dinner for 229 cals

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  • Well I am on my first fast day today and even though i’ve gone over by 80 cals, im really impressed with myself that I have achieved it. I started off the day with a cereal bar, lunch was half can of soup and 1 piece of bread with no butter. I just have had a jelly which I thought were lower than 80 cals so next time I will look for low cal ones. For dinner tonight I am having a weight watchers thai curry and rice which comes in at……. 229 calories!!!! I was shocked because all ready meals are normally more. Will post if its scrummy. Roll on 6pm 😀 x

    Hi there Hmb!

    well done on your first fast, it gets easier..i often have those WW meals, so easy and all counted for you!!
    have you tried M&S ones? they do some really yummy ones and they are filling…
    I am counting the hours till dinner time now, I am hungry but not starving 🙂

    I eat at 6pm too! enjoy your meal later :-)x


    You have done very well but you should be carb free on a Fast Day, it will help you loose weight quicker.

    Muesli or porridge made with milk and water with some fruit or maybe berries, would be better for breakfast, missing lunch, then having some meat or fish with a salad. Drinking plenty of water.

    Good Luck.

    Thanks for the advice but I really cant go without some carb as I get faint and headaches. For me to only have a little bit is an achievement.

    Tomorrow is fast day no2.

    Having cereal bar again for breakfast 97 cals, my butternut squash soup for lunch 66 cals and a meal in the evening.

    Hoping this one is more successful than the last!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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