Fasting days

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  • I am on a fasting day today. I notice that any feelings of hunger are much less than I normally have. Normally at work I eat a sandwich and feel hungery about half an hour later and then I buy crisps. If you dont eat anything then the craving for food is much less.

    The other day I noticed I was eating far too much slad and fruit. I wanted something later on and I believe that when I stretch my stomach by eating too big a portion then the hunger cravings are much greater.

    So its my view that the less you eat the less you need to eat.

    My trousers now have some slack in them and my side view is less like a pregnant women. Eventually I hope to look like a trim man!

    That seems a good point. Our bodies really must be doing a big sigh of relief! I have only been doing 5:2 for a few days and had2 fasts but since January I have been cutting down and thinking about what I eat. I feel so much better – I used to get a lot of heartburn but not anymore!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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