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  • Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @fastdietkeith – welcome! Sounds like you’re right on track to reach your target well before Easter! 🎯

    So hot here; was already 31 C by 9:30 am. Rain forecast for later, then hopefully a nice cool weekend 🥵️

    @daffodil2010 – this is the link to the spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LOsDLv6ACUBDerEkYwzKmcj1DNr9yBS8RpTW6CzXpVw/edit#gid=0

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together We Are Stronger

    @daffodil2010 – I’m not sure what happened but here is a working link for the spreadsheet


    I’m off for my 9am Happy Hour (Aerobics) class so will log on later for a catch up

    Day 3 Melb Aust NFD

    After all the ups and downs of January, I ended up 2 lbs down (sounds better than 0.9 kg! 🙂 ). Have made a disastrous start to February as I was so cross with myself, but settled down now.

    @flourbaby, @michelinme, my weight fits in between yours (alack), but together we are stronger, so we will ALL lose this month.

    My bio – 72-y-old retired, single female, house ruled by ginger tabby, Wilbur.

    Onward and downwards we go for February!

    Day 3 UK FD 💪

    I’m a bit thrown by the days/dates too @penz 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Wow I should be grateful it’s just grey and drizzle here Didn’t realise you had such horrid weather conditions @ccco & @mariaelena Hope things improve soon

    Usual Thursday <500 FD for me

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together We Are Stronger

    Day 3 second post

    @stitchincarol, I should have answered this before: Re hamburgers, yes definitely onions, tomato, lettuce, and I think maybe beetroot are all part of a “normal” hamburger, whereas the egg and pineapple are part of “hamburger with the lot”. Not sure about mayo, pickles, ketsup – some other Aussies help me out here, please.

    Truly, it’s been 30-40 years since I last bought/ ate a hamburger, so …. I don’t remember exact details. 🙁

    Day 3 – USA/GA – NFD

    Yesterday turned into a WFD, so today’s weigh-in: 210 lbs (and probably on the lower end of that)! Three days of NFDs ahead, so I’ll have to watch myself…

    Day 3 – UK – FD800

    @penz I’m also getting confused with dates, I think it’s because Monday was 31st but in my head it was the 1st day of the week and therefore month!

    Today is day 4 of my FD800 push. We’re doing ok – DH is down 8.5lb already (by his own admission, he does have a lot to lose but this is great) and I am down by 3lb since Monday morning. I know a lot will be water weight at the moment but I’m pleased it’s gone whatever it is. I’m a bit more peckish this morning than normal but we’re in the ZBC and pushing through to as late as I can before having my soup for lunch. Tonight will be another meal from the Fast800 recipe book (chicken tikka tonight).

    @northgeorgia 210lbs again! It must feel so good to keep seeing that number. I reckon you’ll be below that next week.

    @betsylee that’s a great overall result, especially with the ups and downs. Glad you’re back on track for Feb. 🙂

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together We Are Stronger
    @babs_b FD800

    Day 3. FD. USA

    Well, I hate t those cookies again last night and today I am up a pound. Harder work is in order. I will be adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together We Are Stronger
    @babs_b FD800

    I haven’t gotten to read all the posts yet today, so will be back later. Have a great day everyone!

    Day 3 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD, then not

    Had a tuna melt sandwich for lunch yesterday and half of a cookie DS25 made and left for DH and me to try, and we kept forgetting to eat it (it was yummy). Had ribs, 1 cup rice, sauteed bell peppers (cut them in long slices and sautee and they are shockingly tasty; I saw a “recipe” to do that or never would have thought to do so), and opened a bottle of wine, drinking a large glass, but not enough to call it two glasses. Went to choir and wasn’t interested in more wine when I got home, so drank water. This morning, I weighed 143.0 (yesterday was 141.8). Weighed again two minutes later, was 142.4. Stepped off, thought about it, and got back on: 142.2. Hmmm…LOL!! I’ll take the final number, but I sure was surprised it was so low after eating two “real” meals yesterday!

    As to today, some friends called yesterday and invited us to go to the new brew pub in town. Yikes. “I can’t do that; it’s a WFD!” Then, to add insult to injury, they want to leave there and go get a hamburger at the place next door. <<sigh>> We haven’t seen them in a long time, so felt we had to (and actually wanted to) say yes. But, really, I want to do a water fast today. Won’t even try, however, because they’ll never understand, and I doubt my newly retrieved RESOLVE is up to it any how. So, ONE beer at the new brew pub, and a burger no fries when we eat.

    LOL, first world problems, right? 🤣😜

    @betsylee Your Aussie burgers sound so odd to me. So is the beetroot sliced or cubed or mashed or what? @penz? @litprof? @lilymartin?

    @fastdietkeith Welcome! You’ll find this group is wonderfully welcoming and full of tips and knowledge and wisdom, and fun to chatter with. Where are you located, anyway, the UK?

    Another silly busy day today, so must scoot. Have a lovely one, everyone!

    Day 3 – 16:8 CD

    My fast days this week (M&F) successfully behind me. Weights/Cardio are both on the schedule for today.

    The electricity has given us frights, flickers and brown outs. I shudder at the water bill we will face with every faucet dripping for days, but as of now we are still snug, so that is a win. Keeping my fingers crossed that all my preparations will be unnecessary.

    @stitchincarol – “diligent” you say, I like that description and it probably describes a basic personality trait of mine well.

    @babs_b Well done, you and husband- so satisfying to see immediate results too! Chicken Tikka is one of my absolute favourite things, so may I enjoy your dinner with you both by proxy? 😀

    @betsylee That is a long time to not eat a hamburger! I love a good hamburger, not the fast food kind, but it has been since the 90’s since I ate a hamburger bun. I just eat the fixings and meat with a knife and fork. I’m not extremely low carb, but even then I tried to eliminate the empty ones that gave me no particular joy, like generic white bread hamburger buns.

