Fast lifestyle, not fast food strike

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Fast lifestyle, not fast food strike

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  • A fast lifestyle would impact the fast food business in the short & long term as people shift lifestyles.


    Food, slow or fast, continues to be controversial & also upper most in our minds (stomachs).

    A my wife reminds me, we are setting a living legacy for others.

    Others are watching us.

    A Greek way of getting dinner

    The traditional way of getting dinner is buy food and cook it, or to go to a restaurant. But what if someone in a nearby street has cooked more than they need?

    Sign of the times, although I would hesitate tremendously.

    Halloween freebies is growing restaurant trend

    In America today, free fast food is given out to kids in costumes.

    It’s a marketing and habit forming process that starts early in life for many.

    Foods and fun gets associated early.

    It’s somewhat interesting what the world eats for breakfast:

    You may have had breakfast in bed at some point in your life or at least heard of that?

    Well, I think I just invented Breakfast Pizza in Bed (BPB).

    Cold, left over Chicago deep dish pizza from the previous night is a known delicacy. However, having that for breakfast is a delicacy and a Faster’s dilemma.

    This is not a recommendation, more of a confession.

    Some like chocolate in bed, for me it’s pizza anywhere.

    This confirms what we all suspected:

    We are what our father ate – before we were born.

    It’s probably why I enjoy beans and rice so much.

    Tracking fitness just became more interesting with wearable clothing.

    I have my Misfit Shine for monitoring activities.

    This new approach is pricey, and at $200 a shirt, and reserved for those serious athletes.

    The shirt monitors breathing and liquid replenishment.

    In the future, it may monitor fasting states.

    Numerous articles are appearing about Apple redefining the healthcare space with their upcoming new software.

    I have numerous tracking devices that work well on their own, however, don’t interact to provide me with a unified report or way to consolidate this information.

    I have also discarded Jawbone and Fitbit trackers in favor of the always on Misfit Shine tracker. The new Apple software may duplicate some of those functions.

    The evolution of fitness tracking, which includes fasting, is now getting more interesting and useful, just in time as the boomer generation is aging.

    I’m all in on this.

    I viewed a segment on the top 10 problems and solution approaches in the world.

    Interestingly enough, obesity or over eating is not one of those ten problems. Not even mentioned.

    Perhaps there is a distribution issue existing that has created a major problem of world hunger and malnutrition.

    It’s a complexity that more knowledgable scientist are approaching.

    One of the approaches is sorting out the priorities of those problems and another is allocating $75B to resolve a particular problem. What would be done next?

    It also puts in perspective any thoughts that I may have regarding over eating.

    Summer in Chicago 2014.

    3 festivals in an afternoon. People, music and cheap food with expensive prices.

    Lots of fun and the weather cooperated.

    Dr Oz gets ‘spanked’ by committee on his flowery language promoting health.

    I like Dr Oz and his messages on health and at the same time, having a health watch dog makes sense.

    I don’t know his stance on fasting, and I would think that there would be less to say on his show if he were to truly advocate ongoing fasting.

    What an interesting concept that the Apple watch & wearables industry has become.

    Yes, of course, I will get the Watch.

    It’s the modern health & Information tracking tool technologically ahead of all the others. It will make me more conscious of daily movements. Similar to the other iDevices, I will eliminate various other single function devices that I have accumulated over the years. One body, one device. Simple.

    When fasting, I could have the timer nudge me on the wrist whenever I cross the 36 hour mark. That alone is worth the price of admission.

    I would prefer it to be waterproof, not just water resistant.

    I’ve lost a few devices to showers & ocean swimming in the past.

    That would be a costly $350 oops.

    It’s still less expensive than having poor health.

    So far.

    I’m using Apple Watch for almost 24 hours continuously, especially when I sleep to monitor my heart activity. I top off the battery when showering and removing the Watch to charge and a quick half hour before sleeping to again charge the Watch. Works well for giving me the monitoring that I need.

    Great news that the Apple Watch is waterproof, maybe not saltwater proof, but good enough for daily water experiences like showers, sweat, and rain exposure.

    All this tracking is motivating to move more often & to get healthier.

    Only the Apple Watch promises future developments in blood pressure and glucose monitoring, and a health ecosystem that continues to evolve.

    I’m using an Interval timer by

    I’m able to use this because of the Apple Watch. This has replaced my other interval timers.

    Additionally, I can use this with gloves pressing on the Watch for selecting workouts. It’s a great benefit while working out when rhythm and timing is important.

    I’m motivated to workout by looking forward to using this app.

    Recently fascinated by the Apple Watch for health and time monitoring, I presented on this topic:

    Now is the Time by Rocky Romero

    I discovered a relationship on efficiency, effectiveness, and emotiveness that gave me insight.

    For years, I have admired those that have a standing desk to do their work.

