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  • Morning all, hope you are well. Well it’s day one for me and I am fasting today too. I have previously lost 4 stone with Weight Watchers but for the last 3 years have lost and gained the same stone about 6 times so have finally plucked up the courage to try something new in the hopes I can lose the 2 stone I need to get to my goal weight. Could I ask for some clarification on a couple of things?

    Last day of the school holidays today so we’ve had a lie in and I haven’t had my breakfast till late, this means I won’t get a 12 hour fast today. Is that going to be ok?

    Is My Fitness Pal the best app for calorie counting?

    And finally, I usually drink black coffee with 2 sweeteners. Do I need to ditch the sweeteners on fast days if I’m drinking coffee throughout the day?

    Thanks in advance for you help.

    Normally a “fast day” is from when you go to bed tonight, throughout tomorrow and until you wake the next day. This means 500kcal in about 36 hours. I fast on Mon and Thursday. So I had dinner and an evening snack last night and today I have had nothing so far (except herbal tea and water). I will eat a 100kcal soup lunch, a 350kcal dinner of lean protein and veg and a 50kcal pre-bed hot chocolate drink. I will then eat again tomorrow for breakfast.

    I use myfitnesspal to calorie count as most people do.

    Sweetners don’t contain calories I don’t think so no need to ditch. Sometimes I drink a coffee with a sugar on a fast day – I just make sure I count the calories.

    Remember on non-fast days you’ll still need to restrict your eating somewhat and to get good weight loss results. Most people aim for their TDEE – mine being 1700kcal.

    Thank you Cath. I read in the book that most people tend to have breakfast and dinner with a 12 hour period without calories during the day. Is this just a preference for some people then? As long as I’m having no more than 500 calories during my fast day is that ok?

    Yes I will definitely calorie count on my non fasting days as I think I need to make sure things don’t just fall in my mouth mindlessly.

    I think my fast days may work better for me with no breakfast as I find I am less hungry during the day, unless I am going to the gym in which case I think I will have porridge which is what I would usually do anyway.

    I don’t eat until dinner time on FDs, unless I come back from the gym ravenous, and then I have 100 cals worth of porage which fills me up sufficiently until dinner. I prefer to work out on an empty stomach

    If you are having your first meal at lunchtime you have already fasted for at leat 12 hours depending on what time you ate last night.

    I fast from about 8pm the previous night until 12:00 the following day so 16 hours total. I eat at 12:00 and about 6pm and then take a hot drink at 8pm and fast until 12:00 the following day so 2 x 16 hour fasts with a 500kcal “feast” during the afternoon / early evening.

    I have also started today SpecialK72 and like you am a past WW – just cannot get back into it. Good luck!

    The comment from Cath2907 has really inspired me as I was struggling to think how I will manage Day 2 this week when I do my night shifts!!

    Thanks everyone. Having just read the book I’ve found a lot of conflicting information on the forum but I think I’m understanding it all a bit better now. It’s very hard to switch your brain from one diet plan to another when you have been doing it for so long. Survived making my son his lunch, now busying myself with housework. I think my house will be gleaming on fast days!!!!
    Shelley79, WW worked great for me until it changed from Points to ProPoints. Let’s hope we can crack it this time!

    There are a lot of us on this forum who have done WW and failed. It is daily deprivation, as are most diets, and something that this WOE isn’t. After a lifetime of yoyo dieting, With 5:2 I have finally learned that I don’t need to eat everything in sight as most of it will be available tomorrow. I have also learned to eat only when I am really hungry, and leave food on my plate if I am full. There are no potions, no “diet” foods, shakes or pills, just smaller amounts of normal food. It does take a while to get used to fasting, and the weight comes off slowly, but it comes off despite having cake or wine or chips (but not all of them at once) on non fast days.
    It is a way of life for me now, as when I get to goal I shall continue to fast for the health benefits and to maintain my weight.

    Thanks Amazon. Yes one of my failings is not being able to leave food on my plate & to listen to my body to assess when I’m full.

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