fast on the spot race

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  • can i use the same principle doing on the spot screamingly fast long for ..etc?

    You can. The problem with on the spot running is that you wont be working your muscles as hard. It depends on the same principles as always that its how you feel it is for you. So if youre not working as hard as you can, go longer.

    I’d try using the stairs if you don’t wanna leave the house! Its a good burn!

    hey J C ….will give the stairs a try although may end up in the emergency room !! thanks for the reply ;]

    Hi hungry,
    Just tried the stairs for fast fit, quite noisy. My dogs were not at all helpful, insisting on joining me. Eventually I had to lock them up in the lounge, then they whined. I think they thought it was a game. I did 3 trips up at normal speed then 3 fast pace, then 5 normal, leaning heavily on the rail, then 4 fast, followed by 5 normal. I am now soaking in the bath recovering. Absolutely knackering. Are you up for the challenge. 14 stairs -20 trips up. Let me know how you get on? I thought I was fit, oh so wrong, lungs were burning, legs not too bad though.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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