Coffee during fast days

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  • Hi, I’ve just started trying the 5:2 diet. I’m a coffee drinker – no sugar with a little bit of full-fat milk.

    Is it okay to have a few cups of my coffee during fast days? If I have coffee first thing in the morning, then eat breakfast mid-morning, and then have a coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon, eat dinner, then have a coffee in the evening after dinner: Would that interfere with the effects of fasting? Overall, I will still be within 500 calories or so over the 36 hours.


    I do! I’d rather have coffee and milk on fast days than food! It works fine for me.

    So it’s okay to have coffee anytime during the fast day – that is, you don’t just drink it as part of your two meals (ie., the meals are breakfast (about 200 cal) and dinner (about 300 cal).

    You do have to count the calories! I have about a cup of milk in my cuppas over the day, so if my maximum limit for the day is 500 calories, I only have 340 left. So I only have one meal: soup in the evening.

    If you are doing 800 a fast day, you can have those meals and plenty left over for milk in your coffee.


    100mls of full fat milk has around 70 calories so the calories can mount up if you’re drinking coffee through the day. I suggest you measure it out in a small jug so you know how many calories you are having.
    I thought I didn’t have much milk in my big mug of coffee and when I measured the amount it was 75mls. I use half fat milk which has 49 calories per 100mls so it’s not a problem as I only have one cup per day.

    5:2 as a weight loss method works in the same way as any other diet ie we eat less calories than we need so we burn some fat. The other benefits are achieved by the periods of fasting.

    Thanks to both of you. Maybe I’ll measure out 100 ml of milk and check how much I use.

    Good luck with it DeeGlo 🙂

    I do also drink coffee when fasting. But I’ve heard so many different opinions. Any science on this topic?

    How about black coffee is that ok??

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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