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  • As I suffer from constipation, I wondered if I could have Shredded Wheat, or Weetabix with rice milk on my fast days, if I stick to 500 cals. These are pretty natural cereals with no added sugar or other “baddies” Thanks, Twinmum

    No reason why not, just incorporate it into your 500cal day.
    Have you considered having cracked linseed on your non fast days?. In addition to Omega 3 it may help your constipation.

    Hi Twinmum. If you do want cereal on your fast day, I’d suggest going for a low gi one – Oatibix instead of Weetabix as the gi of Oatibix is likely to be around 50 – 55 – in the low gi range – whereas Weetabix is definitely in the high gi group with a gi of 74. Two Oatibix biscuits have slightly more calories than Weetabix (189 calories as opposed to 134 for 2 Weetabix) but Oatibix has less sugar (slightly). Oat based/low gi breakfasts help you feel fuller for longer, which is what you really need on a fasting day. Oatibix is wholegrain cereal, so it should also help with constipation, particularly with a sprinkling of flax seeds as suggested by Couscous.

    Porridge is a good option too (made with rolled oats, low gi of 51) – as is natural, sugar-free muesli (low gi of 40). Shredded Wheat has a medium gi of 67, so that’s not too bad.

    All Bran (good perhaps for relieving constipation) is 134 calories for 40g, but does have 7.2g of sugar in that size portion, so although it has a low gi of 30, you may not want the sugar. All the best with whatever you go for. Paula

    I’m keen on bircher muesli. I make it by soaking rolled grains, in my case a mixture that my local health food shop sells, but I’m sure that plain rolled oats is perfect.

    I prefer this to porridge as I feel that porridge is not as effective as keeping me filled up.

    30 grams rolled grains (3 tbsp in Australia, but 4 in the UK as they are different sizes, 20 vs 15 ml)
    60 ml Milk, Nonfat
    10 grams seeds and nuts (ground) I mix almonds, linseed, sunflower (lsa but I grind it myself each day) and pepita
    50 grams Low Fat Yoghurt, Natural
    100 grams strawberries

    for about 270 calories. This is my breakfast every day, with the addition of milky coffee on non-fast days. As far as breakfast goes I’m a creature of habit, so like to be able to have the ‘usual’ (or almost) on fast days.

    A big bowl of bran flakes with soya milk & a piece of fruit is all I eat now on fast days. It doesn’t seem to have done me any harm.

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