diarreha on day after fast

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  • I’m going to put this as tastefully as possible, but this thread seems as good a place to write this as any. If it was happening to anyone else I’d find it incredibly funny (I’m 58 but have the sense of humor of a 12 year old).

    After losing weight (I’m on maintenance) every once in a while without warning and unable to stop it, a marble size piece of waste will just pop out of me, run down my pant leg and land on the ground. This has only happened a few times but the first time it happened I was shocked, shocked I say!

    Luckily it has happened mostly while I was outdoors walking the dog, but it happened to me twice at work. Both times I was able to run to get a paper towel and disguise picking it up as to not cause others to be suspicious of what I was doing so I avoided embarrassment before anyone stepped in it. It also happened once outside of a Walmart and that time I just kicked it under a bench and hightailed it out of there!

    Sure hope this never happens to me at a party or during a meeting when I can’t pick it up without attracting attention. At least I haven’t had a diarrhea issue while on 5:2. I wish all of you good luck with your struggles.


    This is really strange . I have fasted a month all my adult life and never had this problem . It was severe to the extent that I could not fast today and I have taken some electrolytes today because I was feeling so weak it’s been a month now . I guess I will try rares advice on the water because it seems to make sense with what I believe in . Or it can be the toxins as the other sites say .
    I hope ur situation improves bronx

    This happens to me 100% of the time. It’s completely predictable. I believe my body is cleansing itself by expelling all the excess water and toxic in my system. I always feel so good after letting it all out. I don’t consider it a problem at all.

    This is becoming a familiar event with me and 5 episodes this am after breakfast but no pain. Hopefully it will settle although I’ve been doing this 5:2 for 7 weeks now. I was interested to come upon this thread and will just accept it is par for the course.

    I’ve already said this, but seems i have to repeat.. This reflex apears after a long fast if the meal that brakes it contains some liquids! Any liquid soupe, broth, tea, coffee, water, etc! During the meal +2 hours before and after it: no liquids!! 😉

    I’d like to know if there is someone who tried this and didn’t work! 

    I am not following the “protocol” but I have been fasting here and there for decades, water only for a maximum of 5 days at a time. Returning to food is best done in small portions, we all understand that, and perhaps the “solution” would be to “exit” food gradually. Certainly my fasts of the last few years have troubled me with diarrhea on days 1+2 of fasting, something which I do not recall from days gone by. I am not missing any internal organs nor have my food preferences changed (a lot of fruit, veg and lactose-heavy sweets!), what has changed, apart from age, is that I moved from hot to cold climates, plus I have gone through some multi-week food poisoning events in India and thereabouts. I am not a doctor by any means, but I would have to agree with one of the posters above that mentioned the body getting rid of fluids, certainly “fat burning” is not supposed to happen on day 1 to explain the excess water, but perhaps less salt intake = less water capacity? I also randomly recollect someone supplementing his diet with salt, not minimizing it. Myself, I am not a salt kinda guy, get most of it from cheese I would guess, but it may be a way forward, fasting with salt!

    After just a couple of weeks of eating fermented vegetables with every meal, at least a bit, I’ve cured myself of all gut issues. I eat Kimchi, live sauerkraut, real fermented pickles, Kvass, raw cheese made from unpasteurized milk, Kombucha. Before I couldn’t handle eating a lot of raw greens because I’d be doubled over with gas – but now – nothing. These fermented vegetables are miracle foods, and they have also cured my allergy attacks which vanished into thin air.

    I thought I’d share what completely worked for me to fix the diarrhea problem on the day after (sometimes the day of) fast day.

    First, I was eating pretty well on the fast days: some protein, soups, vegetables…but having the bowel problems. I read through these posts and decided to try Metamucil – that didn’t solve it. I tried being very careful with the first meal after fast day, no help. I read rares advice about restricting liquid, and I tried it, didn’t work. Also, I’ve been all about unrestricted hydration for decades, so that advice just didn’t make sense to me.

