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  • Hi there,

    I am new to this way of eating, but I am really enjoying it!

    I worked out that I need to have 400 cals a day on my fast days as I am quite short and small frame and not overly overweight. I am just doing it to loose a few kilos and FEEL better and healthier.

    Is it ok if i am not that hungry and don’t have the total 400 calories on my fasting days?


    Started the diet 2 weeks ago without really studying the information! doing OK with 500 calories on fast days and about 1700 on non fast days but on reading the TDEE recommendation I should be having 300 calories on fasting days and 1253 on non fasting days – can’t be done. Can this be right?

    hi there,
    I am not entirely sure of the answer to your question that is also why I posted my question.
    I have read many emails relating to calories on fast days and what I gleem mostly is that yes if the TDEE works out as 300 per day then that is what ‘you need to….at least that is what I am doing..unless of course I eat less…

    I should have 433 but i struggle to get down to that some fast days. So not sure if i personally could do 300.

    I just went by the standard 500 calories on a fast day, but one day had 460 calories and another day 510 calories. On using the calculator here I realise I should be on 433 and TDEE 1734. I don’t actually want to count calories but have done to put me in the ‘right frame of mind’ for fast days. I now know what to have and do tend to stick to the same meals on fast days. As my husband said, surely having roughly a quarter of the calories you normally have, you are going to lose weight!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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