Dark chocolates?

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  • I had consumed fewer calories since I was 13 for maintaining my body fitness. I was 51 Kg and now I am 78 Kg. I feel so terrible and need to lose at least 8 to 9 pounds. I really need help. It would be ideal if anyone suggest me a balanced diet and exercises. My hips and thighs have gone fat. Recently I read an article that ensures weight reduction by including dark chocolates in the diet. One of my friends told me to purchase natural dark chocolates from Holy Taste in Toronto ( https://holytaste.ca/ ). Do anyone here had included dark chocolate in your diet to reduce weight? If so, please share your experiences. Thank you in advance.

    There are a lot of articles out there about this whole dark chocolate thing being a deliberate hoax…just to see how fast the story would spread.


    It may have been a hoax, but a delicious one. I took a nutrition class on EdX and the dark chocolate thing was debunked on the first day.


    Yummy indeed, but wondering how many people put on weight believing it.

    Dark chocolates – good

    Noooooooo, you mean Ive been losing all this weight eating all this chocolate and its been a hoax??

    Lol, Big Booty!

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