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  • Hello, I’m new to the 5:2 diet and am into my third week. In May this year I started walking my 3 Dalmatians 3 miles after work each day. To date I have lost 7 kg and need to lose a further 4 kg to trim down to 70 kg to give me a BMI of 25. I have much more energy, sleep well and find that my concentration at work is 100% now. I am the Lead Practice Nurse in my surgery and always on my feet!

    Hi Phoebe,

    Congrats to your loss of 7Kg! I have two dogs and walk them daily. A couple of weeks ago I downloaded the free app “C25K” which is a program that gets you very slowly into running/jogging. I never thought I could do it as I could not run more than a couple of meters without having to catch my breath.

    Now I am on the follow up program C210K and I am training to run 10k. I am now easily running 5k in one go without a break. My dogs are not sure whether they like it or not as while they are very energetic (Soft coated Wheaten Terriers) they prefer a slower pace to give them time to sniff around. Nevertheless they love the longer “walks”.

    Keep on walking- it is apparently very good for you!

    Best wishes

    I also walk my dog daily and it helps me to lose weight, I think I lose some pounds in doing it regularly. This is also a great bonding for me and my dog to have quality time together. Walking with the dog is great and very helpful exercise for me.

    this is all very well if your dog likes to walk 🙂 ^^ having been adopted by a tiny rescue stray a year ago, me n the cats were concerned we d be woken at early dawn with demands for walkies :/ Not so. Cynthia will not get out of bed till she wants to, loves to snooze in the day and if she is not inclined to walk far once essentials are done, will stand rigid and refuse to budge 🙂 However as I detest any form of exercise this suits me just fine 😉 xx

    ammette, you and your dog sound perfect for each other! The tiny breeds are not big on walking, from what I’ve read. Apparently just walking around your house/apartment is enough exercise for them.

    I love to go for daily walks with my Jack Russell Terrier. Her name is Lulu and she is my personal trainer. The only days we don’t go out are in the rain – she is really nervous about rain, and if there’s thunder, forget it. She’s a mess, poor girl, shaking and panting and trying to hide. We’ve tried the Bounce dryer sheets, and the Thundershirt. Also tried a homeopathic remedy. Nothing works for our little furry darling, so we just hold her close during a storm and ride it out with her. If anyone has another idea to help, I would really appreciate hearing it.

    I’ve noticed since starting the 5:2 diet that I have better energy, especially on my fasting day. All I have in the morning is a fruit and a cup of black tea, and then out the door. It feels really good, walking with very little in my stomach.

    I have a Weimaraner – very athletic dogs – and live in an apartment so we get out for at least one long walk every day. As well as the exercise benefits, I also find it’s a great “me” time, a moment when I can think, listen to podcasts or music or just contemplate the beautiful countryside (I live in southwest France). Over Christmas, I believe my ritual dog walks kept the pounds at bay. We’ve also recently started canicross which we both love.

    Like judytoronto’s Jack Russell Terrier, Juno hates the rain. I really struggle to get her out on wet days. I just jog out, try to get her enthused when it’s raining and she’ll sometimes be convinced.

    Tee, hee! I read through the posts, since I’m a dog lover, but can’t have a pooch where we live. My partner is a dog lover too, so I mentioned this thread to him and he immediately thought it was devoted to owners putting their dogs on 5:2! I laughed when I realized his assumption!

    My Cavalier King Charles, Ollie, loves walking and doesn’t care if it’s raining or not. It doesn’t rain much though here in Malaga. He’s 13 now and will never pass up the opportunity for a walk. 8 miles? No problem! Of course he sleeps all day after an 8 mile walk.
    If it helps others with dogs who are reluctant walkers, have you tried bribing you dog? Take a few small treats in your pocket. Ollie will do anything for a small bit of Cheddar.

    What a neat site. I too had a weimaraner but he had a stroke and heart attack 8 months ago and had to be put to sleep. Absolutely devastating. He was 11yrs. Felt retched without a dog so turned to the Humane Society and rescued a little foxy. About 3 yrs we think. He was so thin, spine like a mountain range, ribs sticking out, he was found on a rubbish tip. He is gorgeous now. So loving a just loves his walks which is a bonus.

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