eating 'normally' doesn't feel normal!

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eating 'normally' doesn't feel normal!

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  • First weekend of eating ‘normally’ after 2 weeks on the fast diet and observing better portion control…
    A meal at Pizza Express, a home made curry and a Mexican chicken wrap, not to mention wine, gin ans tonic and a few beers (not all at once!) is a pretty normal weekend for me, or should I say was a normal weekend in the past. But I felt as though my body couldn’t hack the carbs after the pizza, I felt so full and uncomfortable for hours after the meal, despite not finishing my pizza and not drinking alcohol with it. This morning, on my first fast day of the week, my body still doesn’t feel ‘right’.
    I guess I can see this as a positive to 5:2, that my body has adjusted to a healthier diet?
    Anyone experienced a similar rejection of once normal eating habits? And do you miss those tasty treats?!

    I too don’t like to feel too full now! But I think that is o.k.!

    I enjoy the treats, but just less of them. I don’t like feeling so full either.

    Yes it happens to me too. If I eat too much I feel very very full and sick. The problem is that I don’t feel the same if I drink wine, for example, so it is difficult for me to avoid it in the non-fast days 🙂
    Ciao, Laura

    I found I coped very well with wine this weekend too 🙂

    I definitely agree, this is my 4th week and my portions & appetite are shrinking on non-fast days. I’m not missing the treats because I’m still having them but just in much smaller portions.

    However my ability to drink wine has not diminished :)!

    Isn’t it odd. The FAST DAYS and restricting myself to 500 calories make it so easy to eat whatever I want on the normal days…and I actually want less of it/smaller portions! It is a win-win!

    thats what i love about this plan it really is life changing in many more ways than weight loss xx

    I’ve completed 2 weeks, (4 fast days) and had been fantasizing what I wanted most on the non-fast days: key lime pie,
    chocolate, steak, etc., but after indulging, found myself longing for the simplicity and clearer feeling of the fast days, even
    though I was fairly hungry on 500 calories. So, although I’m a little out of control on non-fst days, I’m becoming more sensitive to my reactions.
    Hopefully this is leading to healthier eating everyday.

    It has made me realise just how many calories I had come to see as “normal” before starting the strategy. Hence the weight problem in the first place. My view of normal has now adjusted!

    Me too. I also find that I’m asking myself ‘are you hungry?’, when often I decide that I am just thirsty.The psychology of it all is very interesting.

    Yes…I agree. It makes you more mindful of what you are putting in your body.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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