Diet Shakes?

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  • I’m looking for something that is quick and easy on a Fast Day, when I’m on the go and I thought about commercial diet shakes. I’ve personally never tried one and I was wondering if a person could occasionally live on them for a fast day. Not always, but every now and then. Thanks.

    Hi bustoff – like the name, I wish I could do that with mine!!!! 😀

    Personally, I avoid ‘diet’ shakes like the plague as I would rather have real food than a mix of powdered chemicals but you have to do what suits you and your lifestyle.

    I prepare my fast day meal the night before – usually a thick veggie soup with pieces of chicken in or a veggie bolognese or chilli with some quorn. I eat that with courgette spaghetti or cauliflower rice as I try to avoid ‘white’ carbs on a fast day. I usually eat this meal at around 6pm on a fast day.

    Good luck

    Bustoff, I would be careful with those shakes, less for health reasons but plainly for the fact that I doubt they fill you up enough. Eggs for instance have the wonderful effect of making you feel “full” and that feeling can last for quite some time.

    I used to drink shakes from “Herbalife”, not to loose weight but because it was an easy substitute for breakfast. If I mix Herbalife with a weetabix, a banana and some blueberries then it would last for quite a while. But take a wild guess…this comes to quite a few calories.

    These days, if I can’t be bothered with dinner, I make myself a Lean Cuisine ready made meal or I just eat some eggs with some Ryvita.

    As sylvestra says though, you need to find your own way.

    Best of luck

    I just thought I would ask. I’m looking for something easy on busy days.

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