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  • Omg Buttons, I’m coming over, I’ll bring the wii and the butter lol.

    Well I have dropped foot on the left side and the last year my balance has become much worse. I don’t have a dorsilflex in my left foot (no natural heal toe movement). Over the years I have corrected this by wearing tight fitting boots with a 2.5/3 inch heel, a wedge has always been the best heel. In the summer same heel, has to be an open toed strappy sandal. So I lean to the left and find it hard to stop suddenly, turn cornors lol and can walk into ppl to my righ, although I get friends to walk on my right to keep me straight lol. I must look drunk some days trying to walk alone. I found with a good stance, in bare feet (I can’t wear flats or runners as I have no muscle tone to keep it on and a I would have to lift from my hip extra high to clear the floor). So hips apart, knees level with hips, knees bent even a little and I have arthritis in hips, knees spine, plus scoliosis of the spine. It’s a good job I look normal from the outside lol!! I can do the boxing this way. I can also do the tennis and bowling, baseball. I like the boxing because it’s a bit more of a two sided work out!

    I will let you know how the board works out later.

    I did a google on wii fit for people with disabilities, there was a small study done on people with MS which came out positive. If a person with sever MS can do it I figured i can. Go for a second hand one. I got mine through a friend who went to women that sells second hand games, laptops etc. £30 for the consol, a nunchuck, a little remote that plugs into that one which works as the second nunchuck and all the leads. She also put in wii sport and a Zumba cd. Not sure I’ll try the zumba but who knows lol. I went on line to Nintendo to find out how to connect it all up.

    Ginette should be on commission for Nintendo lol.


    Hi Jaye and Buttonboots

    I find the Wii great there are many exercise programs out there. I used to work with students who used Wii fit whilst holding on to a walker. The students had to do exercise as part of the course. They also did dancing sitting down and just followed hand movements. This was on another game. I was pleased that they were exercising and enjoying themselves. One of the students had Cerebral Palsy but did well when we found some that suited her. They were all adults but I still discussed it with their parents as they knew their disabilities and limitations better than I did.

    I love tennis on the Wii Sports but it hurts my knee. I may have a go at it sitting down and see how it is.

    The beauty of the wii fit’s short exercises that they are addictive and therefore encourage you to do more. Bear this in mind Jaye and start gradually.

    Below is an article that might interest you


    It may be helpful in making your mind up.

    Tempted, their are a few of us who do it. Audrey loves the boxing and has now progressed to dancing. Maybe they can all share their Wii stories with you to help you build up a picture.


    Also another link to exercising with disabilities


    Hi Nintento

    I hope you are watching and want to send me new games to trial. Only exercise ones please!


    Hi Ginette, the scales I bought from Amazon are probably the ones you were looking at with the two displays, one blue & one green. The first measurement is what you weigh now, the second is what you weighed last time you stood on it (if only you use it). If other people use it, it will display their weight or yours to them, so you would need to zero it.

    It will display in either lbs or kgs, there is a switch underneath to change it. A word of warning though, it comes with four AAA batteries which had very little charge in them, so I have had to use some spare I luckily had in the cupboard.

    It does come with a tape measure in a little plastic case (like a workman’s rule) which is curved on the body side, so you can pull it out and it stops, then pull it again and it retracts. If you wanted to do your upper arms for example, you can pull it out to more than you think your arm measures, slot the end into the receptacle on the other side of the plastic case, put it over your arm and then pull the tape slightly to retract it and tighten it up. Really clever.


    Ginette, it also weighs in stones and lbs, but it rounds it up. For example, this morning I weighed 290.6lbs, but when I set it onto stones it says 20st 11lbs. I think I prefer pounds on their own.


    Hi Graham

    I just did that on a calculator and it comes out at 20.7.5

    Odd that difference! I also checked it on Google which is the same as the calculator.

    I suppose as long as you use the same one every time that will be ok.

    The tape measure intrigues me!

    How do you feel after eating yesterday?

    A better start I hope. April tomorrow………. Our new challenge.


    Hi all I have had a very busy day with ruby my granddaughter, won’t bore you all with details but I am ready for bed now.

    I have had my wii fit for 3 years now and have used it in and off since then. Ginette is correct when she said it’s addictive I can pass hours playing the various games I have for it. My favourite of all is my fitness coach cardio which is basically boxing, sometimes when I am watching TV I put it on and step for 20 or 30 Mins or before the leg op I jogged for 20 Mins.

