Fasting when going through marriage separation

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Fasting when going through marriage separation

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  • I am leaving my husband after 27 years of marriage and facing retirement this summer. I am finding it hard to deal with life changes and fasting. My health is good but the weight needs to go, slightly high BP and cholesterol although diet healthy and non drinker. Stupidly I know I will probably be more successful at dieting when I am on my own, less stress. Don ‘t get me wrong, he can also be supportive about my working life and has been a good father to our two children, now grown up. Our personal partnership has been a vacuum that neither of us have taken positive steps to rectify. Easier to bury your head in the sand and focus on work and family.
    This will be the first time in my life( age 58) that I have lived alone, I have always cared for relatives and children. I do lots of activities and exercise and have many friends but I am not used to returning to an empty house. I don’t mind admitting that I find he prospect both exciting and scary. I cannot imagine having to make decisions just for myself.

    Anyone else out there in my boat and happy to share their thoughts and suggestions?

    hi Jojo58

    I am very sorry to hear you are going through such a difficult time, not sure what to say, just that I hope everything works out for you and that you find the strength to carry on and start again…

    Equally I don’t really know what to advise re the fasting, its how you feel and if you cant just now then don’t, sorry am not much help!

    all the best, if you need to talk, we are always here 🙂 take care xxx

    Thanks Angie,
    Appreciate your comments. Keeping a stiff upper lip and looking into meditation( mindfulness) which is the current positive health message. Stressful times for many people. We are our own worst enemies sometimes, the human race. I am planning to slow down and limit the ‘to do ‘ list that has ruled my life. Luckily I am a yoga enthusiast which is very beneficial.

    Sounds like a good plan Jojo!

    I know this will pale into comparison to what you are going through, but last night a fox got into my hens coop and killed 5 of them including a gorgeous rooster we called Henri 🙁
    Felling very sad and guilty, OH actually didn’t close the latch, fatal mistake and I am so peeved off with him!
    but, I guess, that is nature’s way… I have 8 hens remaining and going to do my damn best to keep them safe 🙂

    Take care and be gentle on yourself, have a good day xxx

    Hi Angie, how terrible! I love animals of all kinds. What a horrible experience. I lost a guinea pig and rabbit left in a run overnight once so I know how you feel. It was my responsibility to put them in their cage overnight. One time I forgot, typical. A pregnant guinea pig survived and had her babies thank goodness. I never forgot that guilt. Thinking if you now. Love jojo

    Oh Jojo that must have been awful for you!!

    me too I love animals, and even when I see a poor dead rodent on the road driving along, I feel a rush of sadness, I always do… I think to myself, why them? what did they do wrong? I know is a bit irrational but that’s just the way I am… soooooooooooo glad your guinea pig had her babies 🙂

    take care, thank you again xxx

    thank you for your kind words too,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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