Craving Fast on non_fast days

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  • Does anyone else crave a fast day when it is not a fast day. I fasted Thursday, and it is Saturday now. I am trying to decide if I should fast tomorrow and monday or not. I am hard core craving it (is that weird) or are there others out there.

    Listen to your body.
    Maybe it needs something you give it, that you don’t on non fast days ( ie more fibre, a certain vegetable with magnesium in etc)

    Go for it.

    The more the better probably!!!
    If that’s what you need, you need to do it.

    Like Dumpling said, your body is one of the greatest gauges towards what you need. I’ve noticed that when I’m craving chocolate or other sweets, it’s just my body craving carbs and I have some fruit (or just ignore it when I’m eating low carb). I believe there are some tables on the interwebs where they explain the link between your craving and what your body probably needs, may want to have a look at it?

    If you crave another fast day, sure, go for it! Just be careful you don’t do them too often 😉 You could also take your fast day menu and double everything, that way you do what Dumpling says (eating a food group you may be missing on non fast days) and you’re still on lower calories than when you’d be eating normally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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