Does anyone here exercise?

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  • Started the fast diet 26th September after holiday with too much beer and food. Before going on holiday I decided to change my eating lifestyle and to increase exercise. I am including extensive exercise which will include 3 spinning and 2 circuit training sessions a week with a 5:2 fasting with a high protein low carb diet for remainder of days, plus a complete alcohol and bread ban. The first week was quite tough and quite tiring but so far it appears to be working. My starting weight after hols was 95kg and this morning it was 90.4kgs. My intention is to keep this approach going until the end of November with a target to get under 80kgs. At the end of October I will have body fat % measured. I am keeping a log of weekly diet and a daily log of how it is going.

    Hello All! i just started 5:2 yesterday and about 8 weeks ago I started swimming 3 days a week.
    At 52 I have gained a lot of weight and really need and want to lose weight and improve my overall health.
    I started swimming as rehabilitation for a back problem and have to say it is a very gentle way to exercise and it works on almost every muscle grounp even hands and feet! I started at 20 minutes a session and am now up to 40 minutes with the goal of swimming an hour and eventually I would like to swim 4 times a week.

    If you have a pool nearby, try it, and honestly being overweight or any weight it is not that appealing to wear a bathing suit in public 😳, we all have issues with something about our bodies but it is so worth it and after only 2 months I have built up strength and changed my body shape a bit.

    whatever works for you, do it, exercise brings a lot of joy, energy and revived health to your life.

    Hi;back to light upper body weights this am, yoga for flexibility yesterday; still need to get with the HIIT program. Main stay exercise remains long walks but as the autumn weather deteriorates that may not be a easy. If I can afford, and there is snow, I would like to get back into Nordic Skiing and more ice skating this winter to replace the walking. I know that weight/resistance training is important but have never gotten into the habit, now that there is evidence it helps with cognitive, as well as physical, ability in later life the need seems greater.

    Hi clairelv, I agree, find something you love. I’m not a gym person so that’s out the window. I like dancing, & recently started walk/jog with Parkrun. I feel the most important thing is to get the eating right first. When the weight comes off with 5:2 the motivation & interest to move comes later. Enjoy your journey Clairelv. Ps these guys in here sound like they don’t need to lose too much weight with all the exercise they’re doing, made my head spin🀣 Good on them, I like keep my own pace.

    How do you know what supplements you need? Have you had a full blood analysis done?

    We are all in the gym, too busy to post!

    Absolutely. Gym Monday morning, Pilates yesterday, gym again this morning.

    I have been too set in my ways. For some time I have been following a weight regime optimised for those of us who paddle canoes or kayaks. This morning I tried a different workout. The muscles I have been neglecting are now reminding me of that neglect – a not unpleasant ache, but more than usual. A little more variety is indicated.

    I also exercise but not a regular guy. Actually exercise helps to keep the fitness well.

    Hi all,

    I am doing 5:2 with my boyfriend. We started back in March. He is down 35 pounds and I am down 20. A month or so in to our healthy eating, we started exercising. We go to the gym six days a week on average. We do 45-50 minutes of cardio. Typically walking fast on the treadmill on an incline, which burns around 400-500 calories a visit. We punch in our weight and age to try and get an accurate calorie burn. We use a fitness app to track our calories and how much we burn.

    We both feel that exercise has helped our results on this plan.

    Meghan, those are impressive results. I don’t know if you have a weight target, not all of us do; some just want to be healthier. If you do, serious 5:2 and that commitment to exercise will get you both there.

    Gym this morning, for the first time since May. There have been conflicting priorities. A shorter workout than usual and it should have been easier. It seemed harder and ten hours later my shoulders are complaining. I will do it again on Wednesday, which will be interesting because Monday and Tuesday are my fasting days and I won’t have breakfast before the gym.

    The lack of breakfast didn’t make any difference, which is as well because I no longer eat it. There is some research which suggests that exercising in a fasting state, if only the overnight fast, burns more fat. Just to confuse things, there is also evidence that we exercise more efficiently in the afternoon. In the past I have found that after two days of water fasting I lacked energy for endurance events, but an hour in the gym was OK. I have been reading recently about HIT and am sufficiently convinced to try it. I shall continue my old style hour long sessions because I quite like them and they work for me, and add HIT on the days I don’t go to the gym. It should be interesting.