    @at thank you for the spreadsheet. Does anyone know if there is a way to edit it on a phone that doesn’t require downloading an app? I know I used to be able to do so via the web, but now it seems to insist on getting an app. My poor old phone isn’t powerful enough for most recent apps and lacks the memory to download new ones. And thanks so much for the encouragement – I persist and hope the last stretch of weight loss continues. What book is your book club currently reading?

    @michelleinme That box certainly sounds like a wonderful rainbow of food! Enjoy!

    @stitchincarol Ugh on the middle of the night hunger wake up. I keep my fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again!

    @funshipfreddie I love hearing of your weather so different from mine because it makes me feel closer to the rest of the world. I do hope it cools off for you this weekend and warms up for me. I shamefacedly admit I didn’t realize until I was in my twenties that seasons were reverse from what seems ‘normal’ to me in your part of the world.

    @litprof It sounds like your kickstart is going off grandly. Bummer to have to leave the beach for the laptop fix. It is always so unsettling when something relatively new goes on the fritz. LOL, says this woman who still has and uses her mother’s 1970’s slow cooker and her grandmother’s citrus juicer (circa 1930’s?) Oh, I know these are not comparable- an up to date laptop is an absolute necessity.

    @fastdietkeith Welcome! You are doing so well and you are certainly in the right place for support and camaraderie for the last 9lb goal. And yes, that water is so necessary on fast days. Also, I love how you summed it up “So, yeah: 5:2 works!”

    @flourbaby and @penz Add me to the fans of an epic big salad! I don’t do it every day, I like variety in my food, but several times a week I dig into a wonderful salad. I’ve been experimenting with ingredients, a current favourite is parsnips in with the regular greens and carrots.

    The sleet/ice falling on the roof is a pleasant sound, if somewhat worrying. So thankful DH is working from home today/tomorrow as the roads are indeed treacherous ice sheets.

    Tuna salad (made with avocado instead of Mayo) in today’s menu. Perhaps some of my frozen stew for dinner – which will go over well in this weather.

    Best thoughts to all.

    Day 3 UK FD800

    Another day that came in just over 800 calories yesterday but i’ll take it. Today has been long and I’m cold & tired so quick check in for accountability. The last of my M-Th b2b FD800s – tomorrow my weekly weigh-and-measure day.

    Clothes are fitting better whic his progress in itself. Eggs, more of yesterday’s stir fry – onions, garlic, ginger, pak choi, quorn chicken, left over aubergine and green beans, followed by pineapple and apple compote. That’s the last of my Old fruit & veg eaten up, ready to enjoy the new ones.

    Can’t wait for bedtime and a few days without appointments, *just* catching up, reading and rest. zzzzzzz

    Pocket list Day 3 -Together We Are Stronger
    @babs_b FD800

    Day 3, London, UK, NFD

    I’m really out of practice!!! I completely forgot to post this morning! I must get back into the groove☺

    Thanks for the kind words regarding the ‘Whopper’ of a number on Cruella these days!😭😭
    Anyway, I can only go in one direction, so ……………………… Onwards & downwards!!!

    Todays NFD went well although my new task is to eradicate the cheese!!😲 I know, shock horror, swerve the vino AND the cheese in the same month!!!!!😱😱 Usually I would be the first to say ‘good grief, let’s not lose our heads people’, but the number on the scale is telling me meat & 20 veg is the way to go!!!🤣🤣

    Anyway, I’ll read posts and comment more tomorrow, however………. Welcome @fastdietkeith, you’re in fantastic company!!!

    Keep the faith folks!! Stay strong!!💪🏼💪🏼

    Day 4, NFD, Aus

    Another F FD yesterday!! I’m going to switch from Thursdays to Wednesdays – I have dog training Wed night which will make it much easier for me to do a FD on that day instead.

    Re Aussie hamburgers @stitchincarol: the beetroot is definitely sliced. You might get a beetroot paste or something super trendy at a more high end establishment, but at your regular take-away/fast food (not McDonalds or those sort of burger chains) the beetroot will be sliced. We also tend to have a choice of tomato sauce (ketchup) or BBq sauce. Pickles are not common; and mayo would usually tend to be added only to a chicken burger.

    have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 3 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Movie and popcorn again yesterday – but only up .6 pounds this morning. Maybe I didn’t put on as much salt? We do once a month “Film History” with local retired profs that is always fascinating. Popcorn was lunch. 🙂

    @northgeorgia – you are making great progress!

    @stitchincarol – you asked about DH and his sugar. Well, he’s more conscious about it than he used to be. I did a MFP for him for a week so he could see just how much of his caloric intake is sugar. Whew… But MFP didn’t say he was much over his TDEE, so doubt he will make many changes. We are happily watching our ILLINI basketball team right now at the top of the Big10. Guess Cornhuskers aren’t much for BB? Yeah for you finding your MOJO again! 🙂

    @ccco – could be worse things than eating some cookies! Yes, these posts are excellent for ideas and helps with our own WOL regimen.

    @michelinme – I had to look up SWEDE that arrived in your fruit & veggie delivery. Hmm, I am 1/2 Swedish, but how what we call a rutabaga would be anything like me is fascinating! The rest all sound great. I learned years ago that our eggplant is aubergine to you. Also that same vegetable color I learned.

    @croutledge – welcome! You will find great support here. Keep coming back daily and post for accountability.

    @babs_b – yes, bad sleep often seems to follow a FD. Do hope you get good results to improve your inflammation as well.

    @litprof – your swim in the Coral Sea has us immensely jealous. I do love our cold weather (I know, I am weird) but your swim does indeed sound like bliss.

