Fasting + bulletproof coffee?

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  • Hi 🙂

    I’m fasting since months now, and I started yesterday taking the “bulletproof coffee” to up my energy for when I have to go to work.
    My doubt is: is it going to break my fast? Do I have to count from the start for the eating hour?
    I.e.: I had my coffee today at 11am, can I have my first meal at 17:30 as usual or do I have to wait more?


    Ps I’m vegan, so my bulletproof coffee is: coffee, coconut milk and coconut oil. I find it very energizing, I always use it for when I do have long and busy days but I never mixed it with fasting!

    I use bulletproof coffee too, though not being Vegan I put cream or unsalted butter in as well as the MCT. But I often just put the MCT in on fast days, so effectively it’s black coffee + MCT. This will not alter blood sugar or spike insulin, so won’t break the fast, or low carb if that’s also what you’re doing, though you’ll need to count in the Coconut oil cals. However, compared with a water fast it’s probably not the same. But you don’t have to do this as a full water fast anyway. I try not to eat till midday on my fast days but would have the coffee mid morning. In these circumstances (after an overnight fast) I understand the fats in the MCT/ coconut oil would be used directly from your bloodstream, hence the energy lift. I think the coconut milk would be adding carbs and some protein, so you would then stir up your glucose response.

    Coconut Milk (the one I use) has 0,3 gr of carbs for 20ml. I take two cups of bulletproof coffee (one in the morning, the second at 3pm as lunch) so I don’t think it would alter my sugar spike.
    Thank you anyway, this makes me more comfortable. This coffee really helps me in my everyday life (and I am a student, worker and I live alone so I have a very busy schedule)

    Yes, I’m sure that will make little difference, particularly as it’s a lunch substitute. I sometimes use it like that too, if I feel up to only eating in the evening. I occasionally make cocoa the same way as coffee ie a couple of teaspoons raw cocoa powder topped up with near boiling water, not milk. Then a little cream and MCT. Very energising too and the flavenols are good for you. But cocoa is higher cal and carb than coffee, so two teasps would be about 31 cals each, not for a FD. Also it’s not very nice black and sugarless, whereas coffee is. I must try it on a Feast Day with coconut milk, the slight sweetness might taste good.

    Yeah, it tastes delicious and I’ve noticed after two days that I’m not that hungry even if I eat more carbs in the meal I have in the evening. So it’s a win-win for me since I’m fighting with emotional hunger.

    I’ve started making little coconut flour griddle cakes, and I’ve noticed they make me feel full quickly. Good stuff, coconut. I don’t have them on fast days though.

    Apricot…..recipe for those griddle cakes?

    I wondered if someone could help – i’m new to the 5:2 plan and have read lots about the bulletproof coffee. Can i have this on a fast day in the morning, followed by a meal at dinner or is it too high in calories?

    Is it also better to make with MCT oil or can i use coconut oil?

    I’d really appreciate any advice! Thanks!

    Absr31, after a little Google research my answer would be avoid this, especially on a fast day. Two cups can add up to over 440 cals according to one site on google. Stick with a variety of low cal healthy, natural meals if you can. Having done 5:2 I find that what works for me is natural foods that provide the nutrients my body needs with the amount of calories that are required to function in a healthy way while losing weight and improving my internal health. For me, breakfast is home made porridge with fruit, around 200 cals and a 400 cal evening meal. This works for me, others do things differently. Check out the FAQ, Active topics and Forum links in the section at the top of the page and other posters comments.
    We are all different but I believe “Bulletproof coffee is not a healthy 5:2 option.
    Good luck.

    Thanks Couscous! I’ll take your advice and run with it! I’ve read lots of conflicting information but at such a high calorie count, i think you’re right.

    Thanks for the help 🙂

    I came across an article today in “The Times” colour supplement magazine about “Bulletproof coffee” and its inventor David Asprey. The article, for me is a confirmation not to partake of said concoction. The last page of this full 3 page sales plug? on the benefits of Bulletproof coffee is about a book by a Professor Terence Kealey, a Type 2 Diabetes sufferer. Simply put he states that breakfast is the most dangerous meal of the day. By skipping it his blood glucose levels would fall to normal during the morning. His book, (Breakfast is a dangerous meal) also has a history of how breakfast has its place in history. Did you know for instance that “one John Kellog…. who became rich courtesy of of cornflakes also, among other things recommended clitorectomy for nymphomania?”. The mind totally boggles.
    What is a definite though is that those of you in the UK, if you are really interested in reading the article in “The Times” today you will be lighter in your purse by the princely sum of £1.70p. the cost of the newspaper.
    Finally, and personally I still would not go any where near Bulletproof coffee.
    Good luck out there.

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