Fasting without exercise

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  • Hi,
    I’m rather new to this fasting diet. Im on 4:3 currently. And its been two weeks since i started this diet. I have 2 stones to loose which i have packed after the birth of my baby. Havnt weighed myself after starting this programme. Im afraid i haven’t lost any weight because I can’t see any difference in inches. Maybe because im not exercising. The thing is im very busy, baby, home, university. Without much help because my husband is doing phd. So in short i have no time for exercise. So is it possible to loose weight without exercise with fasting alone?

    I have rheumatoid arthritis, which greatly limits the amount of activity and exercise that I’m able to do. I do a little (some 30min walks occasional yoga), but my lifestyle definitely sedentary. I am losing weight, but not as fast as some others are. What I have noticed is that my weight loss doesn’t happen at a steady rate. Some months I lose a lot some months I lose nothing, even though my calorie intake was the same in both months.

    I am a regular contributor to the Southern Hemisphere forum and there are a couple of people on that site who are unable to exercise due to health issues – they both lost their excess weight on 5:2 and have maintained it for some time. I’ve found this very reassuring, that if I persevere the weight will come off even if it happens slowly.

    I have been on this program for 10 1/2 weeks and have lost 8kg (mostly lost in the first month). I’ve done 4:3 some weeks and 5:2 others. I have carefully calculated my TDEE and try to stay under it on non-fast days. This was important as my TDEE is only 1400 calories (well under the 2000 that is given as the website example). My lower TDEE is due to my age, gender, short height and low activity level.

    Thanks Ljoyce for kewping me motivated. Wow! 8 kgs is alot. Many congratulations on loosing this much amount.
    Thanks for lettng me know about the tdee. I didnt pay attention to my tdee as i was trying to keep my calories just under 2000 in non fast days.
    I hope after 10 weeks i will have lost at least 5 kgs.
    Thanks buddy!

    I have no excuses for avoiding exercise and I’ve lost about 7 kg or 1.5 pounds per week on the 5:2. I count calories carefully on the 2 FD and rarely pay any attention to them at all on NFD, except for trying to eat mindfully. I’ve been doing this for 8 weeks and have lost 5.4 kg or 12 pounds to date. Most days I am sedentary.

    That said, I really do need to log in some exercise, if only just walking 10,000 steps per day recorded to my Garmin Vivofit. We should start a walking thread to keep track.

    Hi Tal-zu, I know it is not quite the same but I started my weight loss on the blood sugar diet for 6 weeks and then transferred to the fast diet. After the initial 10 days I lost 10 kg without doing any exercise!. By 3 months I had lost 3 stone and only then felt able to go swimming or the gym. In the next 3 months doing 5:2 and exercising min 3 times a week for about 30 -40 mins I lost another one and a half stone. So it is definitely possible.

    Reducing calories is the controlling factor to losing weight. You do not have to exercise to lose. However, exercise is very important to limit losing muscle along with fat among other benefits.

    Muscle mass is a key indicator for longevity. If there is any way you can do weight bearing exercise it will be hugely beneficial.

    you will very likely lose muscle. when your body is in a caloric deficit and there’s no reason to keep the lean mass your body will breakdown muscle tissue as fuel. lbm burns more calories than fat mass

    There’s an interesting article on why various studies have shown that whether physical activity increases or decreases, there is virtually no relationship to the prevalence of obesity. Though adults are generally exercising more, there is no measurable reduction in obesity from the increased exercise.

    Exercise is definitely great for overall health but it is possible to lose weight without exercising.

    Here’s another interesting article about why we don’t burn muscle as fuel when fasting:

    Discarding fat during intermittent fasting (IF), you may lose muscle. If you continue without eating any carbs your body will start burning protein within a couple of hours.

    Diet is by far the most important factor when it comes to losing weight. While it is possible to lose lean body mass with prolonged calorie restriction, it isn’t something that happens quickly over a few weeks. That is more of a long term adaption. If you are following 4:3 there is little risk of it because there are other factors that happen while one is fasting, such as changes is hormonal balance that tends to protect lean body mass.

    Exercise builds lean body mass, but exercise isn’t limited to lifting weights or running. Basically any moving can make a difference. Housework and childcare can count, just be active when you can. Exercise can even increase one’s weight as lean body mass is much more dense than fat.

    Diet – major factor in losing weight and important for overall health.
    Exercise – major factor in health and helps with burning fat.

    There are many people that have great exercise programs and rotten diets. That doesn’t work well either.

    For diet, some easy things that can help:
    1) Cut out refined sugars. This will mean avoiding most processed foods.
    2) Make sure you go a full 12 to 14 hours every night without eating.
    3) Focus more on nutrition rather than just calories.

    Exercise play a minimal part in weight loss. Of course it plays a significant role in your overall health. What dykask said is pretty much spot on. Be very careful with what you put in your mouth. Sugar and refined carbs will do you no favours. If you are doing 4:3 but still choose to eat crap, it will not make much of a difference. 2000 calories of sugar will not have the same effect as 2000 calories of broccoli on your weight loss.

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