    Hi penguin, another recent study showed women lose more fat when they have eaten prior to a workout whilst it is opposite for men! I’ve opted to not overthink it all and just exercise when it suits me and fast how it works for me as well πŸ™‚

    I don’t do gym per se – I much prefer instructor led classes; Fightklub, Piyo, Insanity and Spin are my fave… A bit of Zumba on a Friday night goes down well also along with good long dog walks Like folk have said on here, exercise is about finding someone that is right for you πŸ™‚

    If my cardio day (actually HIIT on a spin bike) falls on a FD I have no issues getting in a strong workout. But I never do weight training on a FD. I train very hard and I want plenty of protein to facilitate rebuilding.

    I used to eat my first meal ~11-12:00. Initially I had to force myself to eat breakfast ~8:00 AM but after a month of eating early and stopping NLT 6:00 PM I’m hungry in the morning. BTW breakfast is like any other meal for me. I eat fish, eggs, red meat & veggies. Never cereal, waffles etc. I also get up earlier, go to bed earlier and sleep better.

    I usually workout in the afternoon.

    I don’t exercise much but not have sedentary lifestyle either. I choose few detox options such as detox tea over coffee, detox water over cold drinks and hot water through out the day. All of this fitness regime keeps me active as well as fit.

    I exercise … if what I do is considered “exercise” lol I’m a computer programmer and I spend a lot of time in my office, typing away the sunny days and holidays. I simply jog in place during my breaktimes. I have a timer on my phone and I jog for one minute. It increases my heart rate and speeds up my journey toward my desired fasting result: to improve my appearance.

    I used to be a fat woman with oily skin that was full of acne and acne scars. I barely looked like my teenage self. No wonder my classmates from college didn’t recognize me anymore, and no wonder everybody else had already been married except me.

    Well, this has improved a bit lately. I researched on the internet for ways to fix my situation. For the acne, I was given a lot of recommendations, but I chose the natural ways. I have switched my diet to nutritious foods and drinks and I have been keeping my things as clean as possible to lessen the causes of my acne. For the scars, I was recommended the new All Purpose Hydroquinone Cream. I have been using the cream for only 2 weeks daily, but my scars are barely visible now. For the fats, I have been fasting using the resources on this website and – of course – exercising.

    Fasting and doing an exercise like jogging lessens your fats three times faster than if you were just fasting without any exercise.

    luciabronson, if only the 3x fat burn from exercise was true! Exercise is a must for good health but it has little effect on the overall amount of fat you burn.

    I agree with diverdog. When I first started trying to lose fat by exercise, it was very short HIT workouts and I did lose a lot of fat at first. However that really slowed down. Going from 35% bodyfat to 30% was pretty easy with exercise. 30% to 20% was slow. Below 20% it has been much slower and harder. Exercise helps but I think diet is far more powerful for fat loss.

    I know could lean out at least temporary by eating much more protein and less carbs, but I’m not convinced it is worth the risks. Body builders do it all the time but they don’t seemed to be that long lived. (Possibly because of other abuses though …)

    However I deeply believe in exercise. I don’t help with losing fat but I don’t think it helps a great deal unless you have an extreme amount of fat.

    Today I’m fasting. Early morning I did 132 flours of stairs pretty hard. (Real stairs not a machine.) I even noticed my blood glucose dipping at only 18 hours into the fast instead of the more typical 20 hours. Even so I’m only on track to burn a little over 2400 calories today. Exercise has a lot of benefits but it is pretty modest when it comes to the actual calories. There are just so many ways the body can compensate to keep that amount energy needed for the full day reasonable.

    So … after fasting I burn calories at a crazy rate for a day or so. I think part of it comes from metabolism ramping up a little during fasting and the other part from the body having a lot of work to do once the food is available. Today I’m on pace to break 3000 calories. My workout was 140 pushups and 124 floors of stairs. Trust me it is harder than it sounds. As for waking, I’m just over 9km today. Pretty typical for Tokyo. (5 to 10km / day)

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