a three pound loss when I weighed myself this morning. I’d not weighed myself since 7th March but I have had two fd days this week.
    A kebab takeaway this evening and lunch out with my old workmates tomorrow so will need to make a sensible lunch choice tomorrow although I sure alcohol will be involved as I’m not driving. Hard to believe Easter is coming up so fast.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone.
    Nana xxx

    Good evening everyone.HH I have done the NHS plan for the last 12 weeks and lost 1 stone 5 lbs. The thing I will be starting is totally different. Gained a pound this week well it was a few ounces but I round it up.I have a friend who lives in the Cotswolds from when we gave up smoking. She lives in Broadway.A lovely party of the country. I am going to have a big bar of chocolate before I start the weight loss program. It’s a 12 week face to face meeting every Wednesday then it’s monthly for 9 months.

    Afternoon All…
    Very bitter today but dry… we only have a week or so and the cows will be out on the riverbank for summer it restricts our walks…

    I have met up with Jacqui and Philip at the garden centre for lunch…he is still about the same, not really good, he is doing light duties at work.

    I really must get on board and my mind set, I am getting quite careless with food… eating too much of the wrong stuff.

    You are doing really well a lot of weight lost… interesting what your meeting will be about. Enjoy your big bar of chocolate!!!

    Enjoy your books and your time away…. I am reading a lot at the moment..fits and starts…

    Hope you enjoy Moreton in the Marsh, are you staying over or for the day?
    I don’t mind going back to where we used to go, I have nice feelings. We are all different.

    Well done on the weight off…enjoy your catch up with friends.

    Jean x

    Just been cleaning my ninja, nightmare but got it fairly shiny. Having steak for tea so going to do it in new airfrier oven. Going to try 4 minutes each side. Hope it’s not raw 😬😄.I bought a cast iron griddle to go in my oven so will do it on that.

    Hi FB B friends how are you today Xxxx

    It s been a dry day with some sunshine good for March I guess.

    The croc pot is on for chilly .. lovely to go on jacket potatoes. I keep forgetting to get celery I think it really adds something to mince .
    Lawns mown .

    Well done Nana your weight loss is consistent.

    Dave.. you are doing so well .. well done. You love your gadgets.. I am in envy as I really fear anything new .
    Thank you,. I had forgotten about the lovely Broadway .. quaint and some nice antique ehops there. about 10 mile s from Moreton.in the Marsh.

    H H … Always busy .. It will be lovely to get away next week.

    Sym.. Such a shame about Phillip it must be a real worry for Jacqui .. you too. The trouble is we are in such a fast way of life so much is expected of the younger ones. I have read lots are depressed.

    Enjpy your evening everyone / “Be stronger than your strongest excuse.” Xxxx

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