Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi Jaye

    Yes I did my weight loss from last May which is nw about 2 stone 2lb. It shows I have a long way to go!!

    I am not getting emails anyone else having this problem?

    End of a fast day now. I will be hopefully be getting back on track.


    Hi Jaye that sounds a lovely day I had a great day off on Monday in the garden it’s just so uplifting to be out in the sunshine just seems to make such a difference , and a sundress and sandles can’t wait to get back into some lovely summer clothes. I did a bit of a wardrobe overhaul on Saturday morning and realise I need some serious shopping I haven’t bought many clothes for years as I hate shopping it’s been more about what fits than what I want to buy. I nipped into Milton keynes on Saturday afternoon and bought some new summer trousers, it was a real shock took in my usual size and was so stunned that they were all to big and I ended up with a size 12 I haven’t been a size 12 since my teens a long long time ago ! It really has helped me focus as it was such a fantastic feeling I haven’t lost a massive amount of weight about 1 and 1/2 stone but the inches I’ve lost its incredible I need to keep it up now just want to loose another 4 or 5 lb then concentrate on maintaining . I have to say that this forum is just brilliant for keeping me on track everybody is so helpful and I’m not sure I would have got this far without everybody’s help . I would just like to add as I seem to be waffling ! To anybody feeling a bit low and not losing stick with I’ve had loads of weeks where I haven’t lost anything or gained but it comes off eventually bodies lose weight at different speeds if you have a bad day don’t beat yourself up about it just move on . Thank you for all being so brilliant

    Well done Twigglet must have felt good.

    Hi Ginette thanks fo the kind words, I dont use the e-mail notification as I could never get it to work
    well done getting back on track,

    It did work for me right up to the Easter holidays. Then all went quiet. I have notified technician who hasn’t replied yet, but maybe has time off for Easter. Everybody deserves that.

    I will let you know when it is back working again.


    @twigglet. WELL DONE YOU. It doesn’t matter that you might have had less to lose than others. It’s still your personal battle and you are winning the war on Fat lol. It’s brilliant that you are almost at your goal. You can continue to inspire us with how you stay at your goal weight. Sounds like you had a lovely Monday.

    I’m having a very ‘feel fat day’ lol. I weigh less than a I did yesterday but just feel uggg. I’m bloated. Funny because I fasted yesterday but I think I have had this before after a fast. I’m sure Ginette and I had a conversation about it here I felt fine the next day. I’m getting my done tomorrow and my hair isn’t feeling great but can’t wash it right before a colour. My Mum used to say to me ‘you are your hair’ lol. I think she is right, bad hair = bad day for me. I was going to have another fast day today but I just decided I was actually very hungry and so had my toast, PB and banana on toast. Think I’ll just have a very low calorie day instead.

    How are you doing Ginette?

    Doh! I just realised I got up at 6.30, I am not that kind of an early bird and only had 7 hrs sleep, I need 8 lol. My bones ache if I don’t sleep enough lol. So that’s why I feel lack lustre! Right i am going out to do some shopping to wake me up. First stop Morrisons for those noodles. I’ll be like an old lady and nap when I get back if I need it lol.

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi Jaye

    Doing ok thanks. I’m now on second fast day of the week and may do a third one or just a low calorie one tomorrow. I haven’t made my mind up yet.

    I want to try out those noodles if I get them. They look interesting if a little expensive but if I like them I will probably have them once in a while. Let me know how you find them. Brilliant for fast days or a low calorie day.

    It is nice for a change sometimes and I haven’t eaten pasta, baked potato or rice since I started 5:2.

    I used to love baked potato and salad every couples of weeks but I had it with cheese, beans and salad. A lot of carbs here.

    I know people do eat chips and lasagne. This has always seemed strange to me and I normally eat lasagne with vegetables or salad. I have had weight watchers lasagne. Not much substance but I like it with vegetables. I try not to eat ready meals but once a week I do some weeks. I have one today chicken and peppers from the counted range 250 calories 90 calories of mixed veg and 100 calories milk in tea. I try to allow 120 as I might fancy another cup. That will leave room for a piece of fruit or jelly (sugar free) and half a yoghurt. So quite a bit of food. No reason to be hungry.

    Enjoy your nap!!


    Got the noodles, but didn’t get the nap lol.

    Not sure when I’ll try the noodles, it doesn’t say how to store once open, just drain and put in a pan for 3 mins. I can’t eat a whole pack even if it is only 20 calories lol.

    Off out to Costa Coffee, I have about 1500 calories left lol so I’m having a cheese and ham toastie there. No coffee as it will keep me awake like the other night. I’m going to have a warm milk. I guess this is where Calories in Verses Calories out comes into play. Will I still lose eating well under my TDEE while having a high fat toastie. I think I will.

    Have a good evening everyone.

    Hi Jaye

    I have got some as well my neighbour got them and will bring them tonight, I have only 1 packet to try them. I thought that it was a portion in a packet. I haven’t seen them yet.

    I would think once open keep in the fridge and use within a few days. I will feed back when I have tried mine.


    Morning all!

