Every time lose some weight appetite is revved up, anyone else?

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Every time lose some weight appetite is revved up, anyone else?

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  • I’m finding this quite frustrating but I have had some successful attempts of improving my health / weight, but after a few weeks on a slightly lower weight I suddenly feel the urge to eat everything and food plagues my thoughts. Maybe I’m destined to have 34 percent body fat. I also find it disheartening for this reason that when I read about success stories in newspapers often the candidates have taken a drug ie liraglutide or had surgery. I’m not actually severely obese but that must be disheartening for those that are.

    Sounding a bit negative, feel free to tread on my negative theory that it’s vwry hard to lose weight!

    It might be that you are like me, and that when you are a bit dehydrated, your body tells you you are hungry, when actually you are thirsty.

    Or it might be that you are like me, and that sweet things set off intolerable cravings to eat.

    There is interesting research out now that even crash diets don’t set off the process of putting weight back on, the problem is changing our behaviour when we are not dieting.
    With 5:2 that is 5 days every week! At least it gives you lots of days to practice. Have a go at cutting out anything with sugar, and try to drink more water, and see if that makes a difference. It will be good for your health anyway, so worth a try.

    And hopefully your two fast days a week are a bit of a reset, so you can get into gear, ready for the non fast days that follow.

    Good luck! I hope it works!

    A really reassuring response thank you. Interestingly it isn’t really sweet stuff per se, more carbohydrate based and quantity – I just starting thinking I want to eat lots.

    Another poster recommended reducing processed carbs such as bread, bread is my go to stodgy comfort food.

    I almost hope this is just a behaviour habit thing as that means I can change it if I try! It’s just so odd how food occupies my thoughts once I am those few pounds down, then I regain. Grr. I’m hoping fasting will reset it.

    It does become somewhat of a habit if I’m honest I started buying fresh loaves of bread again. As I felt it wasn’t good to ban anything…. perhaps I’ll leave that until my resolve is much better!

    Good luck sorting it out.
    I do tend to be stressed if I am not allowed to eat something (childhood issues) but if I can encourage myself to eat something else delicious I feel like I am caring for myself and it is okay (except I still occasionally binge eat). Maybe bread could be your once a week special treat for a while?
    Hope you are losing weight again soon, and that it stays lost. All power to you.

    Thank you Cinque good luck to you too, and keep us updated with your progress. Yes once a week treat it may have to be!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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