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  • Can anyone tell me if cellophane noodles made from mung bean 30% and peas 55% and water are appropriate for this diet. 100 g contain 319 cal 70.4g carbs of which 0.1g sugars. I wondered if a 50g packet would be ok in a Vietnamese Pho type meal with small portion of chicken or prawns in a broth.

    Hi, no foods are prohibited on 5:2 so you can have whatever you want.

    I’m sure someone else will post extolling the virtue of low carb high fat and/or not eating/drinking certain foods etc but it is up to you how you use your calories and you must find a way that suits you.

    Good luck.

    Amazon is correct. Of course some food options are a lot better for you than others and will produce results a lot faster than other options. Those cellophane noodles sound pretty good to me. Im a big advocate of keeping sugar intake to an absolute minimum.

    Thanks Amazon and bigbooty I’ll give them a go. I’m new to the diet and just worried I’ll scupper my success by inadvertently eating the wrong things.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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