    Hope things are going well!

    I have heard about those noodles – some people love them, others say they are unpleasant…I await the results from Jaye!

    I had a ‘cooked breakfast’ yesterday as my main evening meal – despite it being a fasting day! I had egg and sausage plus tomatoes, mushrooms……. and sprouts!…It’s surprising what you can accommodate into a fasting day! …the only real thing I didn’t include was the buttered toast I would normally want with it!

    ….and another 3/4 pound is gone!

    Hope everyone has had a good week!

    Hi Buttonboots

    Sounds lovely. I liked the noodles, I am easy to please though and love pasta. That sound such a lovely meal on fast days, something to really look forward to. An interesting fact I learnt about mushrooms a couple of year ago was if you don’t take off the staff and cut them the will retain the water. I often buy smaller ones now and include them in anything cooked in slow cooker.

    Well done on 3/4 pound down.

    I have some sausages in the freezer but packed in twos for non fast days. I usually cut these up so they seem more as I can easily eat three.


    Hi All

    To anyone who has missed the original program with Michael Mosley here is a link to an article in the Telegraph.

    There are links to many other related articles in the middle of this one.



    How annoying, wrote a post and hit the back button and lost it! Lol.

    @ginette, how are you, did you have a good weekend, any weight loss?

    @franee, well done and welcome back! Wonderful you are doing so well when you are so inactive, keep it up. Big high five for you.

    Hey @fastdiet, hope you are well. We need some more Brits to join here, need to do some recruiting.

    Hope the weather is as nice around the rest of as England as it is here today. Sounds like we are going to get a good summer this year, wouldn’t that be nice. And more inspiration for us to lose as much as we can for then.

    Hope you are all well, happy fasting

    Jaye 🙂

    I lost half a pound but I’m not to worried as the weather is really warm where I am and I would even say hot today. Forecast is 25 here. Getting too hot for me although I know some people love it.

    I always retain water in this weather which is why I am not too worried about my small weight loss. One year we had a spell line this and I didn’t lose much and then weather changed and I lost 7lb!! A couple would do. I am going to a wedding on May 15th but I don’t like weddings. I am using it to set a target. I am going with some nice people though so maybe will be OK. A nice restaurant booked so I am looking forward to the food.

    I hope to have a bigger loss show up this week. At last I have got a pair of scales that work. Still use the old ones as well though. These even monitor fat so I can see if I am losing any. I know that these things aren’t entirely accurate but they do show the trend. They all show water I think so if I am quick enough I can also monitor this. The display changes too quickly to take it all in.

    Hope your weight loss shows up again at the end of the week.


    Well done Ginette, it’s all about the rate you want it to come off and you know your body best. I also need some scales. We’re they from Amazon, how much were they?

    I don’t like it too hot, summer dress and sandals weather I like, but not hot n sticky. It’s about 19 here, I’m sat in my sisters conservatory with the doors open, it’s lovely. Came to be with the dog for a couple of hrs as they are out all day today.

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi , I have the noodles I love them in stirfys or as spagetti bolognaise great to fill me up, they keep in the fridge for a couple of days but i wouldnt keep them any longer.

    hope you enjoy the food at the wedding you are going to Ginette and have you got a outfit?
    my daughter is getting married in July this year so I need to find myself a outfit quick and not put any weight back on!

    well done buttonboots , and I hope everyone is having a great week

    Sorry @buttonboots, how neglectful of me to overlook your weight los!!!


    Hi Jaye

    I got mine from Aldi. But I was looking at these at Amazon. Over 1200 reviews and over 1000 of these 5 star. I like the fact that they are back lit as well and change colour to show you your old and new weight.

    I had a pair of Salter scales with the fat monitor and I sent them back. I couldn’t get fat monitor to work but apart from that they didn’t even weigh me after the second time. I like the back lit ones. Sadly mine hasn’t got this feature.

    Here’s the link to Amazon. Interesting that in the reviews somebody else wasn’t pleased with Salter. As the name is so well known I would have thought that they would be one of the best.


    I shall let you know what the temperature reading is in my car when I come back in.

    Hi Twigglet

    I am going to try them with spaghetti next time.

    I ate mine all at once although only with a sauce not any meat. They only make a normal size bowl on their own.

    No nothing special. I have some things that I don’t wear often and may wear these. I have lots of clothese through the sizes so I don’t want to spend on something that I wouldn’t wear again. Far too overweight for that.

    I shall make do for the moment. I hope you find a nice outfit as a daughters wedding is very different. Stay strong and hopefully you will lose a bit more by then.


    I’ve an 8/10lb dilemma!

