Exercise and extra Kcals

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Exercise and extra Kcals

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  • Hi all, if on your fast day did some exercise burning for example 500 Kcals could you have extra Kcals on your fast day?
    Much appreciated

    Hey there! It’s recommended to stick to the 500 cals no matter what. I burn 800cals running 8 miles on a fast day but stick to the 500cal limit for eating still. It makes sense that to lose weight and get trim you need to burn more calories then you consume…although on a fast day it might not feel that way, it is do-able!

    Good luck! 🙂

    Hello, Boulder909 – Of course, you can do whatever you choose on a fast day, but what’s the point of expending all that effort only to cancel it out with a few mouthfuls of desire? Why not let the exercise boost your weight-loss efforts, instead?
    Are you struggling with or worried about feeling hungry? Lots of people are surprised and delighted to find that the 5:2 approach tends to re-educate their appetites and changes their whole attitude to food, all to the good.

    I think, also, we tend to overestimate how many calories are burnt during deliberate exercise. It does help with weight-loss, of course, but is better seen more broadly, as an excellent means of maintaining overall health and well-being.

    Here’s one ‘List of Calories Burned During Exercise’ that I’ve just found, and, interestingly, it gives a range of variations that apply, depending on body weight:


    If one weighed 180 pounds and played casual basketball (rather than a competitive game) it would take almost an hour of play to burn 500cals.
    Enjoy whatever you do and I wish you much success with your goals.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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