    @funshipfreddie – that Wordle article was fascinating! I posted it to my Facebook feed – LOTS of my friends are playing.

    @linda.b – welcome to you! How strong of you to get out of an abusive relationship. You will find friendship and understanding among our little band.

    @at – your props to me are always so kind. And very appreciated.

    @fastdietkeith – welcome to you! Right. Sugar is addictive, and can be hard to wean away from. I had to smile at your “South Yorkshire” eating until I Googled it. Truly is a condition! Here’s to you discovering what “ails” you and finding a great way to work your treatment and program. This group is very supportive, as I wrote to @linda.b above.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 4. London’s UK

    Please count me in for February. I’m still here all the time, and wishing everybody a good month.

    Day 4 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Down another pound since last Friday, that’s a total of 4 pounds since January, which is great going. I didn’t dare post my January start weight, but it was 170…. So now at 166 there is a trend emerging. It’s very slow going, and my lovely FitIndex app that I have with my FitIndex scales tells me now that I am 0.2lbs heavier than the initial weight shown on the 15th March 21, the day I got the scale ☺️

    And from that date my health went a bit haywire, so much I thought it was the scale and its electricity thingie going through my body measuring visceral fat and water etc causing my mysterious abdominal cramps….which turned out to be appendicitis 😄

    Rabbiting on, but just shows how one thing can cause a flood of memories, and how things can all be linked.

    Have a great Friday. It’s ZBC as usual, (easy to get back into), mackerel salad for lunch, but dinner is fresh spaghetti and meatballs…yum! There will be wine as its Friday.


    Day 4 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    The first February FD done & dusted 🎯

    @flourbaby – not the cheese?!! 😱 Love the stuff, but yes, so addictive. But I always stick to 30 g max, with a few nuts. Jason Fung approves!

    @songbirdme – you may not thank me for this:- https://www.devangthakkar.com/wordle_archive/?229 It’s an archive of all Wordle games, going back to # 1 😈

    Happy Fri-yay y’all!

    Day 4 U.K. – FD

    Well my first day back to fasting was an epic fail! I developed a migraine! Which I have been fighting with ever since… Weirdly with me the nausea is much abated by eating food, so that is not great for fasting!

    So as long as the migraine doesn’t come back today I will have another go at a fast day

    @stitchincarol – thanks so much for the tip about chicken broth, it reminded me of my “go to “which is miso soup and I had completely forgotten about that so that was a brilliant tip thank you very much! I will definitely be using that one today !

    Wow, the power of the forum! Love you guys!

    Reading through I got quite envious that I hadn’t been fasting!!!

    @funshipfreddie – I have never tried to eat whilst riding a bicycle but I have tried to smoke a cigarette whilst I was a teenager! It was absolutely ridiculous and pointless and weird! 😀😀😀

    Fingers crossed for anyone fasting today (including me hopefully!😊)

    Day 4, London, UK, FD

    Another FD for me, Omad will be a pork/cabbage curry over a bowl of Brussel sprouts😉, I dare anyone to mention standing upwind of me this evening🤭🤣🤣

    The scales aren’t shifting quite as quickly as I had hoped🙏🏼. I thought that my return to the wagon may have resulted in a similar week 1 as when I first started this WOL in 2016. I guess -9lbs is a little too much to ask for😩😩

    @funshipfreddie,I know!!! I think I’ll have to portion the cheese stock into 30g portions and freeze them, hopefully you won’t find me in a dark corner gnawing on a lump of frozen Gruyere!!!😋

    Hoping today consolidates my mojo!!!

    “Don’t let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.” – John R. Woode

    Day 4 – UK – FD800

    4th FD800 went well (the days are confusing me where I started this on Monday but day 1 of the month was Tuesday!). I came in at around 650cals yesterday but some of those cals were from an apple, my first bit of sugar this week – it was a quick grab of a snack before I had to broadcast something live and didn’t want my stomach to growl away in the background. Though I could’ve done without it if truth be told, I’ve not been overly hungry. Today’s looking much the same: ZBC, soup for lunch & a Fast 800 recipe this eve. DH’s had a little headache this week since starting the F800 (to be expected) but that’s shifted now which is good.

    I re-watched the final episode of Michael Moseley’s ‘Lose a Stone in 21 Days’ series last night for a bit of motivation / inspiration too. Some of the results on there were seriously impressive!

    This weekend we have a small family gathering that we’ll need to navigate but I definitely don’t want throw all the progress this week out of the window so feel very motivated to stay on track. I have no idea what’s shifted in my brain but I’m going with it and ‘making hay while the sun shines’, as the saying goes!!

    @flourbaby 😂😂 I hope you enjoy the sprouts. I’ve found the same with my losses the 2nd time around. The weight just fell off when I did the 5:2 in 2016! That’s the reason why I’ve decided to do 2 weeks of FD800 to try and kick start something, then will switch back to 5:2. I just bloody wish I could’ve stopped 2017 me from eating all the food….!
    @fastdietkeith – Welcome! It sounds like you’re making brilliant progress!
    @high5 – I hope that migraine shifts / has shifted quickly

    Pocket List Day 4 🪴
    @babs_b FD800

    Day 4 UK NFD

    Don’t want to deviate from my plan so I’ve MFP’d my intake for today 💪Won’t be able to do this long term but like a few others I’m hoping a “good “ first 2 weeks will jump start my weight loss

    Still remember when I actually weighed 30g of cheese – bit of a wake up call and has made me rethink my portion control 🧀

    Day 4 – UK – FD
    Good day everyone. My fasting day is arrived after two nights out. The wedding tasting dinner was a complete disaster with very bad dishes.. How can a 4* hotel do such ugly and wrongly constructed dishes? Fortunately the manager is happy to change the menu and hopefully he will suggest better options.