    When I first started fasting 9 weeks ago I weighed 18.2 and had for a while. I weighed myself in my bathroom which had a linoleum floor. But it was very consistant. I started my diet and week on week I weighed less. In fact day by day. Then I had a new bathroom put in so had to put the scales in the bedroom. I managed after much moving around, to find a spot that weighed me the same as in the bathroom. I weighed myself within a few mins so I was happy I had found the level spot. Then the bathroom was done, it’s a gorgeous wet room with one of those lovely none slip floors, concrete was put under it. I put my scales in right after weighing myself first thing in the bedroom. It was 8/10 lbs out, I can’t actually recall but think it was 10. I figured, OK, I have still lost the same weight just means I probably started at 18.12lbs or, the very hard surface isn’t weighing correctly. So I carried on. This last week my scales have been increasingly difficult to get a read on. Had to move them around a little. So I bought some new scales! Wonderful you say… Hold that thought. I got the BalanceFrom scales. I put them in the same spot as my other scales but couldn’t get a read, or the same read 2/3 times. I kept moving it around but if I didn’t step on the same spot or moved forward back, it wasn’t consistant, keep in mind I have awful balance, tend to sway on the scales a little and with the nerve damage in my left foot I won’t always get my foot in exactly the same place. So, I moved both scales to the bathroom. By then I had eaten a banana, tbsp of peanut butter, a babybel, 1/4 pint skim milk and 2 glasses of water. So obviously I was going to weigh more. This morning I was 15.12 in my ususl bedroom spot. Finally when I found a spot in the bathroom I got 3 readings the same on old scale and 3 on the new. However the readings were 16.1lbs on old 334lbs on new ones. That’s a discrepency of 13lbs. We can say 2/3lb is possibly the food and drink. But it still gives me a missing 10lbs.

    So what I don’t want to do is ‘add’ that 10lbs back on right now. And my reasons are phycological primarily, that I feel I am going backwards and how do I then record my weightloss. Do I add it back on and remove it lb for lb as I lose it ‘again’ passing the same goals again? I’ve lost 32lbs, it’s a huge amount to me and I feel great and can see a massive difference in my tummy in particular but all over to be honest. I’ve gone from a dress size 26/28 that I was starting to feel was too tight down to a comfy 22/24 so I know my weight loss it real.

    I have created a second account and put in 334lbs. It gives me a massive TDEE of 2575. There is no way I can eat all that food. Right now I eat no more than 1750 (avg more like 12/1300) and with my weight loss my TDEE is 1966 now.

    I have always kept in my mind that I might be 8/10lbs heavier but is ot not better to carry on with the weight I have been weighing at and address this extra weight when I’m 10lbs from goal and then double it?

    From a despondent Jaye 🙁

    Jayegirl, I would keep with the lower weight and keep weighing in that spot, as your actual weight probably isn’t important but the motivation is. You know by your clothes and how you feel that you have lost a significant amount.

    Hoya! I’m a new faster-just started this week and thought I’d say hi to all the other Brits on here. I’m from Norfolk but originally from Wales.

    I have to admit that I didn’t do the fast days very well this week. I get to 5pm and just start nibbling on everything (“a small bite won’t have many calories does it?” I told myself) plus my daughter has her tea at that time too (we eat in the eve after she has gone to bed-8ish) however I have still managed to lose 2lbs this week.

    I know I have a long way to go (want to lose 1.5 stone initially as I want an achievable goal to start). It feels daunting to have to do much to lose but seeing lots of people talking about how much weight they’ve lost is inspiring and makes me genuinely believe I can do this. Fingers crossed I can keep this up!


    Oh and that should say Hiya not Hoya! Doh!

    Thanks @muffin. I think I will stick with the weight I actually started on, regardless I’ve still lost the same amount. When I get down to a final 20lb I will add it back then.

    Welcome @welshy, the absolute best tip I can give you is:
    GET ORGANISED AND MAKE A FEW PROMISES TO YOURSELF…. This means having a plan before your fast day as to exactly what you will eat, count every single calorie.
    Decide what drinks will help you, be it soda water with an ice cube and a slice lemon ( same slice all day long lol). Tea, coffee, herbal tea, tap water or miso soup. Miso soup can be bought in small boxes in the oriental food aisle in Asda, 8 sachets I think for £2.99. They are only 18 cals each and are beefy so can really help in the first few weeks. If you want milk in hot drinks then measure out 1/4 or 1/2 pint of milk and count the calories from your 500. Don’t guess, generally most ppl don’t use a ‘splas of milk’ but closer to 1/8th of a pint.
    Decide how many meals you will eat, 1,2 or 3. I think 2/3 meals for you would help in the first couple of weeks.
    Decide what food you will have for these meals. DO NOT GUESS, weigh to start with. Eat high protien foods, eggs, prawns, white fish are the lowest cals for weight bulk up with none starchy green veg. Avoid carbs and don’t have sugar.
    Invest in some Bare Naked Noodles from Morrisons £1.99 a pack, one pack is 1-2 servings, I eat a whole package but it’s only 20 cals! Holland & Barrets also sell for £2.99. You could split the pack between lunch and dinner. I made a nice low cal stir fry with lots of veg.
    Drinks lots of fluids, 40% of our fliud is taken in through food, so it’s important to keep up fluids.

    Make promises to yourself if only on fast days, that you won’t keep having your child’s left overs, or a mouthful or bite of things. Throw left over in the bin right away!

    Remember, it’s just for one day! The very next day you can eat what you like. Do keep in mind you need to eat if possible below your TDEE on other days to make your fast days count.

