Fasting and ADHD/Depression Medication

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Fasting and ADHD/Depression Medication

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  • Hello everyone,

    Awhile ago I was diagnosed with ADHD and I’m wondering if anyone else has tried any of the medications for ADHD while fasting? In particular, I’m on Wellbutrin (which is also used for depression and that’s why I put that in the title).

    Previous to starting this medication I fasted 2 days a week with no problem, but I didn’t want to potentially mess up the new perscription so I stopped fasting. I find myself kind of missing it, especially since I managed to lose 10 lbs because of it and it seemed to reduce my acid reflux significantly. However, I read somewhere that fasting with Wellbutrin might increase the chances of stroke, which I obviously don’t want! But, I wasn’t sure if that was referring to a long term fast or the short term daily fasts like IF.

    Any experience with this would be greatly appreciated!

    I wish I could help more. I am on antidepressants, and have used this diet earlier in the year. I don’t know about side effects. Maybe the best idea is to check with your GP. They don’t all like the idea of IF, but if you explain the diet and the 500 or 600 calories we do eat, that might help.


    I was diagnosed with ADHD too. But I’m not taking drugs, I’m looking for alternatives. I’ll do the diet and give my feedback. As fasting causes neurogenesis, believe that you can improve in some way.

    The best example are Buddhist monks, the more fast and meditate, the more they can meditate. To meditate you need a very high concentration, it seems to me that fasting can help with their concentration.

    I’ve benn on 5:2 fir 1 yr now. I have ADHD with a tendency to depression as 1 of my variety of symptoms. I am on dexamphetamine and a low dose of antidepressant. I’ve been on them for more than 20 yrs now and they have greatly aided my ability to live a more normal life on a daily basis. My concentration , thought tracking, and ability to cope with routine are much improved. I can still hyper concentrate if I choose to rather than doing it without choice.

    Being on 5:2 hasn’t altered my experience of being on my ADHD medication at all. Whether it’s taken with food or without food, and the weight loss effects, there has been no difference. I take ithem just as I have for well over 2 decades. They are the single biggest thing that has helped my ADHD. I’ve seen my GP and ADHD specialist and both are very happy for me to be on 5:2 and losing my excess weight. My weight loss has meant that I no longer need blood pressure medication and my heart functioning has improved. I have otherhealth problems and they are also improving with the lost weight. I’m 65 and female. I will be staying on 5:2 till the rest of my weight is off -probably another 6 months to a year, and will then transition to 5:2 maintainence in whatever form works for me, so maybe 5:2 with a little extra added or 6:1.

    i have been forcibly sedentary for some years now from ill health. Goes so much against the grain, so much against my ADHD instincts to be moving. I used to have to walk fast early each morning for 1 1/4hrs to burn off some energy and stimulate endorphins, which made daily life a little easier and helped with mood control and also concentration. I was left incapacitated after a very nasty virus sone years back. that’s when the weight went on. Because of the damage done by the virus I will never get back my full ADHD vigour and full energy, or full health. However, with my weight now heading to normal, I am starting to walk and move more like my normal self again. It is much more comfortable to ge able to function physically more like my ‘normal’ ADHD self and way of moving.

    Yes, it’s ok but like always consult your psychologist. I began to fast on Monday and will continue until Wednesday, and I continue to feel fine. DRINK a lot of liquids, it is very beneficial.

    There is no definitive answer to this question as different people will respond to fasting in different ways. Some people may find that fasting helps to clear their mind and improve their mood, while others may find that it makes their depression worse. If you are considering fasting as a way to treat your depression, it is important to speak with your doctor first to ensure that it is safe for you.

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