Continue to lose or maintain? (Women 50+)

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Continue to lose or maintain? (Women 50+)

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  • Hi, I’m 50 years old, perimenopausal and really wanted to get rid of the weight around my middle (I’m one of those people who stores fat in the wrong place!).
    At 5’7″, and at the start 10 stone 12 (now 10 stone 3 after 4 weeks on the 5:2 plan) I am thrilled at how quickly I have managed to drop half a stone.
    I have now reached a point where I am not sure how much further to push the weight loss.
    I am quite happy on the 5:2 plan and don’t feel hungry or deprived at all and could quite happily continue like this ad infinitum but at my age I am now
    worried that that too much weight loss is going to leave me looking scrawny.
    I am sorely tempted to keep going out of curiosity to see just how far my weight will drop but ending up looking like the last turkey in the shop is not the result I am looking for!
    I am pretty active and chuck a few weights around at home but I am not the gym bunny I once was so there won’t be much body sculpting going on in this house!
    Has anyone else had this dilemma? What did you decide to do? 5:2 or 6:1?

    Hi Marie,
    I am wondering where to stop too. I am 5″1 and was 11 stone 11 lb in January.I am now 10 stone 2 lb. I have dropped 2 dress sizes. I don’t want to be gaunt, but fit and strong.I took up running 2 years ago and although I am not fast, I have noticed my body tone up all over.

    If I look at just BMI then I need to lose another 5lb, but if I use waist measurement then I need to lose another 4 inches. But I am worried that I will also look scrawny if I do either of them. I am going to keep going with the 5:2 and see how I look at 10 stone and take it from there.

    Hello both. My OH has lost 22lbs on 5:2 and is now at his ideal. If he loses much more he will start to look gaunt, at the mo he looks good. He will go to 6:1 and see how he goes on. Hope that’ll be ok for him.

    Hi Marie,
    I reached goal weight about 5 months ago having lost 3 stones but have found since then that I have naturally adjusted to treating myself just a little bit more often, and having the occasional week off for holidays, but continuing on the 5:2 most of the time. This has enabled me to stay close to my ideal weight. I actually continue to enjoy the feeling of self control that I get from fasting.
    I think you should just relax things a little, see how things go, maybe try 6:1 for a while but monitor your weight and go back to 5:2 whenever you need to. This strategy is flexible, that’s what I like about it!! I do find the weight goes back on VERY easily if you don’t watch out.
    Well done though for your success!

    Hi Annette, well done on your weight loss so far! This diet is going to cost you a fortune in new clothes! 😉
    I have already noticed that some trousers are now a lot more comfortable then they used to be and I had to make a new hole in my belt at the weekend! My problem is my belly – the muscles underneath are strong and reasonably toned but it seems that this is the last place to hold on to the fat when my weight does go down, the rest of me is fine but my flabby belly is driving me nuts and has been for the last 38 years! I am worried that to get rid of the belly fat means that the rest of me will have to look like a skeleton! lol

    I have re-gifted clothes that I was sick of wearing and the sight of, to charity.I have then either bought in the sales or from charity shops.

    I too have noticed that trousers are fitting better this week rather than last week.

    For the tummy, have you tried swimming or running? I have definite concave areas on the sides of my tummy…I am delighted.

    I’m 48 and 5’8, I started 5:2 at a weight of 9stone 12 and lost 12 lbs to get down to 9 stone. I’m much happier at this weight but I have a narrow body frame and do a lot of sport (running) so am toned and not scrawny, most people say I look a lot younger than 48!
    You won’t know if you will look scrawny unless you lose more weight, but if you are happy with your weight and within the healthy BMI range then stick with that!

    I started the 5:2 in January 2013. I’m 5’4″ and was 9st 13lbs – wanted to be 9st but got down to 8st 8lbs in a few months. Still fasted for the health benefits and maintained that weight until recently when I switched to ecigs – have put on 4 llbs. I do not want this trend to continue so am switching to 4:3 to try and reverse it – don’t want to go back to smoking “real” cigarettes either. I also started Fast Exercise today.

    While I see the 5:2 more as a way of life than a “diet” I certainly don’t want to gain the weight I’ve lost because of giving up smoking!

    Don’t know if anyone else has had this weight gain problem after switching to ecigs?

    PS – sorry – forgot to say that I am over 50.

    I’m not over 50 (46) but in a similar situation – I have almost reached my goal of 9 stone, but have only lost about half a stone, and although delighted at how easy it has been to do, a bit disappointed that I don’t look any different, except perhaps slightly less bra-bulge, and a slightly more defined collar bone. My tummy and face still look exactly the same and we are still in winter clothes so nobody has noticed! Purely vanity but it would be nice to receive one or two compliments!! I’m going to carry on until I can see a visible reduction in belly flab, which is what I set out to achieve. Though obviously I won’t go ‘too far’

    Hi Marie, I have a similar dilemma. I’m 61 and have reached my target weight of just over 9 stone (was 10 stone 13lbs when I started just under a year ago) and many people have said I shouldn’t lose any more as I may start to look scrawny and we all know that’s not a good look! For the past few weeks I have fasted my usual two days but not rigidly stuck to 500 calories and I have still managed to lose 2lbs a week. I am not sure that 6:1 would do it for me so think I may continue on two days but review this if I lose much more.

    I’m 62, 5’6″ and started 4:3 last Monday at 11st 3lb which is just pushing into the overweight BMI band. I am also concerned about losing too much and looking scrawny. I plan to stop around 10st 3lb which is a weight that always suited me in the past and would give me a BMI of 23. I’m hoping to reduce my waist measurement and get rid of the annoying spare tyre that sits under my bust. After my first week things seem to be going extremely well but I know that weight fluctuates during the day and looks good after a fasting day only to disappoint in the days following. I’m trying not to get on the scales! I don’t run because of a knee injury but I do karate three or four times a week, walk my dog and hula hoop when I remember.

    My answer’s a little different to others here. My original goal weight was 130lbs however as I moved towards that I was aware that I was ‘fluffier’ and larger than I’d anticipated. I began to suspect that my body fat was a greater percentage of my body composition than I’d estimated.

    To cut a long story short, I had a Dexa scan and discovered that although I had a normal BMI, I had abnormally low skeletal muscle mass and, for my size, abnormally high body fat (at one point, I had a BMI of <23 but a body fat level of 42% that actually categorised me as normal weight, morbidly obese – in combination with my reduced muscle mass, this is known as sarcopenic obesity).

    So, I maintained for a while at 130lbs (BMI <23) and then decided to whittle down my body fat levels to a point which theoretically reduces my risk of the metabolic complications associated with sarcopenic obesity (e.g., CVD and diabetes II).

    As per my signature, I’m now approx 108lbs with a BMI of <19. I’m playing the numbers that should ensure continued health for me rather than judging by my appearance/BMI or similar.

    For what it’s worth, nobody has commented on my 60lb weight loss so I haven’t had potentially sabotaging or reassuring messages about my appearance or whether or not others consider me to be scrawny 🙂

    Exercise can maintain our weight loss..
    I think we have to exercise regularly..

    At my last check up my doctor recommended I lose 14 lbs. I am 60 and 5’2” and subsequently lost 19 lbs as I went from 139 lbs and currently maintain at 119 – 121 lbs. My waist size is 31′ but I am a solid build rather than wiry. However, my upper arms and thighs are wrinkly and I must say I look older now I am thinner, but I feel so much better, have more energy, sleep better and can actually buy clothes that fit.

    Apart from walking I am unable to do anything more strenuous but I shall be joining a gym in October when it’s cooler to do some toning exercises which I think will make a difference.

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