    Here’s what worked for me – all protein.

    On fast days I’ll eat two or three hard boiled eggs (80 calories apiece), and from Costco a chicken skewer or two (75 calories) and/or a chicken patty or two (130 calories), in varying amounts depending on my mood. I despise cooking, so the microwaveable skewers and patties work very well for me, and Costco didn’t add a lot to them, they’re pretty much just lean chicken.

    The first two weeks I tried all protein, I was still having the Metamucil every day, three times a day. Once the diarrhea was solved, all that fiber made everything too hard. So I tried a week with no Metamucil, and things were too soft. Now I’m just having the three servings of Metamucil on the fast days, and you guessed it – just right. Well, it works nicely for me, your mileage may vary.

    One last thing. I’m a guy, so I get 600 calories to spend. The Metamucil is 20 calories a serving, so that uses up 60 for the day, but even so – I almost always eat fewer than 500 calories on the fast days, and I’m doing just fine. Averaging about a pound of weight loss a week, 17 pounds gone at this point.

    And that’s what worked for me. Hope it can help somebody else.

    Ive been on this diet 5 months. Lost 39#. Yay
    When I started this diet i had terrible constipation but the last two to three weeks abt 40″ after my first meal i have really almost explosive diarrhea. Yowza. Not sure it’s safe to eat away from home. I came to this site by way of google. Being a nurse my mind went to worst place as source of this new diarrhea. Almost relieved others have had. My friend who started same time as me still constipated. Does it get better?

    ooh looking forward to this, cos i suffer from 10 yeas of meds induced chronic painful constipation nothing helps

    I’m now on day 6 of the diet and all is well with the weight loss; currently 9lbs, and am finding sticking to the 800 calories per day achievable as well. My only problem is that on day 3 I had an evening meal and then went for a vigorous walk. On returning I needed to dash to the toilet and found that whilst my motions started normally they concluded with an extreme whoosh! I am finding that currently this is happening as a single episode, after which all is well, but my concern is that it has just happened again today; day 6, same as before, normal motion to s start with …. I really want to stick with this diet to try and reverse my type 2 diabetes but really can’t live with these types of bowel movements so may have to reconsider if I can’t find any help or solution to the problem. Cheers. Pete.


    A healthy person has 6000+ different species of bacteria living in their gut. Someone in an unhealthy state has less than 3000 species. You’ve changed your eating habits, there is an internal war happening. It will take time to re-establish the new balance. Give it about a month or two. It will sort itself out. Mine took about this length of time. The alternative is T2D and from there its a slow death spiral with ever increasing medication.

    UPDATE: I have continued to suffer these symptoms over the last couple of years even though I stopped doing the fast. I don’t know whether the fast diet caused a chemical imbalance that never rectified or whether my body stopped functioning in the way that it should but my symptoms were akin to “Gastric Dumping”.
    I have self managed the condition over the last 18 months by never drinking with a meal for either breakfast or lunch and never skipping a meal. Bananas have been my go to breakfast food as they seem enough to settle my tummy first thing if I don’t have time for a “proper breakfast”.
    I have finally got a referral to see a gastro specialist and he has diagnosed bile acid malabsorption, and given me a drug called Questran to try. So to all those having ongoing issues then I’m hoping this info might help.

    I never suffer with diarrhea after fast day. If you take buttermilk at last of fast day it will digest easily and do some exercise in the early in the morning.

    I wrecked my gut bacteria with antibiotics and often had bouts of IBS the day after drinking alcohol or coffee or if I have very fatty foods. Changed my diet to a more healthier options, cut out alcohol and caffeine and seemed to have avoided any fun accidents in public but since starting the 5:2 diet I have started back on the diarrhea band wagon. I fast on Monday and Wednesday and it’s normally on Thursday or Friday that I get a bit of a fever, headache, stomach bloating and full blown diarrhea for about 2 hours…as an office worker this is less than ideal.

