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  • Is a fasting day defined as any 24 hour period where you are fasting? For example, I am fasting from 7:00 pm to 7:00 pm the next day, is this acceptable? Thx

    I think that for the purpose of a 5:2 fast day, it is more usual to count the calories over a 30 or 36 hour period, e.g from 8 pm on Sunday to 8am on Tuesday.

    You can of course bend the rules to suit your own lifestyle.

    If you only count for 24 hours you could actually end up overeating everyday! As redcar said, it is really 36 hours, basically two full nights and one day. However fasting is flexible as long as one really fasts at some point. 🙂

    redcar & dkkask, thx much for your input!! I just completed my 3rd fasting day going from 7 pm to 7pm, but I’m going to heed your advice and do the 36 hours. Glad I asked early on. Thx again

    My fasting days are consecutive. Usually 7pm till 2pm next day to have lunch, then dinner again at 6:30-7pm.
    My question is in the morning I have a tea with 2tbsp skim milk. As this is my first week on the fast diet I usually have 100ml aloe vera drink at 12pm (25cal). Is it better to wait till 2pm lunchtime? Thank you in advance!

    I forgot to say I have 100ml aloe Vera drink with my tea in the morning too. Will this adversely affect my fasting? Thanks again!

    I have read medical studies that show fasting over 20 hours causes an uptick in growth hormones which kick-starts cellular repair as well as the production of T-cells which actively look for and fight diseases. So I like to start my fast after lunchtime, then skip the next day (except for plenty of water, green tea, and cappuccino laced with sugar substitute). I don’t eat until the following morning and I try to take a walk before that breakfast. That day, I eat 3 keto meals (meat, healthy fats, nuts and lots of leafy greens), then the following day eat breakfast, lunch and start this process over. I have a webpage about keto and video keto recipes if you want them.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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