Fasting to cure gastritis

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  • I am a 52 year old female with sudden onset of gastritis and small stomach ulcer and hyedal hernia. I am considering IF to help my stomach issues. I do not smoke, overeat or take lots of aspirin, etc. Possible that years and years of coffee consumption on an empty stomach could be my issue. ?? (Also negative for h pylori). Has anyone familiar with this has luck with fasting?

    Hi Catherine,

    I know that I am late with this, and I’m sure you’ve already started and noticed that somehow it does help.

    I suffer with several cases of gastritis and acute gastritis. Since I’ve started the fasting I only get heartburn if I don’t eat for long periods of time, but I just take some Nexium and that works. I don’t do any of the things that you usually do to get gastritis either, have had it since I was a teenager.

    My stomach has been feeling much better, but I honestly do not know why. If you have figured out why in the meantime, do let me know.

    I can definitely recommend fasting if you keep on having gastritis or ulcers.

    Hi Catherine,
    I just saw your post. I am suffering from gastritis and up to recently was taking 80mg Nexium. I had to ditch the meds for the h pylori test and my stomach is actually much better now. I wonder was the Nexium the cause of my problems? I find fasting quite helpful for heartburn, but also take kefir daily and intend to explore the fermenting world more for gut health. I tried kombucha, but it’s too acidic.

    My consultant told me to ditch caffeine, so I only take decaf coffee and tea, and Limit it to a couple of cups a day. I’ve tried to increase my water intake too.
    Hope you get sorted. Good luck

    Catherine Bryant: I have fairly mild gastritis, the main triggers being carbonated drinks and alcohol. I do not drink coffee, tea or plain water (strongly dislike all three).

    Having long gaps between meals can sometimes lead to symptoms of gastritis for me: I suspect this is because my stomach is recognising the combination of a soft drink, prescribed medication and supplement capsules as food and is taking steps to digest that!

    That unpleasant combination of feeling slightly hungry yet bloated/ full can cause me to swallow air which does not help matters.

    Have you read or tried Dr Mosley’s Clever Guts Diet?

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