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  • I’m trying to eat less and eat healthier – I’ve been doing this plan for a few days the low carb med plan without the fasting for now. I’m trying to look at what I eat and when I eat it and unpick my bad habits eg I have a tendency to pack in big meals like I need to be full, or I think if it’s healthy food then the more the better, as it’s making me healthier – it’s weird logic, I know.

    So I’ve been thinking do I actually need to be taking vitamin and mineral supplements? I take a probiotic, a vit c, magnesium as it helps with restless legs, zinc for immunity, vit d for immunity etc etc am I just throwing my money away?

    Yes I take supplements during the 5:2. I’ve been taking them for muscle cramps and menopause and find they help; pre/probiotics, magnesium, multi-vitamin, Omega 3. Only been on diet for 2 weeks but did a detox beforehand and am seeing weight loss and cm lost. Do what’s best for your situation.

    I take Vitamin C and melatonin (is this considered a vitamin supplement?). In the past, I occasionally took B vitamins and iron as well. A close friend is also curious about B12 supplements which led me to this but I have no experience there. I did read an article from The Atlantic if I remember correctly that vitamin supplements do not help significantly and the best way is to still get the necessary vitamins and nutrients from food. Still, you’ll have doctors recommending it to their patients including my own, so I’m confused if it’s just throwing money.

    Yes, of course, my family and I take vitamins in the spring and fall. We lead an active life, play sports, eat healthy. And in order to keep our health in shape, we periodically take vitamins. We always order from a certified Canadian international pharmacy. Here are low prices and fast delivery.



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    Eating unhealthy junk foods can reflect the health of your body very much. My son has the same issue of eating too much junk food which has resulted in him being sick for an obscure amount of time. A visit to the doctor every 2 months or so for maintaining his health has become mandatory due to the carelessness.
    As the junk foods were consumed instead of the nutrients that the body needs, now he has been under strict dietary recommendation with fruits and vegetables and also in addition with vitamin supplements to fill in any nutritional gap which is not provided by the food he eats. The main vitamin which was necessary for him was vitamin B( as he was undergoing a huge amount of stress with other health concerns which are resulted because of vitamin B deficiency. He has been in recovery for the past 1 and a half month.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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