    It gets easier to fast day by day. You can fast for longer before you eat and you will find you don’t eat as much on none fast days.

    Good luck, ask as many questions as you like here, we are here to support you.

    Jaye 🙂

    A mouthful isn’t nothing, they will mount up to hundreds if you keep doing it. Although you have lost which is fantastic it will be due to the reduction in calories, not a fast. It has to be 500 cals and no more for a fast.

    Hi Jaye, your new scales are not registering correctly at the moment.
    332lbs is 23s 10lbs. That’s not you.
    I have my scales on a loose floor tile that fits the scales. Its in the bedroom and if I knock it with the vacuum i place it in a new place, then clean around it.
    Try checking under the scales to see if one of the little feet have come off, that’s the only thing I can think of that might give such a drastic reading.
    You’ve been doing well, don’t let your scales dictate to you, put them in their place.

    @Cakey Typo alert! Lol. Apologies, 234 not 334. Which as I said is the same as the old ones when I use them both in the same spot in the bathroom. In the bedroom they both weigh me 15.12lbs (sorry new scales only does lbs) when in the same spot. All very annoying lol.

    Lol I am ignoring the ‘true’ weight and sticking with what I’ve been all along. I will just minus the -10 or whatever pounds each time I record it. Tomorrow I’ll use old scales in the morning, in the bedroom first. What a palaver lol.

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi Welshylarue

    Jaye has given you good advice think that every thing you finish off is just adding to your calories. Maybe put up a smaller meal for your daughter. Weigh EVERYTHING on a fast day, leave nothing to chance. I would suggest that you counted calories even on o no fast day at first you will be surprised. It is tiresome but it will help you understand your food and how you got to put on weight in the first place.

    I suggest you do short term targets of half a stone.

    You must plan. I weigh all of my fast day food out the evening before that way I don’t have any excuse for eating the wrong foods. I normally have spicy chicken and vegetables or fish and vegetables. Other days I can have a more varied menu.

    2lbs is good and hopefully will spur you on. Initially the weight you lose will be water and fat the average loss is 1-2lb a week. Listen to Jaye she has brilliant results but is very strict with herself. If you eat what you shouldn’t on a fast day the only person who will lose out is yourself. After two or three weeks your taste will change and you will find fast days aren’t so much of a problem. I enjoy them.

    I wish you luck and hope to hear how you are getting on soon. Ask any questions we will all help. Remember you are not on your own when you are on this forum. Your journey will help others.



    It was nice catching up with you today. I hope you found some recipes you like. I haven’t got that far in the book yet. I will over the weekend I expect.


    Thank you ladies for your help and advice. I know I need a bit more control for the evenings. It should help in a Monday when I go back to my exercise class as I eat earlier so I can go out for the class. Should distract me and burn off a few more. I think of this week as my “easing in” and next week I’ll be a good girl

    Good idea to weigh everything out the night before is a good idea. Then you very clearly have what you are allowed.

    And thanks for letting me know the low cal noodles/soups etc. only problem is tend to make my own veg soup rather than packet stuff so how are you supposed to know the calories in it?

    Thank you for all your support. I’m already finding I’m eating less on non-fast days and to be honest that was my main problem: quantity of food. I would eat for taste rather than hunger. I don’t feel like I eat that unhealthily but it’s just quantity. So this is def helping my mind as well as my stomachs hanks again ladies. I Wish it was next week already so I could do another one!!


    Hi Everybody!
    I’ve been on a few other threads but like the sound of fat busting Brits! All great advice, thanks.;-)

    have just completed 4th FD, am amazed that it makes you feel so good, yes the first 2 were a nightmare, but this last one made me feel very pleased. Normally by 5pm at work it’s hands in the biscuit tin, and lo and behold 7 custard creams scoffed, now on NFD’s I steer clear..

    I’ve always had a poor body image, even though I don’t have to lose a huge amount of weight (20 Ibs) I lack confidence, and in the past (and still do on the odd occasion) eat for “emotional” hunger).
    When I trained to become a Zumba instructor I was worried about the image I would project, especially as sometimes you have your bum towards the crowd! Have managed to lose a bit of weight before 5:2 due to Zumba and am on thyroid medication, but nothing amazing.

    Now I’m amazed that something works! and very excited about the future! I’ve lost 4 Ibs, but we know that might be water, early days…but have measured and have lost inches, off boobs, waist and hips, hands up who hates measuring! the tape measure is always so cold…I also do the clothes test. Have some cool surfer shorts I bought in 2001, they are my litmus test, now they fit fine, will I ever wear them out? early days, but will try them on weekly for weight loss.

    So as far as exercise is concerned, I’ve been worried about my energy levels which drop dramatically on FD’s and for part of the day after, this has improved. Today I went for a run after a FD, admittedly had been into Sainsbury’s for Soda water, and came out with a croissant, oops, but I did force myself to run, albeit with quite plodding and leaden legs, cie la vie, I think it will take time, part of it is psychological, I think I won’t have the energy to run…but I did it.

