Does anybody know a good HIIT workout?

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  • Hello all,

    I’m looking to find a good HIIT workout to do on my treadmill.. I plan to do this on my 2 fast days. I hate the gym but know I need to start moving more. I’ve recently read the fast exercise book and am convinced this is a great way for me to get into better shape!


    Hi birdgirl94. I work out on the treadmill in the gym and combine a incline walk/ jog with HIT. The problem with doing HIT on the treadmill is that it takes time to build up to the desired HIT speed. I do 30 secs HIT running at 15.2k pace times 5. The problem is that my jogging pace is around 9.0k pace so it can take about 15 – 20 secs to build up to my top HIT speed. My programme is incline walk at say 7 degrees at 6.2k pace for two mins. Increase to 9.0k pace for two mins at 1.0 degree incline. Increase to 15.2k for 30 secs at 1.0 degree incline before dropping my pace down to a 2 min recovery walk at 1.0 degree incline about 6.0k before repeating it all. To be honest it seems to be a bit of a chore due to the time taken to get to max pace so a bike seems a better bet. I am in the process of changing things around and I think a bike is one of the best pieces of equipment to do HIT on. By the way, I am a 65 yr old male, overweight and have just got back into working out 5 days a week for the past 4 weeks. I also do my HIT and other work outs on my fast days with no problems. I am in the process of getting a personal trainer due to some back problems so my workouts will become more focused and effective.
    I would suggest some research or advice from a trainer prior to you starting your training.
    Good luck.


    “I’m looking to find a good HIIT workout to do on my treadmill..”

    Full speed for 20 seconds, get off the treadmill for 10 seconds, and jump back on again. 8 times.
    It’s 4 minutes of intensity and I think that I could possibly do this every other daily.


    Find keeping a blog keeps me focused on track and hopefully helps others

    I had a really bad injury to a knee some years ago. So some things are not possible for me to do, as I really pay for it afterwards and can’t sleep etc.
    I do go to the gym but play it safe. Any ideas with a good HIIT programme I could use?
    I really need a knee replacement but have put this off so far for over 10 years and would like to do so for some years to come. I am going to Peru, Chile and Ecuador next August so need to be a lot fitter to climb those Inca mountains.
    Any advice please?

    Maureen55. Try an elliptical?

    I’ve just invested in an elliptical machine, after speaking to my doctor and reading up on the internet, for ways to excersise without more pain in my already bad knee! (Cartilage problem) They all advise the elliptical as it’s not hard on your joints. And it also helps to strengthen the muscles around the joint, which in turn will help the take the pressure off the knee.
    I would also like a HIT program for the elliptical if anyone can help

    Losing weight steadily now one month in..Downloaded HIIT timer on phone and put in Jump lunges pushups burpees and jump squats

    Hate the gym and like you doing it on fast days

    Thanks “bluesea” we have 3 or 4 of these (also called cross trainers) at the gym. I have been on them a couple of times but I did notice you don’t seem to use up as many calories with them as you do say the cycle.
    I will try them more often.


    The cross trainer is good cause its not impact heavy. Try swimming as well. Its great because the water supports your joints as well as being non impacting.

    Also if you’re going to do some climbing maybe try walking in the hills to see how much more you’ve got to do before going out there. The last thing you want is to fly out there and find out you’re not able to do it. Specificity – making the training specific to the task you need to complete

    @birdgirl19 & et. all….

    LIVESTRONG.COM has an excellent program called “Stronger” by Nicky Holender where you get 10 FREE workouts/ meal plans & community. The workouts are HIIT, plyometrics, etc. They are quick, all under 40 minutes, and very, very good.

    I highly recommend anyone looking for quality workouts to check this out. I have been doing them for almost 2 weeks now and am definitely a beginner (to working out in general!) and am able to mostly keep up. I love it!

    Phil Campbell development a great HIIT program called Sprint 8.
    I do 8 cycles of 30 second hard with 90 second recovery. With 5 minutes warm up and cool down. Currently have a resting heart rate of 43. Not bad for a 53 year old.

    I am using the 7 minute workout that was discussed in the NYTimes. It’s a free app for the basic 7 minute workout. I really like it so far and can tell it’s helping me get stronger.

    Hi. I found the best workout plans and tips at and I must say their guides are really effective. One of it is Strength Endurance – Workout plans for athletes:
    • Goal: improving strength resistance
    • Technical complexity: difficult
    • 2-Day Split
    • Duration: 90 – 120 minutes
    • 2 times a week

    I started 5 2 in May 2015 I am 51 was 126kg now 89kg. Started walking on treadmill. Now 5 days a week I do 20 min run at 12kph gets 4 km then “the 7 Minute Workout’ app on phone then 6 1 minute sprints on treadmill at 18kph with 1 minute rest/walk in between. Have built up to this over the year.I found keeping a log of food eaten on fast days and the exercise program really helped show where I came from and encouraged me to keep going. Luckily my joints are all ok. Feeling great the 5 2 diet has changed my life, no longer pre-diabetic.

    Are you familiar with kettlebell swings? I mix with pushups and squats. You can do these anywhere.

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