Fasting and Libido

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  • I just noticed bit of a change in my interest for sex while fasting. I don’t exactly know if it’s a direct effect of fasting, but anyone here who has experience lower libido during fasting? Plus tips to help with this problem?

    I don’t exactly think mine was affected by fasting, but everytime I sense that my libido is low, I make sure to lessen drinking and check my medicine and supplement intake. Those stuff affect libido too. You may want to look into that. Got the idea here, read it and maybe it can help you too:

    What type of fasting? 5:2 or water fasting? I find 5:2 has no effect. When I do a five day WF I find it does lower my libedo day 4-5.

    Fat behaves like an estrogenic organ for men, so as you get leaner libedo should rise. As mukica says there are many things that can lower libedo for men. Some additional ones are environmental pollutants and personal care products loaded with chemicals that mimic estrogen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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