    Am going to buy some probiotic tablets on the way home and see if this helps with it..will report back.

    I finally figured out the diarrhea within an hour of breaking my fast. I forgot from fasting decades ago that what I eat when I come off it critical. I had been having the +1 hour later urgent explosive diarrhea.

    today, did a Kumbuchi with Ginger and no net sugar and only 20 calories, lots of electrolytes in water. Also a medical grade probiotic twice. After 22hours, I eat 6 oz of miso soup with a little shallots. The 1/2 later I had home made vegetable soup I made with adding about 2.5 oz of grilled skin-less chicken. And more probiotics. after 3 hours, still have perfectly stable digestive system. And very low blood sugar.

    Very exciting. Read more about coming off a fast. it recommends NO FAT since it is a lubricant and on an empty system, that is all there is that gets noticed.

    Hope this helps.

    After 2 months on the diet I appear to have overcome this issue. Tried probiotics but definitely forgot more than once to take them and found that my tummy has settled. I wouldn’t start my day after fast with anything greasy, normally just a banana and I found I still had the tummy issue but given time it has settled down on its own accord – have even been able to have a few coffees!

    My fast day diet is normally a banana at 1pm then a frozen weight watchers meal around 6pm and that is me done. Don’t like small snacks because they don’t satisfy me and only prove to remind my tummy that I am hungry so try to just trooper on through.

    Good luck to everyone reading this thread – I can completely empathise!

    I have been doing this diet for over 2 years. I no longer need to lose weight but I use it to maintain the status quo. I confess to going a bit mad on non diet days but find the fast days relatively easy. I have suffered with diarrhoea after breaking fast ever since I’ve been on the diet. Like other people I call them whooshes. I don’t tend to suffer pain but it is a very embarrassing problem. I play in golf competitions the day after fasting and I can’t risk being caught out on the course so if I’m playing early I skip breakfast and have lunch at the club but I know I can’t linger – I have to go straight home in time for my whoosh which invariably happens within the hour. Recently I saw some research about missing breakfast having a positive rather than a negative effect on overall health so now on non-fast days I try to start eating after midday. However if my round of golf starts later I will eat breakfast early so that my whoosh arrives before I go. I have only just found this thread and I will be experimenting with some of the advice given.

    Hi, I have tried making saurkraut but went slimy, now trying to make kombucha, do you recommend any recipes or books for me on fermented stuff, I live in New Zealand and have had cancer, now free of it, can’t take gluten, read how good fermented foods and drink is so would like to be more successful with it. Thanks for your thoughts. I am in my seventies but go to gym, play tennis 3 times a week…cheers

    I have been on the 5:2 for approx 3 – 4 months and I too have this awful problem. I work in an all girls’ school, so there is a lot of female staff that I need to share the toilets with and I know I’m speaking to fellow diarrhoea sufferers here so feel very comfortable in explaining myself. I feel it may be milk that is causing my problem; I have never been lactose intolerant and usually drink it every day, but somehow feel this is the cause. This thread has been very helpful and I will certainly try some of the hints that have been given. 🙂

    I just want to let everybody with the problem of having diarrhea after breaking a fast to know what worked for me.
    I was having uncontrollable diarrhea after eating following a fast until I started taking NOW pancreatic 10x- 20mg with the first bite of food. Can get on amazon. So glad they work. If I forget to take it the diarrhea comes back with a vengeance!
    This is not medical advice, just what worked for me. Just sharing my personal experience.
    Other digestive enzymes didn’t work for me.

    Correction to above post pancreatic 10x-200mg from Amazon.
    I just take one with the first bite of food.

    Never had the problem myself, but a friend did. On my recommendation, she went on the 5:2 and lost 20 pounds. But she was having awful problems with her bowels and gave up the Fasting as a result.

