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  • Hey all you mommies out there…I would like to connect with others of you who are trying to work fasting into your already crazy days. How do you balance kids, hubby and this? Help!

    Hi Toni I’m a mum to two boys under two the youngest is 3 months old. I find a lot of will power is needed not to pick at the food I prepare for my toddler. I’m only new to this but found it ok so far, it’s hard also getting dinner ready for hubby who eats like a horse and is still thin! Guess you just have to focus on the benifits this new life style should bring and remember its only two days a week so when your hungry on a fast day think if the treat if eating normally the next day! Hope that helps. Good luck.

    I have only been following 5:2 for a week but I decided to make meals for the family the day before or at the very least the main portion of the meals so that only veg or potatoes/rice/pasta needed to be cooked. I found it really helped not to have the temptation to ‘pick’ at the little bits or have the smell of nice food wafting around all day.

    Hi there, I find it tough cooking or the kids and hubby on fast days. Strangely find it hardest in the evening rather than lunchtime, but I tend to have the same (v small portion) but then have greens or salad instead of the carbs. Eg I had a blob of bolognese sauce but on shredded stir fried (in low cal spray oil and soy) cabbage. Luckily I haven’t come to such things as lasagne etc etc on a fast day yet, but find traditional meat and 3 veg is easier to just replace a few things and mainly it’s only 1 meal to cook. I do find the snack times and leftovers a bit of a trial tho 🙁

    Hi toni.
    I am pretty new to this, but so far I have found that on my fast days I will cook for the family with stuff that includes what I can eat so it isn’t such a big deal…ie a salad and steamed veggies. on the side of the main dish that I make for them..and it also helps me to feel like we are eating together. Eating really slowly so it lasts longer helps me too.
    Overall afternoon t time is a bit harder when they get home from school…I try and have herbal teas then or some celery or carrot……
    Its all worth it I reckon…
    All the best.x

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