    Today I am still with the migraine from yesterday night, hopefully the paracetamol will help.. I need to do 2 hour teaching the afternoon on advanced statistics and I need energy! This is actually my first fasting day on a teaching day.. let’s see how I will fell and perform 🙂

    @brightonbelle portion control is so relevant especially when it comes to cheese. I put some parmesan on the soup on my fasting day and I am shocked on how many calories in a spoon of it!

    Pocket List Day 4 🪴
    @babs_b FD800

    Day 4 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Posting late, so got to get on the road to work. Good luck to those on the pocket list today!

    Day 4 UK CD

    Another successful FD800 yesterday despite adding a splodge of vegan custard to my fruit compote 🙂

    Weekly weigh day and I’m 180lb / 81.6kg, down 2lb since last Friday and a total of 9lbs/4kg since I started in January, BMI down another 0.3 to 29.1. For extra motivation I’m hecking in with my previous journey on the tracker & nearly back to where I was in June 2021.

    I’m planning a good CD today and tomorrow, more relaxed day on Sunday. I’m wiped out so decided not to go into town this weekend but rest up and get ready for really full week ahead – tie up project work loose ends, read ahead for next week, do some yoga and meditation and hopefully potter in the garden, a little bit of tidying and planting late bulbs in front pots and for indoors.

    Late lunch will be baked eggs and spinach which has become my very moreish go to – I got through a kilo of frozen spinach last week! Supper will be red lentil and beetroot pasta with tomatoes, beans and vegan chorizo with baked red kale crisps – feels like an indulgent snack but packed full of vitamins, pudding of apple and mango compote with vegan custard – yum!

    To celebrate my first month weight loss I bought myself some ‘relax and unwind’ skin oil, for ‘anointing’ my body after a bath. It arrived yesterday and the smell is wonderful – camomile, lavender and geranium. So much more of a treat than a bar of chocolate 🙂

    @songbirdme rutabaga is apparently Swedish for ‘thick root’ and so gave this turnip its name in the US, while in UK the first swede seeds were a gift from the King of Sweden…

    @daffodil2010 well done on getting back to your pre-illness weight, that’s an epic achievement after this last year

    @funshipfreddie – Thank you for the wordle archive! I’ve been doing it online with both my mother and DD. DD’s chemo is making it hard to think, earlier this week she asked me if there were more wordles she could do in a day… and here you are 🙂

    @flourbaby hold on, my return has been different from first pass too – good results but different. Thank you for your daily quotes – i love them and had missed them, and you.

    @brightonbelle portion control is so important. I’ve just spent 6 months eating healthier foods in huge amounts without realising why i was putting on weight… back to weighing and counting everything now while i get into the swing of habits that serve my longer term goals.

    @froby79 what a disappointment for your tasting menu – but really good that you’ve caught it and have some better options. presumably that means another tasting menu to look forward to 🙂

    Okay, back to work… Sending strength to today’s fasters

    Margaret Anne K——

    born 2/4/22 at 2:44am after less than three hours labor
    7lb 10.4 oz

    Mama and baby are both doing great.

    My heart is full.

    A normal post will follow

    Day 4 – TDEE
    Day 3 – NFD

    Have not managed a FD this week but I’m OK with that – sometimes life takes a different turn from the expected…..

    Managed to do all my exercise classes and 2 walks this week – some of them were tough and made me feel good!

    A brisk short 6km hike with a couple of friends followed by coffee (no cakes!!) – rather wintry out there today, light dusting of snow on the top fells but hail and some rain with intermittent sunshine lower down

    @fastdietkeith – welcome on board – small and friendly international group here with lots of support and advice available
    @emma-taylor – great to have you join us – so happy that the “big salad” is working well for you
    @daffodil2010 – you are on a roll – down 4lbs
    @funshipfreddie @flourbaby – 30gms of cheese is so small……I love cheese hence why I only buy myself a small slice of 3 different cheeses as a treat once a month and will have that as a meal with some lovely fresh bread and a large glass of red!!!! Otherwise I don’t keep cheese in the fridge as my self control there is very poor 🤣🤣

    No fasting this weekend as looking forward to a rugby 🏉 fest this weekend as the the Six Nations start tomorrow with Ireland v Wales followed by Scotland v England and France v Italy on Sunday – snacks will feature no doubt as will wine!!!! – Will press my RESET button on Monday!

    Second Post

    I am DOING it !!!!!!!!

    God it feels like I haven’t fasted for six years, not six weeks!!!!!

    I just had a Miso Soup to distract my body that I won’t be breaking my fast at lunchtime today.
    Four hours to go until I have my 600 calorie dinner (I do FD700s). I prefer to do 4:3 @ FD700s rather than a 5:2 on a FD450. To me, 450 calories just feels too miserable and I get demotivated.

    @babs_b – go you with your four day fast!

    @northgeorgia – so impressed that your day just turned into a WFD!!

    @froby, @fastdietkieth, @croutledge – WELCOME 🙂

    2nd post

    @stitchincarol – 👶❤️

    Day 4 US DC
    I am back – finally. Oh my goodness. It’s been awhile since I fell off this forum and I have missed you all. Over the past year I gained my good old remaining 4 lbs back. I guess they missed me. So I am back. It seems impossible for me to permanently change my habits if I am off on my own. Rather than feel guilty about that, maybe I should just accept it and not try to live this “on my own”. So, I am back, hello,hello. Happy to see you all. And today is a FD. :))))

    Day 4 – 16:8 CD


    – [x] Cardio
    – [x] Strength – Legs
    – [x] 16:8 CD

    Sore day in the legs today. Every time I go ‘ow’ I smile to myself that it must mean I did something right!