    I think it has to do with gut flora. Those are the good little bacteria which help to process the food in the intestine. The Standard American Diet prunes out most of the good bacteria because they aren’t getting the nutrients they need. Green smoothies are a remedy for this. BUT IF YOU START THEM ALL AT ONCE, you will have a lot of distress — pain and cramping.

    My remedy is to make a simple smoothie [LOW fat, LOW calorie] and begin by adding 1/2 a leaf of lettuce/kale/chard/spinach. Drink that for 2-3 days. Then, add more greens, so that your intestines can adjust to the new regime. and so on until you are up to this:

    GREEN SMOOTHIE: 77 calories 0.3 g fat 1.6 g fiber 1.7 g protein 31.3 g carb 30.7 mg Calcium PB GF
    HINT: this makes enough for three 6-oz servings, so it will save you time on the next 2 breakfasts.

    2 cups mixed greens – spinach, romaine, lettuce, chard – roughly chopped 2 oz banana, sliced 2 oz berries ½ apple or pear 12 oz tomato juice [such as Knudsen’s organic] 10 ice cubes

    Put the fruit and greens in the blender and swirl it together on ”high” just long enough to break down the fruit and greens. Set blender to “low,” add the juice and ice cubes. Process until smooth. Put what you don’t drink today into a jar in the ‘fridge. Next time you use it, shake it well. If you think it has become too thick, feel free to thin it with water or OJ.

    This has been in my blog a few times, with nice responses.

    Try this. It makes a good beverage for breakfast [along with some high protein food] or lunch any day.

    I started the 5:2 again after two years and my first fast was no food at all as I find it more convenient to do this, but today I have the same problem as everyone else here and just wondered why it happens.

    all the fasting books I have every read and tried, recommended coming off a fast, even one day, with miso soup or something with fermentation to repopulate your intestines with healthy bugs and close to no fat until an hour after taht. I do it every time, twice a week and have no problem now.

    also avoid all sugars and grains which feed the bad critters.

    Have hit my goal weight of 161,(lost between 40 and 50 lbs.) but have had a worsening case of the “trots” for over one month. Otherwise normal. No blood or anything, just chronic runs. At first I suspected e.coli, but the symptoms are dissimilar. I have given up all artificial sweeteners thinking stevia/erythritol was the culprit, and drink black coffee and water. (This sucks, btw.) I do not feel badly, other than I cannot stray far from a toilet. IBS? Colitis? Anyway, Michael Mosely is truly brilliant and I will always owe him my gratitude for helping my wife and I reverse the slow decline into obesity and poor health. She has lost approximately the same amount of weight, and is looking more and more like her old self. I’m going to try probiotics aggressively, but chances are I’ll be seeing a sawbones.

    What you are experiencing is something called osmotic diarrhea.
    I have it every time I break a fast that is longer than 24 hours.

    I’ve found a solution!!!

    I’ve also suffered explosive diarrhoea after fasting, and stumbled upon the solution quite by accident while experimenting with a longer fast of 14 days. Even though no food was going in during this period of time every few days I would suffer from loose bowels and definitely NO fart could be trusted!!!

    Anyway the cure was to have 2 teaspoons of psyllium husks or unflavoured metamucil. This has completely solved the problem.

    It absorbs the fluid in the digestive tract and even though I sometimes get an urgent need to go, it’s well formed and easy to pass. Importantly it’s also stopped those dangerous and embarrassing farts!!!

    It takes a few days to go through and kick is 100% but it’s completely taken away my one complaint of the diet.

    EDIT: I now take it every day as it seems to be very good for bowel function anyway from the research I’ve read.

    Cheers and good luck!

    That’s awesome news. Would you take this on fast days or the day after a fast?

