Planning my fasting, need assitance

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  • Hello everyone,

    i have considered fasting for quiet a while and im now gonna try and plan a fasting routine for after the summer, i need great assistance on how to approach it. That is also why i will tell a bit about myself.

    Im danish and born 1992, im a male and heigh 1.80 and weight about 89 kilos.

    I workout 3 times a week, fullbody workouts, 2 where its heavy lifting and one day with body and kettlebell workouts.

    Then i also run twice a week,and bicycle to work everyday 10 km / day.

    So my goal really isnt to lose any weight, however if i do its okay, im very fit and have great conditioning, my only goal with fasting is this.

    To improve over all health, thats basically it.

    Ive considered to try and fast every other day for a month 24 hour fasting, and keep food intake as a priority for the days im lifting, i dont mind fasting on running days i suppose.

    Ive also considered to just fast 24 hours twice a week.

    Basically im asking for advice, what would you guys do, im really open to alot of suggestions on how to approach this.

    Thank you in advance.

    EDIT: My main concern is performance in terms of my workouts, since im used to eat quiet alot, to keep myself going, thats another reason to ask for suggestions.

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