    Anyone else here use sous vide (immersion) cooking? I buy chicken breasts when on sale and freeze them then cook via sous vide and cut into small pieces for salads, quick stir fries and a quick lean protein fix if I need one. It has been quite helpful to have chicken breast always on hand – keeps my lazy tendencies to grab something quick (and usually NOT healthy) at bay.

    @high5 You ARE doing it! 👏🏽 and I know what you mean about feeling dissatisfaction at a 450-500 cal day. I’m hopeful that when I reach maintenance two 800 days will suffice.

    @stitchincarol Congratulations on the wonderful news!

    @at Nuts are what shock me, 30g of nuts doesn’t look like a full serving. I do have to weigh my feta cheese as well or I’d use way too much in my salads.

    @michelleinme Your lunch and dinner plans sound so delicious and healthy!

    @froby79 I remember similar difficulties when I was placing my food order for my reception. Keep on top of them and keep trying, I’m sure you will find something good. Hoping your migraine winds away soon. I suffer from them as well, but luckily I do not get them often.

    @Dafodil2010 I use an app called ‘Happy Scale’ and the trend function sounds similar. The trend line helps keep me motivated.

    @songbirdme your film history gathering sounds wonderful! What was yesterday’s topic?

    Well, exercise won’t happen unless I get to it, warm wishes to all

    USA. Day 4. FD

    Ugh! I just wrote a post to each one of you and it went poof!! 😥. I will have to try again later. Meantime, I am adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket List Day 4 🪴
    @babs_b FD800

    Hope you all are having a wonderful day!

    USA. Day 4. FD

    Stitchincarol, Congratulations! 🙂

    Day 4 – Second post

    @stitchincarol – Huge congratulations to you and all the family!! Wonderful news! 🎉🌸

    Day 4 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Cheese. Whew. Our county of Illinois produces the most for our state, very much akin to many Wisconsin counties. Wisconsin-ites are nicknamed “Cheese Heads” up there. We love it. Much of it goes on Chicago pizza. You cannot escape cheese stores – all imaginable kinds and flavorings. And a real weakness of mine.

    @stitchincarol – YEAH! Margaret Anne sounds perfect – and very much the PRINCESS she will be in your family!

    @emma-taylor – welcome back. Great to see you!

    @daffodil2010 – sounds like your weight is “trending lower” and that is good.

    @funshipfreddie – just what I need, another excuse to waste time at the computer playing games! But thank you. Likely will do the old games some.

    @high5 – we all know epic fails happen very easily and we pray it won’t deter us in our resolve.

    @babs_b – we also know navigating special days is part of our WOL. You can manage to do it somehow.

    @froby79 – you teach statistics? Wow. I am so impressed. I was relieved to defer to others for my Ph.D. research stats and got the help I needed. A 4* restaurant ought to have terrific food all the time, I agree, but at least you will get help for your wedding meal.

    @michelinme – interesting about the Swedish seeds for the rutabaga!

    @nellen – welcome back!

    @mariaelena – our film profs often pick a yearly theme (they have done Sci-Fi, Alfred Hitchcock, Filmed in Chicago, etc.) but this year it has been hard to pin down what films the studios allow them to rent. But January had “Clueless” (teens in Beverly Hills) and February was “Boyz N the Hood” (teens in South Central L.A.). Next month is supposed to be “Once Upon a Time in the West” then “Anatomy of a Murder.” Not really a theme this year.

    Onward and downward.

    2nd post

    Well, my well fed indoor feline contingent turn their collective noses up when offered the chicken juices from my sous vide cooked chicken breasts, but the neighborhood kitties sheltering from the cold in my garage were very pleased with the treat! 😀

    @songbirdme Some good films there! I do adore Clueless, but am a huge Jane Austen fan, so not a big surprise there.

    Day 4. London UK

    Thanks for the nice messages. I’m here all the time, reading everything but posting very little. The Eat Like A Bear system is very quick, and easy for someone like me who can’t be bothered to count calories, carbs, fat whatevs. I’ve gone down from a size 16 (cough…- not really. Size 17 maybe…) to a small size 14. I am still doing it. True to form, nobody has noticed I’ve lost weight, except my DH who keeps telling me not to waste away. But my body has changed enormously and I’ve really pleased. IF works so well….

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @nellen – welcome back! I must have missed you earlier last year when I also took a break from the forum, thinking I could go it alone. It didn’t work out too well for me either 🙄

    @stitchincarol – congratulations! 🎉 💐

    @michelinme – you’re welcome! I’m up to #29 now. I keep telling myself I should limit myself to just two or three per day, but Wordle is turning out to be like a digital version of cheese! 😳

    @songbirdme – I knew you’d be impressed. Personally, I seldom waste time at the computer; most of my time-wasting is done on my phone 😅

    Have a good weekend everyone ⛅️ 🌈

    Day 5, U.K.- NFD

    I’ve weighed myself now. I’m currently 5 pounds above my maintenance/target weight. So hopefully I can get rid of 2 pounds over February.

    Yesterday’s fast day was so easy!

    When you get out of the habit, you build fasting up in your mind as being so difficult and yet when it came to it yesterday was a breeze! (A bit like a Monday fast when you’ve eaten an entire restaurant the day before!!!)

    @emma Taylor – great to see you’re enjoying the RBS approach and congratulations on dropping the dress size!!

    @nellen – great to see you back! I think we’re in a similar position weight loss wise.

    @michelinme- congrats! How’s your health now?

    @maria elena – please tell us more about sous vide, what you have to do and why you like it!

    I can’t fast Monday but I’ll be doubling down on Tuesday morning….

