can fasting improve insomnia?

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  • I am not getting enough sleep.
    Is there any information indicating that a fast (what length?) could
    improve insomnia?
    I usually wake up too early.


    For me I sleep less while I have been on 5.2, especially on fast nights…I have been fasting for two years, it is better but in goes in fits and starts now…taking a tablet of 375 mg magnesium helps….

    I would rather be thinner, fitter so I won’t give up fasting it’s a way of life now…

    Good luck ..

    Catnip tea can be effective for not sleeping. And it has no calories.

    Overall, I have more problems sleeping since 5:2, especially on FD, like symba7 mentioned. Also agree with samba that I’d rather be thin. That said, I think it has improved some over time. I have more energy when I’m not eating a lot. I already take magnesium and not sure that helps for me. But melatonin can help a little.

    Fasting_me, would the catnip tea make my cat keep me awake by smelling my breath? 😁

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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