day 1 on 5 2 – fast menu

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  • please excuse my newbie postings and pesterings 🙂

    off work today so it went like this:

    morning brews: 2 coffees, each with 1 tsp coffeemate lite, first brew has I tsp brown sugar for toilet assistance 45 cals

    black coffee throughout the day – helps rid me of my water retention.

    I also take an Alli fat tablet if im having cheese or egg to keep the fat levels reasonable.

    30 g cheese – I get the co ops own reduced fat – at 78 cals n 3 g fat it beats all other half fat cheddars hands down including for good non waxy taste (two packs for £3 on offer now) Avoid EATLEAN at £4 a block – tastes awful 🙁

    homemade mushroom soup – 70 cals ( I might save the rest I made for non fast days and use the 70 cals for protein on next fast day)

    cottage cheese n celery – 77 cals

    so far used 270 cals.

    Lined up before bed – 1 egg plus rocket and lite salad cream – 76 cals

    tin tuna with rocket 0% greek yoghurt with fresh dill and chives lemon juice and black pepper – 150 cals

    think I added up correctly 🙂 Been do able 🙂

    Hey Ammette, how are you doing? Have you continued with 5:2?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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