    Happy Saturday everyone 😊

    Day 4 – Scotland – NFD

    I’m on my holidays for a few days in bonnie Scotland and catching up with great friends after far too long 💕

    First time flying in two years and can’t believe how quickly we snap back to normal after extraordinary pandemic times … I’ve literally had to pinch myself several times… particularly making my way through the airport as if I’d never had to stop flying. ✈️

    I can feel the energy and positivity jumping from the screen as I scroll through the posts… everyone seems to be in the zone right now.. and it’s so great to see so many familiar faces returning…
    Hi @flourbaby, @nellen, @high5, @linda_b – you are such a brave and strong lady 💪!

    And welcome to @fastdietkeith and @croutledge! 👏

    It really feels like this will be a great month for the Fab Feb Fasters! I’ve vowed not to let this break derail my recent downward trend … it’s hard… but fun must be had. 😉

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Super pleased that only .2 of a pound gained despite meatballs and red wine last night, but it was all portion control.

    Going to have a handy day, some chores, then some garden pottering, bulbs planting, sowing seeds….then it’s Six Nations rugby for the rest of the day…..and THEN…there is an Awards Ceremony which normally involves a hotel stay and a meal and hundreds of people…but due to Covid it was switched to YouTube…so we will settle in front of the fire and attend via YouTube.

    @high5 so right, fasting seems like such a hard thing to do when you haven’t done it in a while…but once started the memory comes back that it’s actually easy 😄

    @mariaelena I will have to google sous vide……..as for the Happy App, I used to have that years ago, will look for that again. My iPad is ancient, got it in 2011😱 and like you I am unable to edit the spreadsheet now as I keep getting asked to download an app…annoying.

    Happy Saturday.

    Day 5 UK CD

    Yesterday was a solid TDEE but felt SO indulgent… Delicious red lentil and beetroot pasta with spicy cherry tomato and vegan chorizo sauce, red kale crisps and compote of apple, mango and plum with vegan custard. Portion control is prob the reason I’m only 1lb up this morning despite finishing off with popcorn. Now for two CDs ahead of Mon-Thurs FD800 again

    The sun is shining and i’ve done all the chores. Amazingly I don’t need to do my usual Saturday batch cooking as i’m out most of this week and there’s already a good supply of dal, curry and vegetable stew in the fridge ready for quick FD suppers, tho I may make some pea soup…

    Now for coffee in the garden, an hour’s admin then Six Nations rugby! I’m going to have a late brunch during the rugby and then either knit or tidy – I find just sitting and watching too stressful! I’m a Scotland supporter so it’s usually bitten fingernails in the first match of the tournament, esp when the opener is the the Calcutta Cup!

    Wishing you all a lovely Saturday whatever it brings…

    Day 5 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 215 lbs. Getting ready for a volunteer fair and hoping it’s indoors… brrr!

    @stitchincarol Congratulations!!!

    Another FD tomorrow is planned….

    USA. Day 5. FD

    Woke very disappointed today! I thought I did an excellent FD yesterday but weighed myself this morning and found myself to be one pound up! 😫Well, I will just have to eat even less today. I am really into this. With Covid still being a big issue here in the States, I have been focusing more on myself. I gave up exercising at the beginning of the Covid lockdown because I couldn’t see my personal trainer anymore. I shouldn’t have because some of those exercises I could have done at home. I think I was just so overwhelmed at having the navigate this mess alone. Well, I am not overwhelmed anymore. I only wish I could get back to yoga. I love yoga! Well, I am back in business.

    I have even spent some time purchasing clothes that I had better fit by Spring! LOL

    Congratulation for all your wins this week! I am with you FUNSHIPFREDDIE. I thought I could go it alone, too, and found that I need the support.

    Have a great Saturday, everyone!

    Day 5 NFD Melb Aust

    Persevering quietly.

    @stitchincarol, the beetroot is in thin flat slices so it fits well. Oh, and I forgot, I think “with the lot” includes cheese, one slice, as well. Also note @penz ‘ reply. And – congratulations on your new granddaughter!

    @mariaelena, I meant hamburgers that you buy when out. I do occasionally buy extra-lean beef mince and cook a few hamburger patties with a little olive oil in a frypan – mix in chopped onion and one egg with the mince to help it bind together – but I don’t put the patties into a bun or anything, just eat a couple with some steamed vegetables (but I do add tomato sauce – what you’d call ketchup, I think).

    Rugby fans – enjoy!

    I am reducing food intake tomorrow, and starting 5:2 in earnest on Monday. Scary!

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Ah lovely news @stitchincarol 💕

    Like a few others I have a rugby heavy day today , wonder if @i-hate-lettuce is watching

    Catch up tomorrow x

    Day 5 – 16:8 CD
    Yesterday report
    – [x] Ate healthy and reasonably
    – [x] Cardio
    – [x] Weights – arms

    @ EmmaTaylor well congratulations on the smaller sizing! People may indeed notice but be wary of mentioning it. (So unsure these days what proper etiquette is these days) I appreciate the not wanting to count calories, carbs etc – I make broad estimates at best while doing IF diligently and will only do the more specific counting if I stall or see the scale move in the wrong direction.

    @funshipfreddie and other wordle enthusiasts – one of our family stories is about the words straw/warts. They have the same letters but in different spots thus confounding the team of my mom& brother giving my team (sis and self) one extra turn to win when they guessed “straw” and got 5 letters right but all in the wrong spot. Such a fun game it is! I do limit myself to one per day along with my sudoku.

    @high5 I heartily agree, when out of the 5:2 habit it seems like a big deal! But when used to it, it can mostly be pretty easy.

    @daffodil2010 & @high5 — Sous Vide cooking (or immersion circulator cooking) has been used in restaurants for decades now, but became available widely for the home about a decade ago. The device is generally a metal tube that attaches in and to the side of a tub (we use a hard sided cooler) filled with water. The device heats the water to the desired temperature and keeps the water circulating. Drop in vacuum sealed (or tightly sealed freezer bags) of food and it cooks to the exact temp and holds it there for hours without worry about overcooking.

