Fasting & Colds

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  • Feeling very congested and rough. Itchy sore throat, blocked nose, achy and very tired. Today is a fast day. Maybe I’m looking for a reason to get out of it but then again, the scales are saying whoopee!

    Of course I would ideally like to continue with the fast but I’m wondering whether it’s wise when feeling unwell. I guess I’ll see how it goes :-/

    Hi Aniann,
    Try it and if you don’t like how you feel, break the fast without guilt.

    I have experienced that beginning colds (i.e. before you feel really miserable) fly away on the fast days. But that’s me… 🙂

    Hope you feel better soon Aniann, I’m sure changing a fast day won’t be a problem, do it when you feel better.

    Thank you Ingrid & Annie. I have broken it, I’m feeling far too rough and though I’m not overly hungry, I felt that fasting when I feel this bad is far too masochistic. I thought it best to wait until I feel better. I’ll make sure my calorie intake stays below my TDEE though. Oh well, even the best laid plans go awry 🙂

    Most colds require lots of drinking to help alleviate the symptoms.

    I think Ingrid’s suggestion make sense. Try it and if it’s too much of a struggle either move your fast days or skip this one until you feel a bit better.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Hi Aniann. I wouldn’t worry, in July/early August I had a terrible persistent cold/flu thing. Couldn’t go to the gym for 5 weeks and gave up on fasting. I stayed careful and didn’t eat too much, and found when I got back to the gym (where I weigh) that I had only put on half a kilo, which I thought was great. If you are sick I think the rest is the best thing, just stay aware of what you eat. Hope you get well soon

    Is there any basis for ” starve a fever, feed a cold” ?

    Thanks everyone. Yes there is some evidence to suggest that feeding a cold is the best thing to do, so my fast day will have to wait. Went back to bed for 3 hours and will be in bed early tonight. Not looking forward to going to work tomorrow but at least I have another two days off following it. 🙂

    I think breaking the fast and getting better is the right thing to do. I got a horrible bout of tonsilitis after just 3 fasts. I took a week off then went back to it. I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain anything either!. Get well soon.

    Sorry to hear you’re not well, aniann. Listen to what your body wants you to do. Fasting can always wait until another day! Get well soon 🙂


    get well

    ur body needs all the fortification it can get

    nutritious food
    allot of water and sleep
    so that ur immune system can
    fight fight fight

    healing foods

    What to Eat When You Have the Flu

    agree w/ others

    on not 2 fast

    stay healthy 😀

    ooops meant aniann


    My guess is that fasting, like exercise, has the potential to reduce immunity in the short run. It probably wouldn’t matter much for a mild cold, but there’s always the possibility it’s something worse, so If I were you I wouldn’t fast when I have symptoms of an infectious disease. If it’s a mild cold, you’ll be back at it in short order.

    Thanks for the link wiltldnr and it’s okay to call me Annie, everyone does. Awake. Went to bed at 8pm and now awake feeling damn lousy. Have to be at work in around 7 hours. Really don’t want to throw a sickie but might have to. Can’t find the Vicks either and don’t have the energy to rifle through drawers. Dammit 🙁

    this is not a computer glitch
    just checkmarking
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    u should all
    4 ur topics & replies

    by the way hope ur feeling better

    I’ve just started the 5:2 and in my 2nd week have come down with a sore throat. I think I can push through bit the sore throat is quite irritating. Is it OK to take one of those Soothers (throat lozenge) or is that killing the whole idea of fasting?

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