    Graham congrats on the weight loss

    JayeGirl good luck with the wii, you have been warned he he he lol

    Elated and Gutted all at once!!!

    Elated … I got both the wii fit and the plus, both for for £1.98, should have been £1.99 & £3.99. Oh I love a sale lol.

    Gutted … I didn’t realise the board takes 4 AA batteries. I have taken 2 out of an old remote and had 2 spares, however it’s not turned on… Poo. Could be the lack of charge on the batteries but I’m thinking it’s probably not working.

    I’ve called a store in town who have one for £8, I will pick up batteries tomorrow and see if this one works before I buy the other, a lot of back and fourth to town.

    I wouldn’t have used it today anyways I still feel icky. I went out with my friend to our usual place, they brought a chicken salad and a sausage and porched egg on white bread. The waitress said I can guess who’s having this and put the salad in front of me…. I said I’m having the carbs today lol. I have to say, it tasted great going dien but between the White bread and the Lucozade I feel very bloated and sickly. However, the waitress said ‘you are looking great’… Cheque is in the post! Lol.

    Thanks Ginette even, I checked out the links, the sitting on the board made me laugh.


    Hi Ginette, I did the same calculation on Google and got the same result. Trouble is I then have to work out what 75% of 14 is; 10.5lbs according to Google. A bit of a long way round I think. I’ll just set the scale on stones & pounds and accept the results, it’s easier.

    I have been reading on another thread about the 2 day diet, which is similar to the 5:2 except that the 2 days are back to back and we can have up to 1000 calories on the fast days, but they have to be protein only (like Atkins). The other 5 days we can eat what we like as long as we stay within the TDEE.

    I’ve done Atkins before, but I only lasted a week as I was in a job that had a lot of heavy lifting, now I’m retired and do very little I should think I could manage two days a week considering I’ve already done it as a water only fast. Might give it a go for April to see if I can shift more than 1lb a week.


    Audrey just knows how hooked you will be……

    I hope you get balance board sorted soon and are happily playing with the rest of us.

    Let’s hope it is just the batteries. I have never known one not to work.

    I hope you are almost back to normal now.


    I am sure it will be easier to weigh in lbs and ounces than go through those complicated procedures every time you weigh. A lot of scales weight differently from each other so you have to expect a fluctuation. The point is you are losing. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to lose the weight. Lose steadily. You will outdo us women, as men seems to always lose faster.

    I hope you get into your next pair of trousers soon. Are they very tight?

    I now can’t remembef who it was who bought three pairs of trousers all one size lower.

    Was it Milena?

    There has been so much activity on here today it is hard to keep up. At least we keep each other cheerful. Best type of therapy there is these forums……….

    Free as well.

    Night all


    Hi Jaye

    Just remembered what you said about sitting on the board. I had to go and watch video. I had read info before but not want he’d video. If I got down on the board I would have to call someone to help me get up. Good how you can do it sitting in a chair though. It makes it available to people with very limited mobility.

    Great for you maybe Buttonboots

    Now I really AM going to bed after I have weighed and measured food out ready for tomorrow.

    I even count teabags into a separate container as I may lose count how many cups of tea I have had.

    See you tomorrow, fast day for me……..

    Yes Ginette, t’was I

    but I’ve bought three pair of jean in three sizes – 16, 14 and 12 – how is that for optimisum, great jeans for hourglass figures (ie smallish waist and big bums) still wearing size 20, but too big (hurrah!) they do look bad – but soo comfy – I have the size 18 and they fit well at the moment. M & S no longer sell them but they are on ebay – I hope I don’t have to resell them!

    Morning all,
    well I have just done 1 hr exercise on my wii and am feeling very good for doing it.
    I am on my 2nd fast day today, my friend called to see me last night I haven’t seen her for a month or so, and she remarked how well I was looking, made my week someone has noticed I am losing weight!!! … That has spurred me on to continue, if I continue losing at the same rate by the time it’s my daughters wedding day which is now in 10 weeks I can be under 10.5 stone wow!
    have a good day to all and to those of you fasting like me good luck.

    Jaye, have you sorted out your wii hope you like it ?

    Hi Milena

    I have a pair of size 10 and 12 jeans in a drawer. I don’t wear trousers now and I know I was bout 7.5 stones lighter. I have big legs so I don’t suit trousers. I wear skirts. An elastic waist stretches with you. I know they are a lot looser but not falling off yet.

    Good on you. How long have you been on 5:2 Milena?

