Colds and Flu

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  • Hi All,

    Just wondering what the guidance is re. fasting while suffering from colds / flu? Today is my fasting day (5:2) and I am also unhappily in the first day of a cold. So just wondering is it sensible to put the whole diet on hold for a week until I’m fully recovered, or is the opposite the case – does fasting kickstart the immune system by putting the body into “repair” mode?

    Answers before the end of today would be splendid so I know whether or not to have dinner!! 🙂 Thanks all

    Hi, Mitch – I think it’s recommended not to fast when ill, as your body needs to put all its energy into fighting any infection. Repair mode happens (mostly when we’re asleep) when no other stresses are having to be dealt with. Postpone the fast until you feel recovered, which I hope will be soon. Take good care of yourself.

    Thanks Jeanius,

    In fact I didn’t check back for answers yesterday (bad me!) and ultimately decided to stick with the fast day, having skipped breakfast and lunch and with only a 600 calorie dinner yet to do. I realise it’s purely annecdotal, unproven and unprovable but it seems my fast kicked the cold into touch! From a streaming running nose yesterday on what I thought was day 1 of a cold, today I’m fine 🙂 The cynics will say it was just hayfever but I don’t suffer with that and know I felt the telltale onset of a cold yesterday.

    Well if I’m in bed unable to move in a few days I will post back to say my optimism was premature but right now I’m feeling that great post-fast high and no cold symptoms.

    Well as it turns out the “cold” went away. Too soon to declare the 5:2 diet as the cure to the common cold but I feel the fast day helped me stave off getting ill and naturally I’m delighted not to have succumbed to infection. Will try a 600 calorie day next time I feel the onset of something infectious!

    Well done , Mitch – sounds like you have a good immune system tackling any marauding germs that dare to mount a hostile take-over bid. I’m glad the fasting worked and that you feel well.

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