    This such a supportive forum, and has made it for me. @Jaye I agree about sticking to the 500, I went over yesterday, not by much, but it could become a habit.

    Here’s to fast and happy FD’s for us all. 🙂

    Hi Beldyboop

    Nice to see that you are getting there. I read last night that people find it more difficult to exercise after a fast day. I always exercise on fast day so following day is a day off for me.

    I thought I would open your eyes to a couple of things.

    Approximately 455 calories in 7 sainsburys custard creams. 65 each.

    Also how to make croissants, may surprise you.


    As long as the choices you make are informed and you know the facts you will make better choices. Also they show how we have become overweight in the first place. I still have 7 stone to lose and so this is very relevant to me. I have started learning what I have done to get me to this much weight. I started putting on weight when I was about 9 due to emotional upheaval.

    You will soon start to change your body image and emotionally be on the up and weight will be on the down. The inches really matter I measure every 6 weeks. That gives me something to look forward to.

    Good luck and keep checking in.


    I loved this post @ginette…. Omg @beldyboop you will never eat a custard cream again lol.

    Very relevant @ginette this post. I put weight on from the day my Mum and Dad split up. We (all 5 stayed with my Dad). I know you will say poor Dad and how fab he was but Mum had very good reasons for a hard and possibly bad decision. It was all treats and emotional eating from then on. Dad was a great cook but I craved pies, chips, crips, sweets and he let me have them. But that is were and when I started to gain fat. I had a brief period of a few years in my mid teens but by 20 was packing it back on.

    @Beldy…. Oh we should go shopping girl! I would have you looking and feeling fantastic. It’s all about finding the shapes that make the most of your shape. You have a great shape for dresses and long tailored trousers with short jackets because you are short. You will have a better body imagine if you find the right clothes to flatter you. For all I’m huge I like to think I dress well and always feel nice when I leave the house. That’s not to say you have to dress up. Even in Casual clothes though you need to pick the right shapes. This will improve your body image. And you need to portrait a confident body imagine to your class which I bet is full of all shapes and sizes. And I bet you look at their imperfect bodies and think… Good for you girl coming to this class!

    @welshy I don’t eat much processed food myself but the noodles are great for beginers on fast days as they are so filling for so few carbs/cals. As for your soup, don’t do what my sister thought she could do. Make a veg soup and think it’s free like weight watchers lol. All you do is weigh each ingredient, get the calorie count. The best way to do that is use MyFitnesspal pal (free app) scan the bar code, see how much you use, record the calories. Do this with everything you put in there. Include your stock cube etc. Then measure it into portions and divide the calories between the portions. Hope that helps. Make yourself a little list of things you no longer want to do… I.e. Over eat, eat when you are not truely hungry, eat sweet things for the sake of it, make healthy informed choices, check calories on things I eat etc. Most of these you will find become second nature. You will naturally lose the desire for eating sweets and high carbs by making better food choices on FDS. Remember most of all…. IT’s JUST ONE DAY! tomorrow you can have what you want. But I guarentee you won’t want it. To me the fasting was like a well needed Detox! It rid my body of all the high carb/sugar foods I lived on previously, crumpets with nutella lol, teacakes, hot cross buns, breads and cereals. My tastes have completely changed and I’ve only done it for 9 wks and lost 32lbs. I am (if we ignore my almost weekly bottle of Prosecco – shushh, that I count in my TDEE) very strict though. But as I said a lot of it has happened naturally. I could fast 7 days a week if it was healthy and allowed Prosecco! Lol.

    Happy weekend and happy fasting all.

    Ps lovely catching up with you too @ginette and I’m doing the FBD from Monday, but not looked at the exercises yet. 🙂

    Well done Jaye. Glad you will be joining us. Did you see the video of how they make croissants. Shocking.

    I have seen it before.

    Yes 7 custard creams almost a whole fast days allowance if you don’t have a milk allowance you would have enough for one cup of tea to dunk them in. What a sad existence this would be.

    I am sure many peple have had emotional triggers to gain weight. There are two types of people those who gain with stress and those who lose. I also gained when I was content…..what hope is there…..only the fast diet.

    Sorry Welshylarue

    Was so absorbed with looking up the custard creams I forgot to answer your post. You know by weighing and measuring and noting it down. I use post its. If I add a tin of tomatoes I look on the tin and write it down, an onion I cut the ends of peel it and then weigh it and write it down I then prepare all other ingredients and write them down. I then add them up. Including any stick cubes you may use….water is free of calories.

    When it is cooked I then measure out in large bowls and divide calories by how many bowls I can get. This is the only way you can work it out. Weighing food becomes second nature. When I go out for the evening (to family) on fast days, I take my dinner with me in a plastic container. They are used to it now.

    I hope this helps.

    You are right. This diet really changes the way you think about food. I can have an occasional treat without going too mad.

    Carry on the good work.


    Hi All

    No drain tuna in spring water on offer at asda 6 individual portion cans £3.00.

    68 calories. Nice with salad carb free noodles or whatever else takes your fancy. Has anyone ever had tuna omlette? I think I might have tuna, boiled egg and salad it would make a nice lunch.