    I resisted pursuing this option due to many complications: cost, change of desk, and a standing fatigue that I have read about for many.

    Clearly there is much support for limiting the amount of sitting that a sedentary office job brings to many of us.

    So it’s with tremendous interest that I stumbled upon the LeanChair, a leaning chair solution, on Kickstarter.

    From a convenience and practical viewpoint, this solves for me the approach to standing while I work and easily applying it to my environment.

    I will have to be patient until I can take delivery of the LeanChair later this year to get the benefits that this promises.

    Made sense to me and I backed this LeanChair project on Kickstarter.

    The hard part is waiting until November for delivery. This shifts the thought of leaning back instead of leaning forward as has been some of the past thinking in design.

    Other solutions aim to sell a chair and also a desk combination. The LeanChair provides both at a greater value proposition.

    I can use the LeanChair immediately without any modifications to my work environment. Further, and this has tremendous value to me, I can move this easily to any other place in my house, including my balcony.

    Try that with anything else?

    I started using the Mogo Seat for leaning while working at my office desk. It takes some coordination and time to get used to this during the day.

    It’s a clever and alternate way of supporting when standing.

    I also have a foot cushion for providing added comfort as I stand. I can now do this for hours with minimum fatigue.

    I’ve started to adjust the height of my desk accordingly to my shift in height.

    The Mogo Seat is an interim solution to leaning at my work desk until I can take delivery of the LeanChair in November.

    I wonder how this will shift my health until then and thereafter?

    What is the time problem that needs to be solved?

    From even before the Egyptians tried to harness and measure time, humans have been trying to measure time, tasks and productivity.

    It seems that time measurements are centered on 3 components:

    Clock Time
    Event Time
    Emotive time

    Clock Time – This is measurement as we all have come to know and measure with analog and traditional watches. It’s the start and stop of time. It’s the measurement that we use with calendars. The tools have changed over time from sundials to what timepieces that we wear on our wrist. This is the measure of efficiency.

    Event Time – This is a measurement that steps out of the linear continuum and is event focused. It’s going in the right direction and bringing all the components together. This is the measure of effectiveness.

    Emotive time – This is a measurement of the enjoyment of the journey. It’s our emotional state in influencing our success. This is the measure of happiness.

    Imagine wanting to climb over a wall. Then putting a ladder on the wall to climb it and every day we climb that wall. Soon, we become efficient climbing that wall with increased speed.

    Having the correct wall to climb is being effective.

    Enjoying the climb is happiness.

    Being ecstatically happy, climbing the right wall, very fast daily is the outcome that we want to achieve.

    The tools that we use to get us there vary, and the Apple smart watch is how far we have arrived so far.

    I’m still clarifying this for myself and gave a brief talk with this video on this topic.

    Now is the Time by Rocky Romero

    Digital Dieting led by Apple Watch.

    I’ve wanted to go on a digital diet..but not really.

    Seems like a good idea. A digital diet means more awareness of the surroundings, especially people. People that are important to me, starting with my wife.

    Yes, I’ve wanted to put my main iPhone down so that I could listen when others speak. However, the norm to browse through an iPhone or iPad is perfectly acceptable in almost all settings. In group meetings, I make it a point to bring my iPad and personal hot spot. There is always blank spaces that can be fed with digital updates. The exception is when I am actively involved. Even at those moments, I have had to set up video phones on isolated tripods for recordings.

    It’s a new digital world of business and it steps into my personal life also. Recently, on a vacation trip, I was taking video streams for later editing and depicting our trip. I enjoy this.

    Since using my Apple Watch, I have given even more attention to the interaction of my devices and its possibilies for creativity, time savings, and new digital experiences. I enjoy this, also.

    Gradually, I’m now noticing that I’ve mastered these digital interactions as much as I need to do so, for now. Software releases give me a burst of discoveries. Come September.

    It helps that the weather outdoors is pleasant and that encourages going for walks and sitting at a park bench, simply people watching.

    The Apple Watch can send me whatever notifications are really important. It also helps that the AW doesn’t respond fast enough with USA today, or NYT or any news app. I get the weather, time and location whenever I need that information. So, if I don’t get info from the numerous apps on the AW quickly, it doesn’t matter. I stopped reaching for my iPhone and just enjoy the moments. I stopped bringing my iPad.

    This is significant for me.

    I can now control myself from myself and enjoy life moments. The Apple Watch is helping me by not working like an iPhone.

    I am enjoying this.

    I am so scared of getting my Apple Watch wet. I constantly take it off when I know I will encounter hand washing and such. just random …

    It’s only a watch.

    An iPhone. Then I would be concerned.

    Technology is here to serve us, after all.

    I would agree with you if it wasn’t expensive and a gift from my spouse who works hard everyday. You’re right, it’s just a material good, but I would hate to see my SO sad because I didn’t take care of it.

    you just avoid fast food and accept some ayurveda tips….

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