    I didn’t weight this morning and this is my fast day. Need to take Cat to the vet and that was the only thing on my mind this morning. He has water in his urine. He is only 18 months old so hopefully nothing serious.

    Appointment at 3.45

    H Audrey

    How nice for someone to notice. Someone I know is exercising and wants to lose weight. She just can’t get food under control. I told her about 5:2 and how successful it had been for me. She said it looked as if I had lost weight. I don’t count that as it may have been her being polite.

    Well done for all that exercise, shine your halo up!!

    I shall get mine new game out later to go through the exercises and set up. At the moments another cup of tea seems in order.


    Afternoon Fasters!

    I’ve posted a long post in the ‘HELP women of a certain age’ thread. Don’t want to type it all here again as I’ll only get banned for spamming and graffiti lol.

    Hope your fast is going well @Genette, ypu’re always so organised. If I sat on the wii board you would have to send that same person to come and pick me up next. Lol.

    I’m having Chicken Korma and pilau rice for dinner!!!! Sauce is from Aldi, it’s very nice, has ground spices in the lid to put over the chicken and fry for a little before adding the sauce. I thought I would use 2 chicken breasts and make 3 portions. That will make it 114 cals for 1/3 of the sauce, 197 cals for 125g rice (half a package you put in the microwave) and will have to weigh the chicken later for those cals but I have an idea. This will still be well under my TDEE so I’m happy with that! Not had this dish since I started fasting 7 weeks ago.

    Hope you are all well.


    Hi jaye,
    think I am stalking you this afternoon!
    I get the dopiaza sauce in the same range from aldi and that is to die for!
    I freeze meals for when we go caravan, it’s cheaper than take out and I know how many calories are in it!
    enjoy your curry and rice I am fasting today

    I’m off to Aldi……….

    Arrrrgggg it could be Lidl, I get them mixed up lol. It’s Lidl lol. Korma Cooking Sauce by Kanpur Garden.


    Mine is definitely aldi’s hehe lol enjoy ginette whichever you get x

    Had to go to Asda to get my cats favourite food. It is made by Asda so hands were tied. Maybe next time.

    How is everybody doing on the first day of the challenge?


    what challenge is this? Have I missed something important?

    On mid fifties thread they have an April challenge. A lot of people are on this thread and that one. I am on ladies of a certain age, fat busting Brits , mid fifties and I started a 10 week weight loss thread showing my week by week stats. I hope this will help those wondering whether to dip their toes into the water and the browsers.

    I shall update every 10 weeks and I have asked others to as well. It gives a good overall picture and I hope will be helpful to others. This forum keeps me committed to this WOL and I find the interaction useful. I am almost a newbie myself, only on my 12th week. I am not new to many other forms of diet though.

    Right I can’t tarry as I need to sort that new game out before dinner. I usually eat between 7.30 and 8.30.

    Will reports back later…….maybe when I have recovered my breath from workout.


    Good evening fellow fasters very interesting comments about the wii we used to have one it was great fun really helps lift a bad mood I find exercise really helps distract from thoughts of food .
    I am only fasting 1 day this week as I’m having a very busy week lots of work meetings and meals out but trying to keep my calories down by fasting every day from evening meal until late lunch the next day hopefully it will work and I won’t gain I have a day off tomorrow and plan to get my garden under control so hoping to burn lots of calories digging that’s after a nice lie in ! Will weigh in on Saturday and see if I’ve managed to stay the same I will be happy with that and then next week concentrate on getting another pound off Easter weekend is going to be a hard one though !
    Luckily I don’t like chocolate but unfortunately I love hot cross buns going to have one on Friday very much looking forward to that

    Hi Ginette, Tuesday was a non fast day and unfortunately went over the TDEE by 250 calories so the April Challenge didn’t get off to a good start. Fortunately I did a water only fast day on Monday and on Wednesday (a non fast day) managed to get by on 1400 calories.

    I’m starting the new ‘Two Day Diet’ regime today (Thursday), which is a two day ‘fast’ back to back with a 1000 calorie maximum and I’ll be eating protein only, followed by five days of eating normally but keeping under my 2400 calorie TDEE and trying to limit the carbs unless they come as vegetables. I will also be going for a small but brisk walk everyday.

    For anyone interested I have posted update to new Wii game the biggest loser on the mid fifties thread.



