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  • I find the Fast Diet easy to follow. I lost 10kg of the course of a year. Likewise Fast Exercise but am I the only one who doesn’t quite get Fast Strength? Obviously the ideal is to combine all three. That way you get all the synergy. I’m wondering what others are doing by way of combination? Thanks… Graham

    I think the recommendation is to do the fast exercise one day and the fast strength the next for five days of exercise.

    Today I did four rounds of fast strength. Tomorrow, I will do 5-6 rounds of fast exercise.

    I have been doing a slightly different version of both since January.

    Graham, what do you mean not don’t get it? Understand it or enjoy doing it? I’ll see if I can help

    Well first I’m unclear as to what is fast exercise (HIIT) and what is Fast Strength. Second I want to arrive at a regime for both. My cardiovascular fitness is pretty good. It’s my muscular strength that’s lacking. Especially my core. I’m wondering what would be a good combination. Thanks

    Hello Amy.
    Can I ask which fast strength exercises you do and how many reps, timing etc?


    HIIT is high intensity interval training – where you run/cycle/rower or whatever cardio activity as hard as you can for 20 or so seconds, then either resting or slowing down for 40 seconds to a minute.
    Fast strength is a short, accessible version of circuit training with no rest between each set. For example you might do a short circuit of star jumps, press ups, squat thrusts, wall sits, crunches and on the spot running, as a quick made up circuit. It suggests that you would try to perform a circuit like this 3-5 times a week.
    The beauty of this kind of work is that it is accessible for people who already have busy lives and you can squeeze it into your life.
    Starting out, try any combination of 6 circuit training exercises training each one for 30 seconds then go straight onto the next one.

    Google circuit training exercises, or sessions for some ideas for exercises.

    Thanks JC. Very helpful…


    “I’m wondering what others are doing by way of combination? ”

    Simplifying this makes it easier to complete.

    You already are doing HIIT cardio exercises, as you mentioned it works well for you.

    Simply apply the same timing to strength training. Resistance lift for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, repeat 8 times. Simple.

    Use a timer app. Search for Tabata timers.

    Consider each large muscle group first, like squats.

    This way it keeps it all consistent.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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