    So my example – chicken breasts. We drop them in and set up the temp for 145° F – from frozen they will be done at about 2.5 hours but can stay in for up to 5 hours and not cook any hotter. I do a bunch of chicken breasts, cube them and use them in dishes for days. Easy to sear on the stovetop with veg for stir fry because they have been fully cooked and don’t need long to sear up.

    It is especially handy for pork – dangerous if undercooked but unpalatable if over cooked. Sous Vide gets it exactly right. And timing is so flexible because it can’t overcook (well, it would get horrible texture if in there for too many hours, but one has 2-5 hours leeway). If a restaurant gives you a perfectly heated steak really quickly, chances are high they pulled it from the Sous Vide and then gave it a quick yummy sear and basting just before serving.

    @daffodil2010 We have so much ancient tech! Our laptop is from circa 2008 and doesn’t connect to WiFi anymore! My much used phone is 7yrs old I think. My nieces think we (DH and I) are so quaint. (And it was adorable to see them ooh and ah over my circa 1940’s typewriter- they were so amazed that I could type without looking at the keys! Lol) My parents were depression era children and I generally use a thing until it is broken and beyond repair. ‘Waste not, want not’ was drilled into me.

    @michelleinme that meal sounded so wonderful. Care to share the vegan chorizo sauce recipe?

    @betsylee I do love a good hamburger but I always fail miserably at making them at home. We tend to do stir fries or chilli with ground beef at home.

    Well, off to greet the (brrrr cold) day. It looks like we have avoided a power outage so I am very pleased and await the higher than 32°/0° temps promised today. The roads are quite treacherous (think ice rinks) so I’m glad we do not need to go out.

    Good thoughts to everybody!

    Day 5 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    I’d like to say today will be a FD, or OMAD or SOMETHING noble, but the best I’ll pull off, I’m sure, is a CD. Last Thursday, when DH and I met friends at a new brew pub and then went for burgers? Um, yeah, it was lovely…and I didn’t behave at all, LOL. Then on Friday, I truly didn’t do badly, but I sure didn’t eat as if I were trying to lose weight. So if I can simply control myself today, I’m going to call that a success. @brightonbelle, I WILL, WILL, WILL learn to think of you and use the thought to control my eating. I WILL. 🤝

    And, on top of the lovely news of the safe delivery of DGD (currently 31 hours old), SIL got a phone call from the Fire Chief that he got the job–AND, the fire chief said he was calling SIL first of everyone! They are so very relieved that he can be done with the interview process, and that he got the job in the town where they wanted to live (a suburb of Indianapolis).

    See how I’m paying so little attention to weight loss? Life is happening all around me, LOL!

    @emma-taylor Sounds to me as if you’ve actually dropped three sizes, wouldn’t you say? And the results are so impressive and delightful!

    @funshipfreddie I burst out laughing when I read “Wordle is like digital cheese”!!! Well put! I’m on #5 is all, and don’t do well, but it’s calorie-free entertainment, and probably excellent for brains, so that’s good.

    @high5 @mariaelena I forgot about responding to sous vide. YES, I use it, and ADORE it. My favorite is 72-hour chuck roast, done at 135. And, yes, literally 72 hours. (Okay, or 70, or 74, depending on when you actually started it.) The simplest way to explain it is to suggest you google it, because then you’ll get pictures, but if you don’t, keep in mind that everything you put in the sous vide is sealed up so it never touches water; it’s only cooked in the water. Here’s a link, with fingers crossed that you all can open it: https://www.thekitchn.com/4-reasons-why-sous-vide-cooking-is-actually-practical-for-home-cooks-223124 SIL and DD use theirs to pasteurize eggs for eggnog 🤣😂 Any meat that’s not the most tender, or is tough to cook evenly, works well in sous vide; a pork loin comes to mind here because it’s so lean that any overcooking of it dries it out, and a sous vide approach prevents it being overcooked. I’ve read that restaurants have done this for years with steaks, having a pot at 125, another at 140, and a third at 155 (or thereabouts) so that when a steak is ordered, they pull the one from the pot that makes the best match to the doneness ordered and throw it on the grill to finish it off. But 72-hour chuck roast: the machine and the vacuum sealer are worth it just for that! It makes the meat taste better–truly–than prime rib. Amazing.

    @daffodil2010 Have fun with what sounds like a delightful day and evening!

    It makes me smile to read how many of you are focused on rugby today. The Super Bowl is coming, and that’s what the US will be focused on, LOL. Enjoy, everyone, and determination and RESOLVE to all of you!