    Thanks for that ginette

    Was thinking of giving it a try, don’t think I will bother now. I managed my 2nd fast ok, hope you did ok too. I am thinking of having an exercise day today, I got up early, I am having trouble sleeping lately so thought this may help.
    Good luck with the 2 fast days, hope you manage them ok, I only tried B2B once, I found it extremely hard, let me know how you get on,

    Hope you are managing to co trolley the calories, let us know how weigh in goes enjoy the gardening!

    Talk again later


    Stupid tablet, I meant to say control the calories not co trolley hehe!☺

    Thanks Audrey, on my second cup of tea procrasting about my gardening and hoping it’s going to warm up a bit before I start but just putting it off really ! Will kick myself up the bum in a bit and get out there , I too am having trouble sleeping and always have a dreadful nights sleep when I fast I’m sure it’s normal as it happens to so many people on this forum .

    Have a great day

    @audrey, obviously me being ‘trolled’ Saturday night is still uppermost in your mind! LOL.

    HI Guys,

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but I still feel off. Had a Lucozade for breakfast, ugg @ all that sugar, feel worse for it lol. Staying well under my TDEE, I don’t have a good apetite untill early evening to be honest. Guess I’ll just have to wait it out.

    Staying home watching movies, not attempting the wii until I feel more normal.

    Hope everyone is doing good and their weight is staying the same or going down. Mine is staying the same. Bit bumed out really not being able to fast and not feeling up and excited like all the other weeks. Looking forward to fasting again.

    Going out tomorrow night, I’ll drive and drink soda water. Going to see some band/group, might be a tribute band, not sure lol my friends got the tickets. Out again Saturday eve for dinner (I’ll stick to steak and veg and pass on dessert) and a movie (no food for me in the theatre) lol. And Sunday also out for dinner with family, again no drink for me but I might push the boat out and have Pasta! Not had it in 2 months!

    Good luck with the Easter perils lol.

    Jaye 🙂

    Well done Graham on cutting the calories to make up for your excess.

    It will really help long term.


    Horrible weather here down south as well. It looks like it will perk up next week. I have terrible trouble sleeping as well. I can’t get to sleep and then when I do I wake up having vivid dreams/nightmares. This only started when the doctor upped my dose of blood pressure tablets. It eased off a bit but has now got much worse again. Maybe it is because I have lost weight so tablet to weight to ratio has neen changed. Any medical people out there? Love to hear if other people have had similar problems after losing weight.


    Hold back a little on buying the game until I have tried a few things out on it……..maybe like the boxing a slow start and really good in the end.


    I am so sorry you are still under the weather. Maybe time to see a doctor. Remember Easter holiday is coming up and you don’t want to have to wait until next week. It will also probably be chockablock next Tuesday.

    Just take it easy and let your body get back to normal.

    Try to enjoy the weekend

    The Wii will still be there next week.


    It’s lovely here in the North West, sun is out, the wind has dropped. My sister just called me to say she can see the Sea lol. Sh’s drove about 1hr 40mins into Wales and it’s lovely there too.

    @ginette, I went to the docs yestrday, he said that I have probably picked up one of the many bugs going around (although i was still thinking it was Saturday nights escapades until I woke up no different today) because my immune system was already low after Saturday. He checked me out, blood sugars were fine, blood pressure etc. My pulse was a bit erratic but think that was stress and the effort of getting myself to the docs lol. He agreed with me I was a bit dehydrated. He said go home, put your feet up and push fliuds, and get back to fasting Monday if you feel up to it. He was very impressed with how well the WOL is going for me. I think like you, be careful over Bank holidays when you are unwell. Your blood pressure tabs aren’t regulated by your weight but worth speaking to your doctor about how you feel. Maybe some relaxation/meditation would help with it. Before I started this I was feeling quite down, here we have access to online counselling. Basically you get to listen to counsellors telling you to relax every part of your body (I’ve done this before and it does work. And taught it to others). You tense then relax each and every part of your body and as you relax them they feel heavier and you sink more into the bed. Sometimes when we are tense we literally hover our head on the pillow without even realising it until we make a conscious effort to relax. Try it out, it feels lovely. Lie on the bed, quietly and tense your face, screw it up, then tell yourself to relax it, feel how it softens and how your head feels heavy and falls deeper into the pillow, then your neck, arms, fists, feet, tummy bum… Do the same with each part of you. Talk in your head telling yourself to tense, relax, feel your body getting heavier. Sounds very granola-hippy I know lol but it’s nice and it works.

    @graham, keep up the good work, you’ll get the hang of it soon.

