Fasting and Cancer

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  • Age 69. . . been fighting prostate cancer since 2004 with radical prostatectomy late that year. . . radiation treatments in 2006 . . .widespread bone mets in 2012 leading to hormonal treatment…chemotherapy (docetaxel and prednisone) begun in January of this year. I have a particularly rare and lethal kind of late stage prostate cancer. Minimal side effects: fatigue, slight weight gain, intermittent diarrhea. Still play golf 3/4 times a week. Conventional medicine, drugs and treatment are failing me and I’m looking for alternatives. Specifically, how does the Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD) impact cancer patients?

    Hi riowe47. I have just read your post re the Fast Mimicking Diet and the potential to impact on cancer patients. I am a 68 yr old male and on regular active prostrate watch with a slow rising PSA reading and a meeting with my consultant this Tuesday for the next course of action to take so I have some understanding of your question.
    I cannot answer your question, I have no medical experience like over 99% of posters but hopefully can help point you in the right direction for research purposes.
    Two articles recently appeared re FMD. Try and the following, You are likely to only see an abstract of research done.
    Go to Google Scholar, type in “Fast Mimicking Diet” A number of research document searches will pop up including “Unconventional diets in cancer care” by Suzanne Dixon. Reported in “Todays Dietician”, Dec 2016.
    Secondly type in “Fast Mimicking Diet Valter Longo”. Slightly different list will appear, you may find some thing of interest.
    Valter Longo is a world leader on the effects of fasting on health but I believe further research is needed on fasting and the effects on cancer but knowledge is power so they say. I did post a comment on FMD on March 7th in the “Science Related Articles people might be interested in” forum that may be of interest. Can I also suggest you click on the FORUM link at the top of the page and check out some previous posts that may be of interest.
    I hope this info helps, sorry I cannot be more specific or of further help.
    Good Luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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