    Sorry I am posting this on a few threads to let people know.

    Hi fasting friends

    Jaye and Ginette great posts about the weighing of food so important to do when you first start , I don’t do it now as I mainly eat the same on fasting days cup a soup at lunch 65 cals and salad and omelette in the evening but never tried a tuna one will give it a go.

    I stood on my scales yesterday and hip hip hooray 10 stone 10 my goal weight i am so pleased just need to go shopping now as I have no clothes that fit need some tips Jaye .

    I will carry on fasting for my 2 days for a while and try and see what works for me I love the feeling fasting gives me and I know I’m in control of food my biggest problem was that food was in control of me, not anymore

    I have a great Sunday everyone

    Whooop whooop at @twigglet!!! That’s absolutely fantastic. I’d add stars but you know it will just cut the post off lol.

    Best tips… find a women that works there in every shop you go in that is well dressed and ask her to walk around the store suggesting things for you. They love to do that, especially anyone with any proper training. Look for a women in her late 20+. The next tip… TRY ON SHAPES, COLOURS AND STYLES you would never have tried on before! Have a budget and have in mind some outfits you need. IGNORE SIZE TAGS!!!! Get what fits, and fits well. Nothing tight or cutting in. If you can’t sit down in a skirt or trousers without things popping over the top, it’s too small. A size 12 well fitting trousers will make you look a size 10. A size 10 ill fitting trousers will make you look like a size 12 sausage! And buy a capsual wardrobe. So you want 1-2 great pairs of trousers cut for your shape, spend a bit more money on these, you’ll wear then with lots of different tops, scarves and if you wear it Jewellery to change them up. Buy a couple of good skirts. If you can get away with a nice black or grey pencil skirt get one. Fantastic for office and a night out. Get a nice jacket, one that will go with your skirts and trousers. Get the right shape for your body. Now find a couple of great dresses, do you need an A line, swing, skater, shift etc. A couple of inexpensive maxis for sunny BBQs. Dont discount ASDA and TESCO for cheap and very cheerful clothes. But not trousers or skirts, you want quality for those. Great for dresses, swimsuites, beach wear,and even some evening dresses. And lots of lots of nice tops that you can mix and match. Different shapes, colours, styles. Again, get the right shape, do you need something that cinched you in, something to enhance or reduce your bust. T-shirts in all colours from marks with a good fitting pair of jeans with a nice jacket or cardigan and a great bag can make you look fabulous going for lunch with the girls. So think about your life, what do you do, where do you go. Look for bargains and sales. M&S have some great stuff at great prices. Brilliant work to evening dresses. Go on wowcher and look for coupons. Debenhams, top shop and Dorothey Perkins to name just a few often have % off vouchers that aren’t in store and you use right from your smart phone. Evans, even though you won’t need to shop there are great for telling you what shape you are and what should suit you. It’s not foolproof but gives some good solid tips on shapes for each body shape so pop in there. Also check their website which often will suggest styles for each body shape. There is a website called EVERYTHING FOR £5. A women in my local never wears the same thing twice, she’s very slim but says they do all sizes. Just make sure they are well made before you keep them.

    Lol, wish you had never asked?

    ️JOIN our facebook Twigglet and we can message and show pics. JAYE BLOGS. I’m blonde wearing a navy and cream dress on my pic.

    @ginette thanks for the heads up on the offers. Hope you are well. I had a good time last night. Drank three soda waters with my Prosecco lol.

    Jaye 🙂

    There talks a woman who should be listened to! You do wear clothes well!

    Trinny and Suzanna’s book is still a good read – you can probably get it in a charity shop – snd a grest place to buy clothes – best buys in the affluent areas. Anyone near Manchester or Salisbury? QVC outlets nearby, go on a Monday and take a pensioner, extra discounts off ludicrus prices, huge range of sizes. You may need a few trips to get the hang of it. Great if you are going through three of four dress size drops, so much easier if we cant sew and dont want our clothes to fall down.

    Of course, if this faux pas does happen, and in public, just say “bugger, and they fitted just last week” and smile sweetly.


    Oh, and make sure your knickers are pretty!


    Well done Hip Hip Horraaaaaaaaay

    What an achievement.

    It will be nice to join you one day.


    Lots of meal plans on here free

    Also recipes


    It looks good


    Hi everybody,

    Some great tips, thanks @jayegirl 🙂 will deffo take the advice on board. Luckily the women in my class do come in all shapes and sizes, and happily some of them have lost weight as a result of Zumba, so am happy on their behalf! It’s like anything else some classes rock, others not so much, have to roll with the punches, and feel strong!

    Oh no, “Custard cream gate”, sobering isn’t it? thanks @ginette K, for pointing it out, it’s just a sad waste of calories, that could be so better used, so will be very vigilant. As for croissants, taste divine, but will always take TDEE over the top :(…I wonder if Gordan Ramsey actually eats them?

    FD coming up Tues/Thurs am going to try having a egg in morning, as think the porridge, gave me a need for more carbs, the next day, not sure, still tweaking. Noodles sound great, I have to be careful with soya, impact on thyroid, but would like to try the bare baked Noodles, look good.

