Cheap and healthy restaurant in London

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Cheap and healthy restaurant in London

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  • I am in London for 1 year now. I thought because of the life here was excessively expensive, I would eat less and then loose weight. But no, my eating habits didn’t change, the only thing is that i’m now eating more unhealthy food than ever since i have moved here. But i can’t cut on all . Bacon, fish & chips … I find that all unhealthy food are cheap here and I always go to there at the end.

    If you know good restaurant “cheap and healthy” in London, please recommend.

    Itsu does healthy Japanese food. The price is comparable to fish and chips if you don’t feel like cooking.
    Pret does good salads.
    Pizza Express is okay if you choose carefully.
    Or try your supermarket for healthy ranges of ready meals and washed salad leaves.
    Stir fry is easy to cook if you get a mix of pre prepared veggies.
    It’s v tiring cooking after work though.
    Make a big batch of something over the weekend? A roasted chicken can last ages.

    Thanks for sharing this info

    Also curious what will be the recommendations.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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