Do you weigh daily?

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  • Most people weigh once a week.
    Does anyone here weigh daily like I do? For some it is only self defeating but for others like myself its productive. Please respond if you want to be buddies and share the fractions each day together! Thanks!

    Samantha I weigh daily and I would like to be a buddy of you are still looking for one.

    Yes, Samantha, I weigh every day, even on vacation if there’s a scale in the hotel room. Keeps me honest and on track. What did you have in mind for your Buddy?
    Saturday I was 107.1
    Sunday = 106.4 Cue the happy dance.

    Definitely weigh daily, with the acceptance that there can be some variation. Are you wanting to lose weight or are you maintaining?

    The reason that IF works is because it’s not restricting and allows for meals out etc. A check on the scales helps to maintain. In this cold damp weather, I’d fallen into the habit of a hit chocolate every afternoon with a consequent sitting on my top wriggle room, then two pound over!

    I was 125lbs on Tuesday, 127 yesterday and 126 today. Just where I want to be. 😁

    Hi Yvonne! Fasting_me! And PollyPenny!

    Sorry I wasnt able to get to my Emails til now, my phone and my dog runs my life. LMAO.
    I would like to start a weight loss log if anyone here wants to do it with me?
    What we would do is keep a chart going by copy and paste. I have a lot of weight to lose and I want to see results. I think if I were to share my weight loss/gain daily results with you all, I might have more incentive to stay strong. Let me know if ANY ONE of you are interested in doing it too.

    I weigh daily, even non fasting days. It works for me, a belief reinforced when on one of the science threads I saw that a US study had found that the success rate amongst daily weighers was higher.

    Penguin! I have fun doing it. I weigh first thing in morning after I tinkle. I think that it reinforces the importance of it in my goals for life. Then I try to make my bed! Heehee

    It has only been watching the scales daily and accepting the up and relishing the downward that I have been successful at losing. And it is so exciting when I lose a lot on a day, even though it doesnt make it permanent until its held for a week or so. I enjoy the bounces too.

    I’ve weighed daily for periods and I’ve had periods of only weighing after a fasting day. I find weighing daily much more helpful because it really does support me in eating to my Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE). When I eat to my TDEE and fast 2 days a week and weigh daily the scales reveal that I’m in weight loss mode. Eating more than TDEE and fasting 2 days a week, I either maintain or gain weight according to daily scale reading. I find it great to see this daily verification of how well this program works.

    I’m one who found that weighing weekly or only after a FD somehow mentally allowed me to eat in ‘free for all’ manner on NFDs. Daily weighing restores a sense of accountability as do other tools I employ to help keep me in alignment with deepest desired 5:2 outcome.

    Absolutely! I find it’s the best way to keep track and balance the odd indulgence with strict fasts. Two meals out last week, on consecutive days, saw me at the top of my wriggle room. Two consecutive fast days have put me back at bottom.

    OH bottles out of weighing and, no surprise here, has grown his gut back.

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