    Congrats to you twigglet, that’s great news!

    Am also sorting through all my summer gear….getting quite excited

    Good luck to all this week, stay strong! 🙂

    Hi everybody

    Custard cream gate!!!!! love it – and there are even worse wastes of calories! McVities Milk Chocolate Digestives are MUCH worse.

    A lovely custard cream is hard to resist, though take two or three, and the rest can be put away, at least for another day. Now chocolate digestives, a double packet, once opened, may not see the inside of a cupboard ever again!!!!!

    Thank you for all your help ladies. I am determined to be strict and do it properly this week (and from now on). It helps that my other half is out a few nights this week so I don’t have to worry about making him something “normal” that I will be tempted by. In fact , due to this I am tempted to try fasting for 3 days this week. Is it much harder than the 2? Am I running before I’m walking?

    I sometimes struggle with energy levels later on in the day but am planning on changing the times Im eating to work around that. I also have an exercise class one eve so hoping I have enough energy and that it distracts me from hunger.

    Im also loving the fashion tips: I struggle to know what suits me (plus I often hate the way I look in lots of clothes and therefore end up feeling depressed during shopping trips) and being a stay-at-home mum, I have very little spare cash for clothes so rarely buy anything for myself. However I have decided to treat myself to a really good pair of jeans to show off my sexy curves when I get my goal weight, no matter the cost.

    Good luck with everyone’s fasting this week. I’ll prob be using this forum to keep me going when my stomach rumbles!!


    Evening all!

    Welshy – I shorten everyones names sorry, have you looked on Ebay. I found jeans called ‘Marilyn’ at M&S. Brilliant jeans, narrower in the waist – at a size 20 everything in life is relative – generous on the hips and generous on the thighs. Fab, and part of a range to suits all shapes and sizes.

    Of course, onto a winner! Of bloody course, stopped selling them!

    Honestly, if anyone ever bothered to asked me, I could make millions for M&S. Bet everyone in tbeir buying and design departments are a size 10 – who wouldn’t dream of buying M&S!!!!!!!!! Lets face it, do the uniforms flatter?

    Don’t wait to treat yourself until goal, treat yourself along the way. I have trousers, knickers, and a cardi, hanging up – they don’t fit, but they will.

    Ref the carbs, amazing how the mind wonders when cooking. Roast lamb had me hankering for Yorkshire pudding, James Martin (he is a god), being a Yorkshireman, makes Yorkshire pudding mixture the night before, as done by my Yorkshire family. So, as I only thought of it when the roasting smells of the lamb came wafting through the house, went searching for a frozen Bessie’s pud – no luck! None in the freezer.

    Got me thinking though, as I peeled and cut six veggies (a minimum number of veggies on my plate when I was young). Nana’s Yorkshire Puds were made in the roasting tin, one Huge Yorkshire, served with unthickened meat juices as a starter. My shoulder of lamb would have served six or eight, with leftovers. With thick gravy, brown and tasty, not an oxo cube in sight. Mountains of veg and, this time of year, first Jerseys, in butter. And either apple pie, rhubarb crumble or more Yorkshires with jam. Or trifle. Or Eves pud.

    A fair number of carbs. Only a little protein. Eaten by thin people. Once a week.

    Anyway, I digress, but you must be used to this by now! Just realised, Ive managed to digress from the topic Iam digressing from.

    Back to the jeans, £25 IN M&S, but stopped selling them, now £12.50 on ebay. Actually got a pair for £8.50, inc postage, new with tags. Or try the Charity shops, but Ebay is often cheapest.

    Jaye. You and I could make M&S a force go reckon with? How many of us are visiting Next???? Bet not many, if you are a plus size.

    Ranting now!! Apologies, but my money is as good as anyone elses, and I have issues with M&S changing rooms – was in there on Friday. Trying on a cardi for goodness sake – sooooo depressing. 25lbs lighter than my last visit, absolutely equally depressed!! And I didn’t even take my clothes off!!!!!!!

    It appears I am now a size 16, give or take – I am now AVERAGE!!!!! Yet they manage to make me want to cry – who wants their customers to cry?

    Anyway, point is, go to Marks, find what fits, ignore the awful mirrors, they are lying, take a friend who is honest, but who loves you, and find out what suits, then search ebay. Worn is fine. Usually cheaper. Cheap is fine, you won’t be wearing them for long!!!!!

    Lol @milena, you type like I talk, only at least you remember where you left off. All good clothes tips. I am tired of having the same conversation with the staff in my M&S and its a HUGE one. I ask why did they so called ‘incorporate most of their lines to include up to size 26’ when the truth is they no longer stock anything above a size 22. The plus size range was debunked to do this. And a none plus size 22 is nowhere near the size of a plus size 22. I’ve actually asked, is my money not good enough to pay for your clothes because I am fat? No one can explain why they don’t stock the sizes. The stock answer is ‘you can buy it on line’, my snarly reply. If i wanted to buy on line I wouldn’t have wasted my petrol to drive 15 mins down the motorway to stand in front of you who can’t tell me why you never carry a 26, would I? To me Marks just don’t want fat women in their stores, not one over a 22.

