Ending First Fast Ever !!! What do i eat ???????

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Ending First Fast Ever !!! What do i eat ???????

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  • Hello im completely new to fasting and this is the first forum i have ever signed up to. Let me get straight to the point. I just decided to turn my life around and really take control of my diet and fasting is something i was really interested in trying. so i did. i had my last meal on Tuesday 5:25 pm and i just broke it today Thursday at 5:20 with half an orange and half a banana and glass of water. im planing on eating wild caught salmon with veggies and mashed potatoes for dinner ( all veggies are organic).

    my question is, was eating a half an orange and a banana a bad move due to its sugars?

    and is my dinner plan a bad move as well?

    the internet is all over the place on what to eat and not to eat so im a little bit overwhelmed and confused.

    so im asking for some advice on how to end this 48 fast appropriately, if my current plan isnt good.

    im planning on doing this a few more times and eventually work to a 7 day fast. any advice from someone who has done a 48 hour fast would be appreciated. thanks \m/

    Hi Johnny and welcome:

    The standard advice for people doing longer term fasts is to eat one day of vegetables for each seven days of water fasting. I have fasted for up to 10 days without eating anything special when ‘breaking the fast’. That means when I’m done fasting I eat anything I feel like eating.

    So, my recommendation is not to worry about it. Eat what you want, and if you get sick, eat something different next time. But for your short term fasts, I doubt you will have any problems regardless of what you choose to eat.

    Good Luck!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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