Can I fast for 3 out of 7 days but eat more calories than 500 on those days ?

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Can I fast for 3 out of 7 days but eat more calories than 500 on those days ?

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  • My fasting pattern is to skip breakfast and lunch ( except for drinks) and then have a fairly normal dinner without carbs. If I am eating more than the 500 calorie allowance but do this Mon, Wednesday and Thursday is this as good as 5:2 ??

    Elsie, here we do the 5:2 Plan: 500-600 calories/day for two days out of seven. Anything else is called a ‘calorie restriction diet.’ 5:2 involves calorie restriction, but also includes low carbs, high protein. When you say ‘fairly normal dinner’ I wonder what you call normal. It seems you don’t want to count calories, so you are guessing at your intake. Could be you are accurate, but maybe not.
    Will you lose weight? Maybe, for a while. Is it ‘as good as 5:2’, probably not.
    If you are really wanting to lose weight, try eating 300-calorie meals on those 3 days a week and see what happens. Unless what you eat on the other 4 days is off the scale….. This is why I pay attention to calories and food values.
    if you need some 300-calorie dinners, click my ‘handle’ to see my profile, and visit my blog. There I post recipes for people who don’t want to do the calculations which I enjoy.
    Good luck.

    You could try my routine of 4:3.
    I fast on Mon Wed Fri, eating only between 1200 and 1800 hrs: say a small porridge with blueberries for meal one (150/200 cals) and meal 2 in the late afternoon of protein and green veg (400/450 cals) but only a total of 600 calories per fasting day!
    I the eat a normal balanced diet of 3 meals per day on each of the non fasting days, sensible stuff: no fast foods, no gorging or binging and keeping to approx 2000 cals each feast day….
    the real reward is you get two back to back ‘feast’ days at the weekend!
    It’s working for me, I’m 73 and shedding an average of just over 2lbs per week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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