Ellipitcal Trainers and Stomach Problems?

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Ellipitcal Trainers and Stomach Problems?

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  • Part posted from my own ‘diary’ thread, as I realised that this might get more replies in the exercise thread – you are all so helpful and supportive X

    Last week, 16 weeks into 5:2, I started using an elliptical trainer. I’ve not exercised regularly in such a manner, *ever* as I’ve never had the time nor the money, but now I do have a little more of both, so here I go.
    *But* I’ve been experiencing terrible stomach upsets, like IBS at full throttle πŸ™ I’ve googled the potential cause as possibly the trainer but found nothing similar and I can’t think of any other reason.

    Therefore, I’m here to ask if anyone else has experienced the same problems? i.e. diarrhea, pain, wind. (I’m female, 48)

    I’ve decided to give the trainer a break for a couple of days to see if the problems settle then start again, but much more slowly (admittedly, I did kinda *go* for it to start with – it’s FUN!)

    Thank you in advance,
    Aud x

    I found in the dim and distant past when I used a gym the elliptical trainer made me feel almost seasick when I was using it.
    None of the other pieces of equipment had that effect on me so my trainer advised giving it up.
    I really wish I could find it in me to start gym activities again – I am so lazy lately.

    Hey Lindyw,
    It’s hard to do exercise if you don’t enjoy it. I love the gym, go five times per week but use it as my own time, sometimes I listen to music, connect to tv or work on my Spanish language course. This makes the hour go very quickly. I also do ballroom fitness and badminton which I really enjoy. Other days I just do a yoga class, enjoying the relaxation bit best. There is always swimming when I have low energy levels, seems to perk me up in time for the jacuzzi. Can you find a friend to go with you? It’s important to tone as you loose weight to avoid getting flabby bits.

    I used to love the gym Jojo and also looked upon it as ‘my time’ then my husband joined when he retired (grrrrrr) so with him it became ‘our time’ which wasn’t what I wanted so I left him to it. Don’t get me wrong I love him dearly but also want to be ME not US sometimes πŸ™‚
    My real excuse is I like to hibernate in winter, warm room, good book or film and I’m a happy bunny.
    For the last five years I have also been looking after my godson so have had plenty of running about and exercising, but I miss him now he is at school.
    I shall soon awaken from my doziness and getting back into walking – might even make the gym (but not mention it to you-know-who :D)

    Thanks all.
    The problem might have stemmed from mild endometriosis and adhesions which I suffer from – some adhesions may have shoogled (Scots word, lol) loose.
    I’ve took a complete break from the trainer and 5:2 and start again tomorrow.
    Hopefully all okay now!
    Aud x

    Most gym equipment (treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machine etc) mimic natural movements of the body where the elliptical creates a movement that is totally foreign to anything the human body can duplicate (even individual machines are differently synchronised) & the calorie readout (if it gives one) is usually out by over 40%! My advice is to put it up for sale & get an exercise bike (soft on the joints when you’re starting out) and a heart rate monitor (you can get a basic polar one for less than 50 quid). I lost nearly 20kg (44lbs) in about 6 or 7 months using these 2 items alone.

    Cheers & best of luck πŸ™‚

    Thank you, ripcurlgirl (love the handle)

    I discussed with my hubby, who owns the other half of the elliptical and he wants to hang onto it for just now. I’ve no more problems, luckily.

    You never know, I might actually unearth my road bike one of these months!

    Aud x

    I have an elliptical and love it! The fact that you can train upper and lower body at the same time is really helpful. If you use it with a heart monitor the read out is pretty spot on. I also do not see why the movement is not natural? Is it very similar to cross country skiing.
    Personally I believe your stomach upset might not have anything to do with the elliptical but more with something else or as you said, you might have overdone it.

    thanks for all posting this information is very important for my and help full

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