Could I be doing something better?

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  • Hi fellow fasters,

    I’m 54 and female and on the 5:2 for about 6 wks. I fast Mon/Thurs. Last intake on Sun/Wed night is 9 pm. Fast days I eat 200 cals around 2 pm and 300 cals around 7 pm. I break the fast on non-fast day between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m.

    Two questions:

    1. Assuming it’s 17 hr between my last intake on non-fast days and my first meal on fast days, and around 15 hr between my second meal on fast days and my first intake on non-fast days, is this a long enough fast for best weight loss and cholesterol immprovement?

    2. I am the laziest of cooks. On fast days, I eat 1 boiled egg/apple for my first meal and 2 boiled eggs/apple for my second meal. Is there any science to say eating the same/different things each fast is better/worse? No eggs otherwise so not overdosing on eggs.

    Any insight? Thanks!

    Fergus, dont sweat the small stuff. You are overdoing a simplistic lifestyle diet.
    Quite simply,…. in the chosen 24 hr period you decide on, simply eat 500 calories. If it works for you, fine. If it does not then just tweek things until it does. If the fast diet does not work for you or you worry to much about timing, types of food, calorie intake etc etc then it may be that this is not for you.
    The weight loss is secondary to the internal benefits. If weight loss is the main objective then accept that for you weight loss will vary from between zero and whatever each month. Remember that away from the “Fast Diet” days as a woman just eat the reccommended daily calorific intake specified for women of your age. If you do that then the chances are you will lose weight on the “Fast Diet” lifestyle.
    Good luck.

    Well said couscous. If this is going to work as a lifestyle change its got to work for us each individually. I’ve lost 21 lbs on 5:2 in 16 weeks but I need to eat 3 times a day on fast days. I only eat 500 calories or less and it is working for me . I must admit by weight loss is slowing down but I feel so good after 2 fast days I,m sticking with it.

    I am now on my third week of 5:2 but as of yesterday I haven’t lost any weight, so I must be doing something wrong.

    I fast on Monday and Wednesday, so I have my dinner on Sunday at about 7pm, monday morning I have fat free natural yogurt-52 cals and berries-19 cals, lunchtime I have 2 hard boiled eggs-156 cals and green salad-27 cals, dinner is 100g chicken breast-104 cals and steamed veg-75 cals, then highlights at bedtime-40cals this totals 473 cals. what am I doing wrong?

    Elimae. It’s about trial and error. Maybe try not eating anything in the morning at all and wait until lunch time and then again at dinner time?

    Trial and error really describes it. I found that eating anything solid for lunch made me ravenous for the rest of the day on fast days. And that a dash of milk in my black tea took away the acid stomach at night.

    Fasting today…and feel great! Not weighing again until Saturday…but know that i have lost more by how my jeans are (not) fitting already! Best Diet EVER!

    I agree with Carla. In the beginning I was having 3 small meals, but now I prefer to have a later breakfast of porridge and dinner, skipping lunch, cuz I felt that when I got hunger pains before eating my lunch on fast days, they only got worse before dinner, it made me ravenous! I guess it is because your blood sugar goes up when you eat and then drops very fast so you feel super hungry. To sum up you need to fit it around your lifestyle and what makes you feel comforable. I have been doing this for 4 weeks and still haven’t lost any weight either, felt a bit disheartned and reviewe what I was eating on non-fast days, and I was over indulging and intaking more kcals than my recommended BMR amount of 1700. I think it is important to keep an eye on that too.

    elimae, Michael says to split your calories across 1 or 2 meals, but you’re having it over 4 meals. Perhaps you’re eating too frequently to trigger the “famine” response in your body (which is interesting given what I just posted in another thread – wish I read this one first!).

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