COPD – Benfits with 5:2????

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COPD – Benfits with 5:2????

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  • Has anyone with COPD, or Asthma or Bronchitis noticed any changes in their condition doing 5:2?

    I normally use up 1 inhaler of Ventolin and 1 inhaler of Atrovent a week. My present inhalers were opened Jan.3 and I started 5:2 on Jan.5th. and there is a goodly amount left in both by the feel when I shake them. I know I’ve only been using them once or twice a day since I went on 5:2.

    I’m just wondering if this is all in my head or it’s actually real. I think it’s real as I’m A. not using the puffers B. My chest doesn’t feel tight and C. I can deep breath without hacking up a lung.

    Have you cut down on the amount of milk, butter, cheese etc that you usually eat?

    I’m asking because lactose intolerance can cause catarrh and bronchial congestion, and it may be nothing to do with your chest condition.

    I’m slightly lactose intolerant or maybe it’s just heavy creams. If I eat Rich ice cream it HURTS and I will get a mucus and congestion thing happening as well.

    I don’t drink much milk, 1% usually and I’ll have a glass once every few months with a couple chocolate chip cookies. We don’t use much butter a pound can last our household 3 weeks or more, cheese I’ve cut back a little just because I’m not making sandwiches for lunch since November sometime.

    That cut back is related to my intake of breads, rolls etc while usually 100% whole wheat was getting pretty high. 4 to 6 slices a day and I wanted to cut out the sugars and even when the wife makes whole wheat bread and uses Splenda as the sweetener it still causes insulin spikes. Being pre-diabetic I have issues with sugars or products that imitate sugars even natural foods high in sugar I try to avoid. Rutabaga, turnips, radishes, pine apple, grapes, cherries, bananas, and any dried fruit.

    There some I eat that I know are high in sugars but still eat some carrots being the main one. I like carrots but again I don’t eat more than one at time raw. Cooked with a roast or steamed and basted with butter and brown sugar is different. I pay the price for the indulgence too.

    I had terrible problems with Asthma and COPD last year. We moved to Japan and for some reason last winter was my worst ever.

    After going to a specialist it helped but I wasn’t so thrilled with the medicine.

    I started the 5:2 this September and started HIIT ala Fast Exercise in October.
    I barely touch my medicine so far this winter. My breathing is clear and easy for the most part.

    Sometimes the day after the HIIT my lungs feel – well warm and my breathing is good.
    I feel much better this year and owe it to the diet. Total weight down about 24 pounds.


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