    @twigglet, get out in the garden! Yeah, sometimes I sleep very light as though I’m never quite in REM sleep. Try out the relaxation I just discribed above. If you have any relaxing music you can use that. I actually have a set of those relaxation CDs lol.

    I feel better after eating something, but not enough to do anything lol.

    Jaye 🙂

    I thought it may be something else knocking you back for so long.

    Nice to impress the doctor. I tried to get an appointment with mine for next week and I had no chance.

    Relaxation techniques sound good. It there music on the relaxation CD? I did look at some apps but couldn’t find one that would be relaxing.

    Glad to hear weather is good there. No sun here so grey and miserable.

    Let’s hope You feel better next week.


    I got these from one of those TV ads I think. I have 6 CDs the collection is called Body & Soul Music to balance your life. Lol. My ex husband and I used to like them they are called:

    Reviving your body and spirit. Sleep
    For inner calm and confidence. Meditation
    For a harmonious and balanced life. Feng shui
    Music to help you feel. Sensual
    Relaxing the body and mind. Anti – stress

    Not listened to them in years but since I’m home I might just do that today and let you know if they are a load of poo lol. Bet you can get them on Amazon or Ebay.

    The thing the doc gave me, I only listened to the first online CD, as you know this WOL has had a very positive impact on me so I’ve not even thought to go back and listen to the others. It’s a well being site that you need a code to access from your doc. It’s run by health medical people in the NHS.

    Yeah definitely caught something. I creak like a barn gate but it’s rare I catch anything other than an odd cold.

    Sending you dome sunshine lol

    Jaye 🙂

    I am glad you have seen the doc and hope you are feeling better soon.

    Have had a phone call from Lancashire my mum is not too well so I am going north on Sunday or Monday and staying there for a while.

    We are due to go caravan for a couple of weeks soon so may not be in touch for a while, after Sunday as I can’t get on my tablet at the caravan.

    I will catch up with you all when I am back, have a great easter everyone and stick to the plan!


    Sorry to hear that Audrey, hope she gets better soon.

    Time to find a new caravan park with wifi! Lol have a lovely time and Happy Easter

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi Audrey

    I am so sorry to hear about your Mum. I am sure that seeing you will brighten her. You will have withdrawal effects from all your friends on the forum.

    I thought as you were going away I had better get back on that game and update you.

    Jaye I looked on Ebay and I have just bought a Paul McKenna Cd to help me to sleep, worth a go at about 2.50 and free postage. It comes with a book. It won’t be here until 13th – 15th April ……maybe on a slow lost from China

    I will let you know how I find it. I did look on Amazon and read the reviews which are good.

    Interesting to know that the doctor can give you a password. As long as you are getting better day by day you should be fine after the weekend.


    Thanks jaye and ginette,
    I am busy googling all the calories I think I am going to need so I can keep an eye on what I am eating.

    My big Bro said she has perked up already now she knows I am on way up shortly. My husband Ian is going to take me up Sunday night, and I will take it from there.

    Dad died last year, so she is very lonely and I do try to get up once a month or so.

    Don’t know what happened to rest of post…

    As I was saying, I try to get up to Lancashire once every month or so, but the idea of fasting is totally alien to her, she thinks if I fast one day she can spoil me the next.. That is mums for you though.
    Anyway I am heading off because I have to wash, iron, pack, sort out food for my hubby for next week oh and organise an easter egg hunt for Sunday plus lunch . The joys of grandchildren hehe

    Have a good easter x

    Hi All

    Wii update on the biggest loser challenge

    Ok so I had set it to give me exercise routines 3 times a week for 20 minutes. This way I could still do other exercise on other games.

    I went on today and having exercised yesterday I had no set routines. I looked at the challenges I could do

    Light Cycle – this was not what I had realised at first. I was sitting on a bike and I had to cycle until I lit 10 bulbs. It was more efficient if I went at the same speed as the trainer, he started slowly thankfully. I had either chosen light or moderate exercise. I had to follow the exercise my trainer was doing. I think it was squat and skip I do a very small squat but he seems happy with this, for skip I do marching on the spot and hands as if I am skipping.

    Boom or Bust – this is pushing a canon uphill. For this exercise I think it was marching and punches. If you go too fast you slow down so you need to copy trainer.

    Slipstream – this was battling to get up a hill with a wind machine blowing at you. I can’t remember what exercise I did for this one but nothing I couldn’t manage.

    I also did a punch bag one on its own.