    I tend not to spend money on clothes I can’t wear for a while and if your budget is tight I woykd buy what fits now. Milena is right, try ebay.

    @welshy, you have said you struggled doing 2 days and couldn’t stick to them so why put extra stress on yourself to do 3? I would not move to 3 until you have mastered 2. You can on NFDs eat the same as you make for your husband, just have smaller portions, use a few healthy recipes and just give him more etc. Try having sweet potatos (low GI = fuller for longer) instead of normal potatoes. Try brown rice, same thing, low GI. You can now buy microwave bags, I’ve bought a couple to try. Bulk up food with none carb veg. Try the new Bare Naked Noodles instead or normal ones or in place of Pasta on NFDs. They will fill you up for 20 cals an entire package. Stick at it a while and once you can fully do two fasts with no more than 500 cals and keep to at least your TDEE for your NFDs or under then move on to the odd 3rd day. By reducing your TDEE to your goal weight amount you can lose more weight on your NFDs. Thsts how I lose 3/4lbs a week. It’s rare I do 3 fasts and they are when I know I might have a bit too much to eat if I am away for a weekend. Get that list up and running of your trigger points and how you will avoid them. I.e. Childs leftovers straight in the bin, not your mouth, not even a mouthful. The more you do it the more it becomes a habit to throw rather than eat. Good luck.

    Jaye 🙂

    Wise words Jaye.

    A lot of this lark is about getting the better of yourself. Finding the triggers and working around you chief sabateur – yourself.

    Which is why I am about to eat half a magnum left in tbe fridge.

    Odd logic?

    Im feeling sooo determined, so half a magnum – believe me, sharing a magnum is a HUGE sacrifice – my last sweet treat for six weeks, and no chance of finding it in the freezer in a weak moment, and eating a whole one.

    Feeling in control.

    Bought a large bar of salted caramel galaxy this morning. Previously I would have nibbled on it whilst walking around town – but i didn’t.

    Came home and had a lovely Sunday lunch with lots of vegetables, followed by strawberries and was full for hours.

    Just had a cup of tea and ONE square of chocolate – delicious.

    It’s a non FD and I’m quite under TDEE – that sort of restraint is previously unheard of.

    It’s quite magical how fasting 2 days a week also helps to moderate the other days (sometimes)


    Hi Beldyboop

    Sorry to burst your bubble……

    Wasn’t that croissant making eye opening. I saw it a few years ago I don’t think I have had one since.

    Welshy (thought I would take Milenas tip and shorten your name if you don’t mind)

    I am sure it will improve this week. Remember we are all here to help. You can rely on us keeping you on track.

    If anybody checked out the link to woman’s magazine I looked for the app which is paid for and didn’t get good reviews. A few comments were about the measurements of food that were given were more calories than they said. Check it out as you don’t want to go over on a fast day.

    I am putting off buying clothes until mine fall off. I have other sizes anyway, also things that I have never worn as they were too tight. I am looking forward to getting into them. As you say you order something in one size and it is often smaller than expected. I am in size 24 blouse at the moment so hoping I reach the 22s by the end of summer. I don’t mind blouses loose but I can’t bear them tight.


    Hi Everyone,

    I’ve just completed my first week and was surprised how uneventful my first 2 fast days were. I didn’t feel hungry during the day at all and felt positive about myself for doing it – lets hope the novelty doesn’t wear off and I start to feel hungry! :-). I lost 1.5 kgs in my first week, although that feels too good to be true.

    Anyway, I’ve just registered on the site (I’ve never done anything like this before) so thought I’d say hi.


    Hi Steve

    Welcome to the forum. I had never done this before either. I find it helpful, rewarding and encouraging. I brilliant loss. As a man you will find that you probably loose more than most women in the same time period. I am plodding along but my first 10 weeks were great. I now lose an average of a 1 lb a week.

    Be encouraged and know that after two or three weeks you will find it so much easier. Your food habits will change on non fast days……it’s just something that happens. I have all of my food in one evening meal. I find it something to look forward to. I take milk from my allowance so that I can have tea during the day as it keeps me going.

    Do you have a lot to lose? Whereabouts in the UK are you?

    I am from Hampshire.

    Good luck for this week and keep in touch.


    Hi Ginette,

    Thanks for your kind words of support. I want to lose about 15kgs. I grew up in Hampshire, but my job has me moving all over the place and am currently in Lincolnshire.



    Hi Steve

    Welcome. This is new to many of us – and even after a few months you will still be surprised you didn’t chew your arm off in the night – or decide that dawn equals breakfast – or even watch the minute hand on the clock for hours before it goes off.

    Missing breakfast after a fast day will become the norm – not some form of self inflicted cruelty.

    There will be days that you will want to eat a scabby horse with chips, though even then you will be wondering, “can I do it within my TDEE?” Myfitnesspal is a useful app, though not positive you csn find the calories in a horse, scabby or otherwise, but chips are there!

    Good luck!

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