    I now take it every day. I think you could probably just take it on fast days. I was taking it the day before and the morning of my fast day. Play with the dose. And if you do take it on none fast days you need to stay hydrated as it can block you up if you don’t have enough water. Not a problem on fast days obviously! Lol


    anybody know whether metamucil capsules would work just as well as the granular form ?
    As I fast everyday – doing the 16:8 version – I have this bowel problem every bl**dy day and don’t really want to be taking the granular version each morning – yuk !

    Hi southies:

    For all you newbies out there, 16:8 is not fasting, so you don’t have to worry about fasting leading to southies problems.

    However, any change to established eating patterns can lead to changes in bowel movements. The body just has to get used to the new patterns.

    Hi Southies, I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. Give it a go and let us know if helps.

    simcoeluv I beg to differ.
    It’s intermittent fasting – just a different protocol but the results are the same.

    I have been doing it for a year and my sugar & cholesterol levels dropped after 2 months to normal range . Bonus is losing 6 kgs in the processs and all maintained without difficulty.

    The diarrhoea has been a part of this protocol from the beginning and my system has STILL not adjusted to it.

    Thanks Antmid – will give them a go

    I used to have a brief bout of the runs every morning after breaking a fast. It is one of the reasons I haven’t been fasting when traveling for business. However it isn’t happening every time anymore, maybe only 40% of the time. However troubled time is typically less than an hour.

    Hi southies:

    I beg to differ. You might watch this interview from minutes 20 to about 31: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=dr.+longo+youtube&&view=detail&mid=6D8F7CB8DEE99AFB8F436D8F7CB8DEE99AFB8F43&&FORM=VDRVRV

    Good Luck!

    interesting points, thanks

    I have had this issue as well and realised actually for me it was from having dairy on the feast day after a fast day.

    I get cramps and have diarrhoea that will last for a few hours. I’ve realised as tempting as the feast day is after a fast day, I have to ease into it and definitely minimise dairy consumption.

    Anyone else noticed triggers such as that?

    So here is what I’ve come across while trying to learn everything I can about fasting and what my body is going through…
    I was also having water diarrhea the day after a fast; so I started researching the digestive process and these are some theories I’ve come up with.

    It was happening to me about the time that I would break my fast, I was curious about that. So I noticed after my 3rd bout with diarrhea I noticed the following:
    1. YOU KNOW when you’re fast is almost over and so does your brain! If you watch videos on the digestive process you will see that the first step that kicks off the digestive process is your saliva glands. Your mouth starts to water at the thought of food.
    2. More then likely… you have a belly full of water because you’re “water fasting”. Salivating has triggered your digestive process to begin along with the signals from your brain that food is coming.
    3. There are 3 or more steps in the process which include the release of digestive aids from the pancreas and liver as food enters the small intestine so that it can be further digested and absorbed by your body… then it travels to your large intestine where everything that was not absorbed by the body (waste), begins its journey until it is excreted.
    4. My theory is because you are highly anticipating food after a day or so without… your body starts the process, and since you only have water in your belly this process happens extremely fast! No pun intended. Its like clockwork for me now, but very annoying when it happens at work.
    Also the videos that I watched on the digestive process were all the same information so there was no contradicting the process, (My narrative here is going off of memory, so watch the videos).
    The videos also explain that waste can stay in your large intestine walls for up to 40 days before excreted. Yikes! Knowing that alone should make you want to rid your body of toxins and waste! No wonder people get colon cancer and other types of illness and disease.
    One of the best sayings I’ve heard was, “Our bodies live off of one quarter of what we consume… on the other three quarters… lives our doctors.” Now that’s food for thought.
    This is my lengthy response to those of you that are sharing my battle with diarrhea, sorry there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of this tunnel so far. And I could be completely wrong. My boyfriend does not have the same reactions as I do.