    These were a lot more fun and I felt as if I had had a workout. There were three rounds for each exercise lasting about 2/3 minutes each. I was playing against another overweight challenger a similar size to myself. You have to achieve the first round to get through to the second and then this one to get through to the third.

    I got through to the second round on all of them but only the third on pushing the cannon uphill. I won this so I was made champion.

    My son phoned half way through and said I sounded as if he should call an ambulance I was so out of breath.

    I really feel like I have had a workout today. It was probably about 20 mins in all. I was definetly out of breath and now relaxed in an arm chair. I was even too tired to eat my melon and yoghurt afterwards and had to wait for about half an hour……..I couldn’t lift the spoon.

    More updates when I have the energy to explore more.


    This video is an or so long but worth having a look at if you want the leading information on sugar and fructose which is predominantly used instead of sugar in the american food industry. After you will completely understand what sugar is doing to us all, all around the world.


    Morning Guys, almost afternoon actually,

    I thought it would be nice to get to see everyone so I have created a new Face Book page just for my Fast friends.

    My name is Jaye Blogs should have gone with Doe but thought I might sound dead lol. I’ve added a pic, I have blonde hair and wearing a blue and cream dress. Although it’s just a head shot but you’ll be able to find me through that info.

    I would love to see you all on there, we don’t have to chat there if you don’t want to, but it is a way to send private messages if anyone ever needs to, plus I’m putting photos on to show my weight loss. For me it’s important to see the changes even if only I can see them.

    Hope you’ll join me

    Jaye 🙂

    Hi Jaye, have sent you a friends request and a message to point out who I really am.

    Hi folks!

    I have been out-of-sorts for a few days….back at the GP whenever I can get an appointment (he tried me on a new med…I did NOT react well to it!)

    I’ve stopped them…and am back on track now.

    Non-fast day today so I enjoyed a Hotel Chocolat mini-egg (and stopped at just the one!)

    I think I will be doing Tuesday and Saturday as fasting days this week.

    Happy Easter all! (He is Risen!)

    Happy Easter Button Boots, glad you are back on track.


    Hi all. I’ve been keeping a check on my calories and over the last week have averaged 1265 a day. I just don’t feel hungry in the morning and have bacon & eggs for lunch and a high protein tea around 7pm.

    Last night I had 250g of very lean mince with a Nigella bolognese sauce that I found on the Internet which contained mainly onion, tomatoes and red wine. It had a total of 725 calories and was absolutely gorgeous.

    Tonight I’m having steak, brocolli and kale with a BBC mushroom sauce, though I have yet to work out the calories.

    Fast days are now going to be Thursday/Friday, same as last week. I was going to have them as Monday/Tuesday originally, but I started on Thursday last week and decided to keep them as those days for the time being. Will go for a walk later after Tesco has delivered my creme fraiche and mushrooms amongst other items.

    Have a good day.

    If anyone has got an iPhone/ iPad

    Download a free app called My model. You can add before/now and after weights and it will show a model of your loss. I am sure that this is probably available on android. Perhaps someone can check.

    Interesting to see.


    Hi all , Audrey I hope your mum feels better soon , and Jaye hope your feeling better I’ve finally done my garden just planted loads of veggies in my allotment been digging and planting all day it might counteract all the lovely food I’ve eaten all weekend ! Had a large family dinner yesterday and have just finished off the cold turkey with a nice salad .

    Weighed in on Saturday and stayed the same pleased with that I will be fasting Tuesday and Wednesday and going to be very good the rest of the week and hopefully will see a loss next weigh in.

    Have a great week everyone back to work tomorrow so better go and get the iron out or nothing to wear .

    Happy fasting

    @ginette, I added that app, it’s good but to be honest I look now how it said I looked 24lbs ago lol so I might add that weight just to watch it go slimmer.

    @twigglet lovely to see you again.

    Well what a lovely day we had here in the North of England. I met a friend and we went to a Garden Center and he bought lots of plants for his garden. Then we had a drive out and found a lovely pub in the country with a nice beer garden and sat in the sun for an hour. I was wearing a sundress and sandals for the first time this year. So nice. We had dinner there and I had Satay Chicken with noodles and veg, it was sooo lovely. I asked the waitress if she would ask the chef how many calories were in my meal and airing on the side of caution. It was 5/600 but I put it in as 800 just in case lol. Still keeping well under my TDEE which is now 2011. I’ve put 1750 in MtFitnessPal, I was keeping under 1800 anyway.

    Good luck all, hope to see you all back soon and that Easter went well for you all

    Jaye 🙂

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