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  • Hi, Has anyone noticed how easily you become full the day after fasting?
    I’m guessing this has something to do with the stomach relaxing for the fasting day, and then slow to react the next day to a normal diet?.If not, I would love to know what is exactly is happening?



    Yes I’m finding the same amazing lack of hunger after fast days, hopefully it’s not just week one motivation and it lasts.
    Did a 3rd FD yesterday, got up this morning, long walk with my two dogs then home for a lovely scrambled egg, bacon and salad breakfast, was only able to eat half of it!!!
    Really helps telling myself I can eat anything I want tomorrow and delighted I’m not feeling like I want to stuff my face with junkie, comfort food.
    5lbs off in first week……another 41 to lose😊

    I’m in week 15 and can report that I have the same “not hungry” feeling the day after fasting. (I do the classic 5:2 500 calorie per fast day.) Take advantage of it! I put off eating the following day until I’m actually hungry which sometimes happens around noon and sometimes a little later. It’s weird, because often the night of the FD, I feel hungry before I go to bed and am thinking about what I’ll eat first thing in the morning.

    In my experience of about a year on 5:2 it varies. Sometimes I eat 1.5x as much as normal on the day after and sometimes I eat a little less than normal. Some people seem to be prone to way overeating after fasting.

    Two things have helped me somewhat:

    * Sometimes it just seems to be one kind of food my body wants, as I’ve tried to increase the variety of foods I’m eating I’ve notice that. Often giving my body what it wants reduces how much I eat later.

    * Eating slowly results in me eating less. If I wolf down the food as men tend to do I eat a lot more. I learned this from my slim daughter. I used to be so frustrated with how slow she ate!

    I’ve noticed that as I’ve been fasting I’ve also become more sensitive to when I’ve had enough. I dislike being overly full. When I was packing on the pounds years ago I was often in that state and felt is was more or less normal.

    If you go to a buffet it is common to see some people really packing away the food. My wife used look down her nose at it and call it a low class thing to do. I’ve noticed my eating patterns have changed. I take smaller portions of more items but then only go back if I really like something. I may eat more than normal but I don’t stuff myself. I used to do that a lot, but now I detest that feeling.

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