Does one ditch the diet on holiday?

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  • Great diet, but what to do on 10 days hols?. Start again when I get home?

    Up to you really, whatever fits with your hols 🙂
    I didn’t fast on my holiday and put a few lbs back on, but lost again within a couple of weeks. Some do 16:8 while away or just try to skip a breakfast/lunch here and there when not hungry.

    It’s only 10 days out of a lifetime so don’t worry too much 🙂

    Yes, start again when you get home – how long have you been on the diet?

    Chris we have been doing it for 3 weeks only so far

    Depends on your holiday, we go away twice a month so can’t ditch the fast. We try and keep to it, try and contine our two swimming hours while away. Sometimes we can loose more than at home sometimes we stay the same.

    Again if going abroad or staying with friends it would be difficult, so I would go away enjoy, draw the line and get straight on back and don’t beat yourself up on any weight gain.

    You could alter your fast days before you go, try and get one in the day before or the travelling day and also back when travelling or day after. Depends where you are going and who with!

    I confess I did ditch the diet during a recent 12-day holiday. However, both my husband and myself found we were eating a great deal less than we did pre-diet. We were also doing a lot of walking. As a result was no great damage was done, we each put on 2 kilos, but these soon disappeared after a couple of fast days. That in itself was a triumph, almost certainly due to metabolic change brought on by the Fast Diet. In the past I would have put on a stone (record is a stone in 4 days) which would have taken months to lose, that is if it didn’t just stay put despite my best efforts.
    I agree with symba7 about working in a fast day before you leave and before you travel home. I would be disinclined to do it during the actual journey. Fast-day-friendly food can be a bit thin on the ground at airports, stations, service stations etc.

    It can be good to do a fastday on your travel days if you’re flying. You’re so preoccupied with the process of getting where your going and travel days are always messed up anyway that it can be an easy win. It also gives you permission to not bother when you get there (if you don’t want to) and it gets you back into the lifestyle straight away when you come back.


    Instead of ditching 5:2, you could do 16:8 your whole vacation. I’ve done 5:2 for 4 months and am needing a bit of a break. Am doing 16:8 and will for a while. Am loosing weight again! You eat every day, but only in an 8 hr. window, then fast for 16. Pick any time frame you want. Personally, I start eating at 11am and am done with food by 7pm. Works for me, because I’m not a breakfast eater. Then resume 5:2 when your vacation is done. Also is nice, because you’re still fasting, but are able to eat with others every day. I do count calories, though, so as not to overdo it.

    Just an idea….

    While 16:8 sounds great, I have to say I had always done precisely that prior to starting 5:2. Dead easy because I’m not a breakfast eater either,I can’t stand the sight or smell of food until about 1 p.m. It never worked for me, I never lost an ounce and anything the slightest bit naughty almost infallibly led to a gain of 2 or 3 kilos. On the other hand, slowly but surely 5:2 is working, despite the occasional lapse, which seems to be remedied after a fast day or two.

    I know 16:8 isn’t for everyone, but on a holiday it might help you, so you’re not completely ditching 5:2.

    Although, seems like a lot of people just don’t worry about 5:2 while on vacation and seem to do just fine, because it’s for such a short amount of time. Plus, if you gain a couple, it easy to lose again once you get back on track.

    I guess that vacation means, a break from it all.

    I’m sure 16:8 works for many, TidyChick, and it’s certainly a way of answering the shall-I, shan’t-I question of dieting on holidays. It might be difficult in some countries like Spain where restaurants don’t even start serving the evening meal until at least 9 p.m – unless of course you are self-catering. However, France, US and many others favour early dinner so it would work a treat there.
    All I’m saying is that 16:8 was the way I used to live 90% of the time in the fat old days. For some reason, my metabolically-challenged body saw it as a good excuse to slap on the odd kilo or six. I guess it’s a case of horses for courses. After all, one of the rules of 5:2 is do what ever works for you.

    Exactly. 16:8 can be a great short term help. Not suggesting anyone should do it full time instead of 5:2 or as long as you did. A lot of us do 16:8 in conjunction with 5:2, in some form or another. Whatever works!

    Hi all, tomorrow, Monday I am off on my hols for 7 days to Gods waiting room… Madeira. Alright, a bad joke, it is rather a nice place to visit. I will be ditching the diet and blowing my cholesterol levels et al sky high. I am taking 3 excellent cheeses with me. A rather good Brie du Melun. A Welsh Havun and a superb Montgomery Cheddar. I can smell the aromas now coming from the fridge, so can my wife and that has caused a slight strain on our relationship.
    How ever, needs must as they say and you cannot get a decent cheese any where in Madeira so I will savour every single mouthful. Hopefully I will also eat some superb fish, Sea Bass, as thick as your fore arm. Sea Bream, so tasty, Dorouda, I forget its taste and Parrot Fish, a smooth mild silky texture along with other local delicacies. I have done this before and found it difficult to get back into the programme so to speak but I will on my return. Oh I nearly forgot… some excellent Madeira wine to help every luscious mouthful to go down.
    Sorry to go on like this, I am weak I know, but what the hell.
    Good luck to you all.

    Have a great holiday! 🙂 Savour each mouthful of that wonderful food, and I am sure you will get back into the 5:2 routine once you are home. (You can always do 4:3 if you need – or 2 consecutive fasting days immediately upon your return, and don’t weigh yourself til after those. Both strategies have worked well for me after holidays.)

    Yeah, go for it, couscous. You’re entitled. It probably won’t do you too much harm anyway. All that lovely healthy fish and naughty cheese. Your selection makes me think you are probably Welsh, with a soft spot for France.
    You may find that despite any intention to have a good Madeiran blow-out, after some time on the Fast Diet you aren’t able to put as much away as previously. Which is exactly what happened to me and Him Indoors when we abandoned 5:2 during a recent 12-day trip. We both came back 2 kilos heavier, but these disappeared after a few fast days.

    Im doing 5:2 on holidays but I move days when I eat dinner with friends. Fast when I find the best time.

    Probably best for me since I eat pizza. If I eat more healthy I might skip it next time.

    Most definitely not!!!! I certainly wouldn’t want to undo all I’ve done. As far as I see it, it’s a way of life! Sorry to.sound a spoil sport!!! I don’t want to come home after my Easter holiday and be half a,stone heavier when I’m.hoping to.have lost eight pounds by then and be back to where I started. But that’s me!!!

    Ive got this problem too! We’re going to Sydney for 5 days in 2 weeks time – so I might just do the day before and the day after.

    The bigger problem is that we’re travelling for 3 month from end of July – overland from China to Istanbul. I normally lose weight when we travel so I’m just hoping that I’ve lost the first 5kg or so before we go. Also the hotels in China don’t generally include breakfast – so we could do the 16:8 maybe. We’re not on a tour so we can be flexible with eating

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