    Day 6 country west Australia NFD.
    We think we have the internet problem solved…. for now… so here goes.
    I may have to reply in dribs and drabs as it was quite demoralising to lose an enormous post of replies to every single person who had posted on here!!!
    Good to see that the fasting is continuing and thank you all for supporting each other whilst I have been in cyber-silence.👏💐
    @stitchincarol. Wow what a lot has gone on in your life in the past few days.
    Congrats on safe arrival of DGD and SILs job. Time to celebrate… however that might be!!💐
    @mariaelena, I am intrigued by your report . I am guessing the ‘x’ in the box means you achieved the activity? Sometimes a tick in the box is equivalent to a cross in the box. And sometimes a cross in the box means ‘no’. !! So well done you.
    I have heard of ‘ sous vide’ cooking but never used it or seen it done. Guess it makes sense in restaurants to get a lot of food done in a short time.😓
    My 40 year old ‘crock pot’ or slow cooker is used a LOT. It currently has a casserole in it which has been bubbling along on low for 2 days. Lunch for today – and it is 41ºC outside!!
    Easiest option was to start it 2 nights ago when it was only 39ºC and then not have to use the kitchen again.😁
    @brightonbelle and others watching the rugby, I hope the result went as hoped? Not a rugby fan but an AFL and cricket fan. Our Aussie cricket coach, JL, just resigned after a successful season and we are all a bit sad about that😢
    @betsylee, slow and steady as they say. FDs can be a bit scary when revisited after a while not doing them ( don’t I know it!!) But each FD is a step closer to good health.
    Glad to hear C19 numbers dropping in Victoria. We are bracing for when it really breaks out here in WA.
    @ccco, yes the support of this group is really important support for many of us.🙃
    Research shows that support and accountability are constant factors in success in many areas of life.
    As to the gain after a successful FD, remember Cruella du Scales often bounces around by 1-2 kgs daily just to make a person feel bad.☹️
    Keep on n doing what you are doing well. The numbers WILL go down or clothes fit better. Perseverance does pay 😁
    @northgeorgia, you have done so well maintaining 5:2 with very good results. What is a Volunteer Fair? Would gladly swap some of our hot weather with you right now. Was 39ºC Thursday, 41ºC yesterday and 42ºC forecast today with strong hot winds.
    There are 2 out of control bush fires on our south coast and we got the smoke up here lat night – 170kms away.🥵
    @michelinme, the pasta sounds delicious. o many of the food ideas on this forum have me wanting to cook them all!! Yes, portion control was what did me in. I have resorted to counting calories with MFP again to keep me on track.
    Worked back in 2016 when I Started This WOL but I had never done it previously.
    I find I have to crunch the numbers for a while as those pesky calories hide themselves everywhere….. and before I know it I am over 800 calories with not a lot eaten ( or so I think not a lot…) 😳
    @daffodil2010 that sounds like a very modest gain. And the meatballs and red wine does sound delicious. Yes portion control is so important.🤔
    @jaifaim I hope you enjoy your holidays in Scotland. Went there many years ago for the Edinburgh Tattoo and really loved it. Scotland I one of the countries involved in the World Day of Prayer This year. Not sure if I could get many people to try haggis or black pudding….. Any suggestions would be welcome!!
    @high5 , yes there is a LOT of positivity in the group for Feb. I am sure you will kick the 2 lbs to the kerb by month’s end.
    Fasting is a bit like riding a bike – once the skill is learnt it can be done again even after a long period away from it and also if you fall off you get back on ! In this case not a bike but the fasting wagon.🙂
    @funshipfreddie, yes as mentioned previously, support is key.
    It is also good to hear of other’s wins and losses ( literally ! ) and also struggles. This forum has helped me SO much over the years. I can’t begin to tell you.
    I have only just discovered Wordle this week on the radio. My goodness how addictive is this game????? I try to only do the daily word but sometimes…..🤪😳😲
    @EmmaTaylor, congratulations!!💐👏To go down 2 or 3 dress sizes is very impressive. Keep up the good work. I will have to look up the ‘Eat like a bear’.If it has been explained here I must have missed it.
    @songbirdme, cheese I absolutely ADORE the stuff. How can a person possibly lose weight in a state that is renowned for making cheese??? Restraint is of course key.
    And you have maintained so well for so long.🌷Just curious, what was your PhD in?
    Will post this now with finger crossed and ee how it goes, then reply to the rest later.
    Have a good day all whether fasting, controlled, watching portion sizes or having an NFD. 😎🥵

    Day 6 second post.
    As you can tell I am reading posts from last to first. I dare not leave this page due to losing all my replies a few days ago!
    @nellen, @ Fastdietkeith,@croutledge, as chief ‘ feline flock-herder for Feb’ (it’s always a bit like herding cats!!) a somewhat belated but still very sincere welcome to this wonderful group of international folk.
    Not only does the support help us on our often rather bumpy 5:2 journey, we all learn so much about other countries, words culture etc.😁😲🤔
    @funshipfreddie, I must protest! Fancy giving a link to ALL those world puzzles.
    What a temptation. I will have to use the 5:2 approach to my playing that game as well as my diet…🤞🤞

    @babs_b I got confused with the dates but the other way! I thought I still had another day in January and got quite a shock when Monday was the last dotm.😲 Frantic paying of bills ensued.
    @betsylee, re hamburgers: IMHO an Aussie hamburger absolutely MUST have the meat patty, lettuce, onion, tomato, beetroot ( sliced) , sometimes cucumber, then cheese, carrot, condiments etc are extra.
    Oh and a decent bun if having it in a bun ( or some people just wrap the lot in lettuce leaves for fewer carbs.)🍔
    @mariaelena, I see your crosses are indeed positive as in yes, I have done this! Congrats on the sore legs, it does indeed mean something is working.
    I took a break after the first post today when the temp outside was about 41ºC as we had unexpected guests. I placed 4 frozen solid salmon fillets on the bench and they were completely defrosted an hour later.
    Since then a coolish change has come in. It is overcast , temp has dropped to about 33ºC and the wind I something to behold.
    If I don’t post tomorrow it may well be that I have been blown down to Antarctica!!!!!
    Still quite uncomfortable but more tolerable than this morning.
    Here endeth the local weather forecast.
    So glad to see that It looks as though people’s mojo is alive and kicking.
    Fasting in all it’s forms seems to be going well for many and those of us getting back into the rhythm of this WOL are steadily making progress.
    Have a very good day all.😎

    Day 6 – Scotland – NFD

    Awww @stitchincarol what lovely news! Wishing you and your family lots of happiness as you get to know your beautiful granddaughter and what a gorgeous name. 💕

    So well done to Ireland 🇮🇪 and Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 yesterday! What a day! 🏉

    Have a lovely Sunday everyone!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

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