Enjoying Food & Eating out more now

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Enjoying Food & Eating out more now

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  • One of the real benefits I have found with IF is that I really enjoy food more, especially when I go out. I was never a real foodie, but I have definitely been going out a lot more with the wife (who is not doing IF) to good restaurants. Part of it is that my non-fast days are always Friday/Saturday/Sunday – so I can have a guilt- free three course meal on any/all of those days at the weekends – because I know I can lose it.

    I’ll even admit that I have found myself planning on my fast days, the three courses on the restaurant website, 2-3 days before actually going to the restuarant!


    I have to agree with this. The first bite of dinner on a CR day may be the best cabbage I’ve ever eaten in my life or the best bit of raw cauliflower.

    Ian in Los Angeles

    So true! You never enjoy food so much as when you are breaking a fasting period =) You really see food for what it is at those moments: your nourishment.

    This is special important for people like me who have suffered from compulsive eating. When you eat out of compulsion, you don’t really enjoy your food, and that’s really sad. =( It’s such a waste of pleasure!

    Hi All, I agree, non fast days are food heaven. I make sure I get the best even it’s the most expensive thing on the menu. I always cook from fresh every day now too because it is generally better value for your calories than processed meals. Nothing exotic, I am no chef but usually fish dishes with lots of veg. Sea breem or prawns feature regularly. What do you like best that’s low in calories and really tasty?

    Hi me to agree with this and must tell I love to eat but must eat very little my metabolism is crash and i must take care what and when i eat….:(

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