    It doesn’t really make sense that so many people would suddenly develop a food intolerance after starting fasting, and then have diarrhea. I have had post-fast days without problems and others with diarrhea, usually within an hour of eating.
    Though I haven’t sorted it out completely myself, it seems reasonable that opening the eating time slowly may help. It seems like nearly anything can encourage the stomach to contract strongly after fasting, but I think that if I start with refined carbs or finish with too many refined carbs, I am more likely to have trouble, and less when I start with some peanut butter or almond butter. I suspect since refined carbs also mean fats, that it’s a combined problems. Another thought–In the old days when folks would fast for longer times, the popular wisdom was to end the fast with some broth and wait a bit before having more or progressing, and progressing slowly. Will see if I get results and report back

    Youre just getting rid of decades of compacted faeces. Your body is literally flushing out the pipework. The diarrhoea goes away after a while as the intestines are finally given a chance to clear out old debris. Its that simple guys.

    Hi all–I was glad to find this thread! I’ve returned to IF after a several year hiatus, and the only difference between now and then is that I no longer have a gallbladder. And now I get horrible diarrhea the day after a fast! For me what’s going on is that I now have a constant slow trickle of bile acid getting released into the small intestine, which is unfortunately causes the intestinal epithelial cells to increase secretion, resulting in diarrhea (here’s a nice paper: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4211077/). This doesn’t just apply to people without a gallbladder, though. If you have gallbladder contraction (stimulated by the smell of, sight of, or thought of food, as well as actually eating) with an empty gut, diarrhea could result. I’m going to experiment with increasing the proportion of my fast day calories that are derived from fat and see if that helps at all.

    I think I’ve figured this one out! I no longer have a gallbladder, so struggle with this regardless of fasting, and have found it can be quite a lot worse post-fast (no gallbladder = constant slow trickle of bile into the gut, which in turn is a nice, strong, osmotic pull, bringing water into the gut. lovely. you get the idea.) If I load up on raw leafy greens (spinach works best for me) for my evening meal on a fast day, this completely prevents the day-after nastiness.

    Basically on a fast your digestive system shuts down, (trust me it needs a rest now and then) and it starts to clean itself.

    Over years of continuous eating and absorbing toxic substances bad bacteria get caught up in the colon and intestines.

    So during a fast the intestines begin to clean up all the old trapped faeces, which is good. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps this clean up.

    If you fasted longer eventually all this mess would come out. But by eating (after only 1 or 2 days water fast) the digestive tract wakes up and stops cleaning and goes into normal digestion. Therefore, your body will immediately dump all the old faeces it has cleaned out whilst doing the fast.

    The diarrhoea is not what you have just eaten since it can take any were from 6 to 18 hrs to past through your system.

    A lot of doctors basically say you have not fasted long enough to clean out your system.

    After numerous days of IF you will eventually clean out your system and no longer have diarrhoea, providing you stop feeding yourself toxic foods.

    A lot of doctors recommend enemas whilst on a fast


    I am glad it’s not just me! I have just started fasting again after about two years of not fasting. And I can’t believe how bad it is the day after! I fast on Tuesdays and Thursdays and without fail for the last three weeks I’ve been making urgent trips to the bathroom on Wednesdays and Fridays! It’s awful! But I am hoping it will subside the longer I am fasting. I don’t remember having this problem so severely the last time I was fasting regularly. I had good luck then and lost about 30 pounds, so I am not too discouraged. I am going to try being careful of what I eat when I break my fasts on Wednesdays and Fridays, and hopefully this will get better soon. It was so bad today that I have lower back pain from the severity of the “issue.”

    I am not doing the 5:2 diet but each week I fast completely for one day apart from water.

    I always get the runs within an hour of eating breakfast the next day regardless of what I eat EXCEPT for when I eat porridge served with milk! I have no idea what it is about porridge that doesn’t trigger diarrhea except that it’s pure oats so an anti-inflammatory, high fiber food. It also has a thick consistency so takes a while to digest and move through the digestive tract.

    So I always plan my first meal around the likely diarrhea issue and make sure I’m ready for it. Or I simply eat porridge and then there is no problem at all.

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